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Bologna, June 10, 2022 – One Virtus courage, determination and heartbeat Milan 75-68 in race-2 and draws the series of Final score for 1-1.
In a very hot Segafredo Arena the formation of Sergio Scariolo find in Shengelia, Jaiteh and especially in Straw the determining factors for undermining Armani’s defense and consolidating with full merit.

Now the series goes to game-3 and game-4 a Milanat the Mediolanum Forum where on Sunday at 20.30, less than 48 visitors, the teams will meet again in front of each other.

In the pre-match, the curve tries to cheer Belinelli and companions with hearts and banners: “Proud look and knife between teeth, come fearless boys” says the Boys.

The weather is much warmer than in race-1. In the field Scariolo and Messina instead presented the same quintets of the race-1, Milan with Rodriguez, Shields, Datome, Bentil and Hines; Scariolo responds with Hackett, Teodosic, Weems, Shengelia and Jaiteh.

It is Olimpia who has the initiative in the game despite Hines being quickly forced to the bench for 2 quick fouls.

Rodriguez and his teammates want to advance 4-10 to 3 ‘, also taking advantage of the inaccuracy of a vague Virtus in attack and where Shengelia, “baptized” by rivals from long distance and initially does not find the way to the basket .

At 4 ‘Rodriguez’s triple is worth +9 from Milan. Virtus loses temporarily Hackett’s knee problem.
Jaiteh and Weems return Virtus to -3, with a 10-13, signing a 6-0 break. Armani, however, is more accurate and with Shields and Hall, while Shengelia in the first quarter final misses 4 pounds in a row. At 10 ‘Milan ahead 17-23.

The initial break 7-0 with Belinelli’s triple launches Virtus 24-23.

Grant responds kindly from a long distance, but the good news for Juventus is the return of Hackett. Belinelli is on fire and is Virtus’ best offensive terminal running 29-26. The triple of Teodosic, the fault of the tail of the formation of Scariolo, is worth it 38-38 with which you go to the interval.

An initial 6-0 lead by Shengelia puts Virtus back 44-40 and forces Messina to ask for time in the 24th minute. 9 points from the Georgian and 2 blocks in defense change the inertia of the challenge with Virtus ahead also at +7 in 47-40 and then 53-46, but Milan does not give up and returns to the wake. In the 30th minute, the Bianconeri were ahead 55-54.

in the’last quarter begins a long face to facewith Virtus trying to blow up Pajola’s verve, a new force under the basket to counter Shields and Datome. Theodosic illuminates and Virtus prevails leading the partial to 1-1.

The match report

VIRTUS SEGAFREDO BOLOGNA: Hackett 5, Teodosic 3, Weems 9, Shengelia 22, Jaiteh 11; Cordinier, Sampson 2, Belinelli 10, Pajola 7, Alibegovic 4, Mannion 2, Tessitori ne. Ramats Scariolo.
AIX ARMANI MILAN: Rodriguez 10, Shields 15, Datome 11, Bentil 3, Hines; Melli 5, Ricci 1, Hall 16, Baldasso, Grant 3, Biligha 4, Alviti. Everyone. Messina.
Referees: Paternicò, Rossi, Giovannetti.
Notes: partial 17-23, 38-38, 55-54
Two pointers: Virtus 22/47; Milan 16/41. Triples: 5/17; 26/7. Free throws: 16/25; 15/21. Rebounds: 49; 36.

The formula

The final series is played to the best of 7 matches. The team that wins the first 4 matches will be crowned champion of Italy 2021-22.
After the first 2 challenges at the Segafredo Arena, the series continues from Sunday with Game-3 and Game-4 at the Mediolanum Forum. Game-5 and Game-7 will be played again at the Segafredo Arena, while Game-6 will be rescheduled in Milan.

Dates and live TV

Race-3 Sunday 12 June – Mediolanum Forum at 8.30 pm
AIX Armani Milan – Virtus Segafredo Bologna
Live TV on Rai Sport Hd, Eurosport 2 and Discovery + and radio on Nettuno Bologna Uno

Race-4 Tuesday 14 June – Mediolanum Forum at 8.30 pm
AIX Armani Milan – Virtus Segafredo Bologna
Live TV on Rai Sport Hd, Eurosport 2 and Discovery + and radio on Nettuno Bologna Uno

Ev Race-5 Thursday June 16 – Segafredo Arena
Virtus Segafredo Bologna – AIX Armani Milan

Ev Race-6 Saturday June 18 – Mediolanum Forum
AIX Armani Milan – Virtus Segafredo Bologna

Ev Race-7 Monday June 20 – Segafredo Arena
Virtus Segafredo Bologna – AIX Armani Milan

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