The woman has pubic hair and belly after breaking free from beauty standards

The positive influence of the body Bella Davies took to Instagram to show off her natural body – “soft” belly and pubic hair included.

The online Australian star does not lack “inspiring” messages to convey to her 202,000 Instagram followers, she is even described as a “hype girl” who loves herself.

And, in a recent post, it certainly lived up to its title.

Bella took off her black lace lingerie from the Lounge lingerie brand to get her message across.

The girl proudly wore her body and labeled different parts of her body that are often seen as “defects” by society.

Hip flexions, stretch marks and pubic hair she looks at, Bella wrote, “Only one body is one body.”

Bella shared with her fans the frank break of her hair and her natural figure

He also fired a shot from the side where he exposed his soft abdomen and turned around announcing, “No defects. Just normal human stuff.

Bella then wrote a long caption about society’s pressures to meet beauty standards and how she “freed” herself from it by embracing her body.

“Seven-year-old girls feel pressured to be beautiful. I felt the pressure at seven. I experienced low levels of body confidence as a child and teenager, ”the influencer confessed.

“Honestly, I thought it would be easier as I got into adulthood, but unfortunately it wasn’t like that. Instead, society shames women when their bodies grow and keeps criticizing them as they get fatter, they change and show signs of aging.

woman in black lingerie

So awesome!

“Honestly, it breaks my heart to see so many children, teenagers and adults struggling with their body image. But let’s be honest, it’s not uncommon for them to do so, given the unrealistic and downright harmful beauty standards created to determine the value and the beauty of a woman.

“The size of vanity and diet fashions. The endless anti-aging products that tell us that aging is shameful. The lack of sex and romantic scenes that show fat, disabled bodies.”

He continued: “The small size, color, skill and diversity of the body in ads, websites and tracks. The shame we feel when we gain weight and the praise we receive when we lose it. society glorifies weight loss and criticizes weight gain.

woman in red lingerie

Bella is not shy about showing off her panties

“It simply came to our notice then. So instead of conforming to these social standards of beauty, I urge you to choose freedom. Choose to break free from these standards that want to keep you chained to a life of self-hatred. You only have one life. Don’t miss it wishing there were less of you.

“Don’t sacrifice your happiness for a thinner body. Don’t spend it on war with your body. Spend it to deepen your connection with your body. Laugh. Cry. Eat. To explore. Love. Play. Listen.Laws.Wade.Create.Learn to appreciate and celebrate every inch of you and always remember that you are so much more than your beauty.

Bella reassured her fans, “You’re so much more than your body!”

Inspired by the positive release of Bella’s body, many people fled the comments to praise the influencer for helping others embrace their natural bodies.

One fan commented, “You have positively influenced my way of thinking about my body. Thank you.”

Another person added, “Amen to that !!”

While a third praised, “You’re the best.”

Someone else said, “You make me feel so safe.”

And a fifth user said, “I needed this post today, thank you.”

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