Basketball, sports and flight license: Corrado Levorin, this is the pilot of the crashed helicopter

After three days of investigation, they were identified on Mount Cusna in the province of Reggio Emilia.the bodies of the six passengers and the pilot of the helicopter that had been lost on Thursday morning, when it was crossing a section of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines. Corrado Levorin from Padua, 33, flew the plane.

No miracle

The dynamics that deflected the helicopter must also be precisely defined, however the bad weather that fell in the area during the week was immediately considered the most likely cause. Levorin’s family and friends – a native of Polverara – clung to the end in hopes of being able to embrace him again. We pray for a miracle – said the mayor on Friday Alice Bulgarello powderthat he has always maintained a direct connection with his father, who in the meantime had arrived at the place from where the rescue operations were being coordinated.

The director of the flight school: the first accident in 32 years

I was very picky and attentive when planning flights and was very aware of the limitations of the helicopter but especially of its personnel: that is why I was especially surprised by this event. Tan, Commander-in-Chief, Roberto Bassi, director and head of training at the National Helicopter School `Guido Baracca di Lugo, in the Ravenna area, recalls Corrado Levorin. At the Romagna Institute, Levorin had obtained, in addition to the instructor license, patent for both private and commercial flights. During his training, says Bassi, Corrado proved to be one calm, attentive person and very dedicated to the security factor. Excellent manual skills were accompanied by compliance with the rules and procedures. What happened in the area of ​​Mount Cusna, with the plane crashing into a valley on the ridge of the Apennines of Modena-Reggio Emilia, between the Battisti refuge and the town of Segheria, unfortunately – adds Bassi- the first catastrophic accident in 32 years of operation of this facility.


After studying at the Guido Baracca National Helicopter School in Lugo di Romagna, the 33-year-old has collected patents and hundreds of hours of flying. come to be Ala Salese’s instructor, an amateur sports association originally from Santa Maria di Sala, in the Venetian area, but recently moved to San Stino di Livenza. However, as a constant in his life, he had once again wanted to surpass himself, raising the bar even further and becoming one of the most experienced pilots in the world. Avio Helicopters Srl de Thiene, in the province of Vicenza. His passions took him further and further away from Polverara, his hometown and where his parents, Graziano and Grazia, still live.

Loyal and kind

Levorin had lived first in Padua and then in the province of Vicenza, near the heliport, where he had moved for a few years and where he lived with his partner. who likes family he preferred to spend these days of anguish in silence and intimacy. The 33-year-old’s other great passion was sports, especially basketball. After the experiences with the Virtus Padova and the two stars of Brugine, helped found Atletico Modigliani, a second division basketball team. Right now we have no strength or desire to speak, I’m sorry but we can’t, added some of his colleagues, visibly distressed by the fate of a person described by all as loyal, honest and kind.

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June 11, 2022 (change June 11, 2022 | 5:11 PM)


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