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The eighth bet from #MilanSpace is it was a bet sensational, historical I experimental.

#MilanSpace is having a very good response with comments always positive of our listeners. Yes distinguishes per there quality from guests, always very important and relevant. #MilanSpace has an average of more 1000 listeners in episode with the sixth episode that even surpassed the 2000 tune in.

We have decided from to experiment and we wanted to bring the #MilanSpace to our football space to talk about another sport. At Espai futbol on twitter this has never been done. In Italy, without a doubt, football is and will always be the most followed sport by far. However, there is another sport that Italians are passionate about and I think it is perhaps the second most followed sport in the beautiful country, without a doubt one of the most followed sports in Italy after football and it is tennis.
I, AngelRedBlack, @ Angelredblack1 and Jhonny Rossonero, @Milanista_Serio are always working hard to find important guests for the #MilanSpace episode, a show created by Angelredblack @ Angelredblack1 with Johnny Rossonero, @Milanista_Serio based on an idea from Milananxempre 85 . Jhonny managed to get in touch with the great hero and star of Italian and world tennis Pau Bertolucciwho agreed to participate for the first time in an audio program of Twitter Space, that is, a program of Twitter Radio, accepting the invitation of #MilanSpace, he who is a great Rossoneri heart among other things.
We had previously announced their presence in other Spaces organized by the listeners of the #MilanSpace where we are always invited and we have received so many questions for Pau Bertolucciin particular by people not registered on twitter, also by a Vxl blogger, Massimo Perin, a fan of Juventino and a big fan of Paolo Bertolucci, and on Dm, or private twitter messaging of people registered on the social network. Pau Bertolucci he entertained himself more than expected, he answered many questions but we could not turn them all around. It was impossible to do. And we apologized to our listeners.

Arm or‘, this is the nickname of Pau Bertolucci, was the first Italian player to win three tournaments in the same season! Only he has achieved this feat on clay. A myth of this sport. Among the many victories is the Davis Cup where he was a member of one of the strongest teams in history where he won in 1976 and reached the final three more times, in 1977, 1979 and 1980.
Today he is a much appreciated and much loved person commentator Cel. Much of this episode was dedicated to tennis and Paolo Bertolucci responded to many curiosities of our listeners. He also told us about Milan, gave us an exclusive and told us some anecdotes about some old Milan like Carlo Ancelotti, related to his passion for tennis and how they juggle to play there. He talked about Christmas, Federer, Djokovic, Berrettini and more. Those who want to know more and more can listen to the recording of the episode that I will publish at the end of the article. Trust me, do it because it’s worth it.

Much of the episode was about tennis, but Milan and football were one of the main meals of the evening. We talked about the new stadium in Milan, the transfer market, Red Bird, the Maldini triad, Massara and Moncada, Zaniolo, De Ketelaere, Botman, Renato Sanches, the new Milan to come and how he is breaking away from his past embracing a new and more modern way of playing football. It was also talked about Lebron Jaume and the fact that he is one of the investors of Red Bird for the acquisition of AC Milan. We talked about that and more. It was BressiPianeta journalist also gave us breaking news on the subject of the Stadium, but our regular guests also spoke as Marco Varini, Max Bambara I Sr.. Antonio Colasante. Interesting food to think about Andreu Beardedprotagonist of an exclusive about Leao, one of his simple internationally informed questions, but also of Salvador Bellomo, editor of Spazio Milan. Many arguments have emerged.
In the end, around midnight, he intervened Enric Silvestrina, much loved and respected by our listeners. It was good. We are always honrat I delighted from have it a #MilanSpace. Never banal in its concepts, always clear and complete. He always manages to express very interesting concepts that encourage debate. Among the listeners were several fans of Enric Silvestrinaand they also asked him April Lavigne, memories of his past when he was at the festival bar. Many praises to him. He is much loved by AC Milan fans and much loved. We remember a very successful Mediaset series, a series of which I Angelredblack am a big fan and fan, that is.EL Crimes from to cook‘, where is Enric Silvestrina was the protagonist of this very successful series along with the great and unforgettable outbreak Spencer!

But enough spoilers. We have registration. For those who want to know more, click on the link I will post at the end of this review for #MilanSpace and listen to the episode. You can listen to the recording even if you’re not registered on Twitter, just click play the recording and enjoy the #MilanSpace episode

Eighth episode guest list:

Marco Varini @mvcalcio, editor of and television commentator for Sportitalia and Top Calcio 24

Sr.. Antonio Colasante@toninocolasante: Virtus Lanciano coach under 18 for over 44 years in the world of football

Max Bambara@ MaxBambi7, well-known lawyer and Rossoneri commentator very popular on twitter

Pau Bertolucci@paolobertolucci, no need for introduction, Sky commentator and absolute legend and star of Italian and world tennis.

Andreu Bearded@andrea_barbuti, journalist and former VXL blogger, I live for her

It was Bressi@StefanoBressi, freelance journalist, editor of Pianeta

Salvador Bellomo@SalvBellomo, editor of Spazio Milan

Enric Silvestrina, @E_Silvestrin doesn’t need any introduction. On twitter he defines himself as a public figure, multitasking, lover of sounds, father of Gianmarco. It has a channel on Twitch, the only popular Twitch music television, which is very popular. Actor, radio presenter, television presenter, music broadcaster, starring Gabriele Muccino, Giovanni Veronesi, Manetti Bros, Federico Moccia, starring Inspector Coliandro, Police District, Chef Crimes and more.

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To listen to the recording of the eighth episode of #MilanSpace click on the link below
Happy listening if you like and happy #MilanSpace to everyone

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