Aging, self-acceptance, body positivity. The plastic surgeon: “First of all, like you”

Theself-acceptance, seems easy. In a world that constantly offers you examples of stereotyped and perfected beauty, this is not always the case. The world seems infected with theThe agethat phenomenon which makes the passing of the years a guilt to be ashamed of, an absolutely natural phenomenon, which becomes something to evade or hide. A tip could be a rereading of “De Senectuteof Seneca which, in the difficult path of old age, may be enlightening. It certainly does not comfort the aphorism of the Roman playwright Terence, who wrote in 160 BC or “senectus ipsa est morbus“Or” old age is in itself a disease. “

Over the centuries, things have not changed, on the contrary … In the collective imagination with aging today we are facing a physical and cognitive decline, which makes the elderly perceived as a fragile and sick individual who needs to be protected and replaced. A burden, in short. The invitation? To bet body positivity and try to reconsider the elderly as a resource for the community, synonymous with wisdom, respect and gratitude.

Jane Fonda, who will blow out 85 candles by the end of December, told CBS in an interview: “I’m very aware of being closer to death. And it doesn’t bother me.”

The age of prejudice

How many prejudices are in fact based on age … Geological times seem to have passed when old age was synonymous with wisdom. “Our great ones” was a phrase uttered with pride. Then something went awry and even a star of the caliber of Jane Fonda during an interview he denounced that he blames so much for years that he no longer recognizes his own body, sculpted and emptied over the decades and often thinks of death.

Alain Delon, 86, has repeatedly said he is in favor of euthanasia, which can be subjected directly to Switzerland where he lives: “It’s annoying to grow old!” Said the French actor.

Alain Delon he will resort to euthanasia to end his life. The famous French actor, 86 years old, has repeatedly said that he is in favor of theeuthanasia, which he can submit directly to Switzerland where he lives. “Aging is annoying!”, Stated the artist who had suffered two strokes in 2019. The actor’s son, Anthony Delon, who, at the request of his father, will also be in charge of organizing the whole process and accompanying him in his last moments in this world.

There are many examples of rejection of the time, a phenomenon also attributable to criticism, such as those that rained on Sarah Jessica Parkerbetter known as the sex columnist Carrie Bradshaw in the series Sex and city that

Sarah Jessica Parker, better known as the sex columnist Carrie Bradshaw in the series 'Sex and the City', has been widely criticized for her looks.
Edatism affects many stars. Sarah Jessica Parker, better known as the ‘sex columnist Carrie Bradshaw’ in the seriesSex and city “was heavily criticized for appearing on reboot”And so on ‘ and he counterattacked ‘: I have no choice. What should I do? Stop growing old? Disappear?”

to attacks due to the appearance of crow’s feet and white hair (shown at restart And so) replied kindly: “Everyone has something to say: she has too many wrinkles, she doesn’t have enough – the words of the 57-year-old actress. It almost seems like people don’t want us to feel perfectly where we are, as if they enjoy feeling sad about what we’ve become today. if we choose to age naturally and not looking perfect, or if we do something that makes us feel better. I know how I am. I have no choice. What should I do? Stop growing old? Disappear? “There is very little to do, and the rush to ‘retouch’ is not always effective.

Requests to the expert

Each station has its own characteristics and, if you want to force nature, sometimes you can get over. If it’s true that it’s “too early”, is there probably also “too late”? He confirms it Fabio Querciolispecialist in reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery in Florence.

Fabio Quercioli, specialist in reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery in Florence
Fabio Quercioli, specialist in reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery in Florence

Doctor, what is the age before which it is better not to resort to aesthetic practices, doctor?

“Normally, before performing any surgery, the patient’s growth process is expected to be completely completed. Of course in this case we are talking about corrections not merely aesthetic, but with functional aspects or related to the psychological field, which can be strongly affected by an external ‘defect’ precisely depending on the youth “.

Is there a time to start and with what?

“Entering the field of aesthetic medicine, which are the usual procedures performed in the clinic, biorevitalization is without a doubt the most appropriate treatment for young skin, based on micro injections of hyaluronic acid and other equally natural substances. , biocompatible and fully absorbable ”.

Twenty, thirty, one … wing. Having to make an approximate temporal ‘scale’, ‘what’ is indicated and ‘when’, in the course of a person’s existence?

“Young people can be advised to prevent premature aging of the face, to be exposed to the sun with caution and to always keep the skin perfectly hydrated, with biorevitalization or similar treatments, such as PRX. As the years go by, many people -regardless of gender- have the need to enhance facial features with gentle touch-ups, small increases in lip volume and cheekbones with hyaluronic acid, botulinum toxin to relax the area around the eyes: but no is a rule. Fundamental, to like, to accept and to love“.

Later, Doctor?

“It’s not always easy to accept the passing of the years, for both men and women. And here comes the request to resort to more incisive rejuvenation treatments, always based on hyaluronic acid but with different formulations, aimed at preserving the correct harmony of the volumes of the face, making the tissues more elastic and compact and redefining the margin of the jaw. , since in this phase of life the complex aging process is not limited to the appearance of wrinkles but alters the structure of the face as a whole, modifying the features and expressiveness “.

Better “proper maintenance” instead of drastic interventions …

“Surely yes, today we can accompany the physiological changes that occur over time with non-invasive treatments that give natural results, maintaining a well-groomed and harmonious appearance at every stage of life. Surgery remains a valid resource when there is also a psychological need for improvement, given that surgery cannot stop the natural aging process, but gives us an ‘advantage’ over the chronological age that remains. forever”.

From 50 to 60 and … beyond?

“This is the time when the petition is a partial or complete facelift, accompanied by lipofilling, for a natural and harmonious aesthetic result, with a more effective and much less invasive method than in the past.”

From a certain age, erect lips can be at odds with the rest of the body, generating the boat effect, not forgetting the risk of ‘mummy’: better slightly ‘wrinkled’ and natural faces or smooth faces despite the years, but with reduced expressiveness?

“Of course, the first option! A sober and natural result is preferable to the pursuit of immutable perfection, which cannot exist in reality. “

Breast cancer ranks first among female cancers
Breast cancer ranks first among female cancers

There are situations in which the use of the scalpel, in the aesthetic field, goes beyond the fear of aging, it helps those who have suffered it to return to a normal life.

“It simply came to our notice then reconstructive surgery: today we live with cancer. According to the report of the Ministry of Health ‘Cancer numbers in Italy 2021’, in Italy are estimated about 55,000 new diagnoses of female breast cancer in 2020 and 12,500 deaths in 2021. Net survival 5 years after diagnosis is 88%. Fortunately, there is a growing awareness among women, who regularly participate in screening programs, which allows them to diagnose cancer at an early stage and be able to fight it more effectively. ”

Weapons available to patients and doctors?

Breast cancer October 2021, a very difficult challenge
Breast cancer ranks first among female cancers, but there are good prospects: according to research, today 80% of patients live five years after diagnosis.

“Thanks to early diagnosis, surgery and the increasingly effective tools that science makes available, today 80 percent of patients live 5 years after diagnosis: after overcoming the disease, every woman must be able to return to social life and relationships, without feeling penalized. “.

Breast cancer ranks first among female cancers, it is estimated that one in 8 women will be affected throughout their lives. The good news is that, year after year, mortality is down significantly.

“A high percentage of patients recover from the disease and return to a normal life. As a plastic surgeon, I believe that no woman who has undergone a total or partial mastectomy can be excluded from the possibility of post-oncological reconstruction, because it is important, after regaining her health, that she can feeling integral again in their own feminine identity. There post-oncological reconstruction is considered fundamental in the completion of the breast cancer treatment process and studies have ruled out negative interference with subsequent care and regular check-ups. Rediscovering psychophysical well-being after mastectomy trauma leads to a marked improvement in women’s quality of life. “

What is edatism

“You grow old when you feel old”: this is how Queen Elizabeth II (96) rejected the “Old Woman of the Year” award in 2021

The age and the Discrimination against people over 60 years of age and in general of the so-called major. In a society where it seems “forbidden to grow old”, in which the passage of years is considered a taboo, especially when it comes to women, here comes a full campaign with hashtags, #OldLivesMatter, which recalls the protests against racism and ethnic discrimination in the United States. In this case it means “No” to discrimination against those who are no longer young and is seen as a burden to society. What happened, for example, during the Covid emergency in recent months, when age in some cases became a criterion for access to care. And the marginalization of the elderly unfortunately affects many other areas, health and non-health.

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