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11.28 First row completed by Toprak Razgatlioglu (+0.137) and Jonathan Rea (+0.190). On the other hand, Alex Lowes (+0.341), Michael Ruben Rinaldi (+0.346) and Andrea Locatelli (+0.621) appear in the second row in the order of fourth to sixth.


11.26 Bautista has taken the flag and will not be able to improve his 1: 33.328. Rea is still third at the moment, Rinaldi has risen to fifth place. We are waiting for the moment of Razgatlioglu, who can undermine the pole position of Bautista.


11.24 Jonathan Rea remains in third place, while Alex Lowes rises to fourth.

11.23 Razgatlioglu improved his performance but was behind Bautista, in second place, +0.186. There are two minutes left.

11.22 What a time for Baptist! Track record with 1: 33.328! Pole momentary position for the Spaniard.

11.21 Turn around.

11.20 All pit drivers; short break and return to the track, with 5 minutes left for the Superpole.

11.19 Fifth Michael Ruben Rinaldi, sixth Axel Bassani, ninth Andrea Locatelli, twelfth Roberto Tamburini, twenty-second Gabriele Ruiu, while Alessandro Delbianco has not yet completed any laps.

11.17 And Jonathan Rea takes the lead: 1: 33.523, Razgatlioglu second at 0.085.

11.16 Different strategies: Razgatlioglu returned to the pits immediately after the first attempt, Bautista and Rea keep running.

11.15 The first attempts passed and, needless to say, the ‘usual three’ in front of all: Toprak Razgatlioglu momentarily in the lead after enjoying the wake of Locatelli (sixth), with the lap closed in 1: 33,608. Alvaro Bautista second, +0.172; third Jonathan Rea, +0,357.

11.13 Drivers on the track, 15 minutes available to record the best lap and conquer the pole:


11.08 Here we are, a few moments and the Suerpole of the 2022 Emilia-Romagna Superbike Grand Prix will begin!

11.05 In any case, drivers like Andrea Locatelli and Iker Lecuona, who can have their say in pole position, should not be underestimated either.

11.02 Clearly, the same speech can only be said in part about the race: even there anything can happen, but the difference in pace will be obvious, and here the team of Borgo Panigale can be considered a favorite against the their rivals. Razgatlioglu and Rea are called to the pole, hoping to stretch as soon as possible with the two Ducati.

10.59 On a flying lap, you know, the quality of a driver can make all the difference, potentially doing better than a car that has proven to be superior in pace. Ducati with Michael Ruben Rinaldi and Alvaro Bautista showed an exceptional pace in yesterday’s free practice, but both Razgatlioglu and Rea can aim for the pole on the flying lap, where anything can happen.

10.56 A few minutes and we will see how the starting grid of race-1 takes shape, always scheduled today but at 14:00.

10.53 We are ready to tell you about the Superpole valid for the 2022 Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix, which will start in less than twenty minutes.

10.50 Friends of OA Sport, motor enthusiasts, good morning! Welcome to the Superbike Suerpole LIVE LIVE!

FP1 ChronicleFP2 Chronicle

Friends and friends of OA Sportengine enthusiasts, good morning and welcome to LIVE text live from 2022 Superbike Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix! We have reached the first strong moment of the weekend, after yesterday’s free practice: scheduled for today Superpol I career-1!

Important information was given yesterday with the two free practice sessions: the Ducati showed an excellent pace, as shown by the performance of Álvaro Bautista I Miquel Ruben Rinaldi which concluded FP2 respectively with first and the fourth time of the session.

Is Toprak Razgatlioglu that Jonathan Rea they may be forced to pull out a wildcard to undermine the two drivers of the Borgo Panigale team: the excellent performances of both may not be enough given the strength shown by their rivals, but the qualities of the Turkish drivers and the British are certainly not. missed.

Results Superbike, FP2 GP Emilia Romagna: Bautista stands out above Razgatlıoğlu, 4th place Rinaldi

Hence the expectation of today’s two appointments, Superpol (programmed by Misano at 11:10) I career-1 (hours 2 p.m.), which will bring the riders to the track with the first points in play this weekend. Anything can happen, but we’re sure there will be fun. With our LIVE LIVE you can follow both appointments with real-time updates so you don’t really miss anything; appointment at 11:10 for the Superpole, don’t miss it!

Photo: LiveMedia / Otto Moretti

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