the most beautiful novels and sagas to recover

When it comes to romantic readings, everyone has their own tastes. There are those who love light reading and those who love dramas, those who prefer realistic scenarios and those who like to switch between fantasy and the paranormal. Since choosing what to put in your bag (or downloading it to your e-reader) is always a challenge, here are some titles for inveterate romantics suitable for young and old readers.

For lovers of romantic comics

Jenny Han, the series of Lara Jean

Fresh, ironic and light: Lara Jean’s trilogy can be read in a week. And you also have time to recapture Netflix adaptations. In the first book, Every time I write I love you, Lara Jean is embarrassed when she discovers that all the love letters written during her free time to her lover and stored in a cap have been sent to their recipients … including Josh, her sister’s boyfriend. But not all accidents hurt and the turn your life will take is definitely interesting. So much so that in this romantic comedy there is room for two more acts, PD I still love you I Yours forever, Lara Jeanall published by Piemme.

Elena Armas, Pretend you love me

If you want an equally light read and love the cliché of the false-relationship-that-then-becomes-true, there’s always Elena Armas ’debut novel, published by Newton Compton Publishing. Catherine left everything to flee to New York with Daniel, only to discover that she should never have trusted him. After this catastrophic interlude, her life gets back on track, only to discover that her ex will be the godfather at her sister’s upcoming wedding. And he also found a new girlfriend. To save Catalina’s face, all she has to do is lie shamelessly and convince her partner Aaron to do it for her boyfriend in exchange for a three-day trip to Spain.

Lea Landucci, Kiss song

Most recent Kiss song by Lea Landucci, Italian Chicken Writer, published by Sperling & Kupfer. The protagonist is Bianca, a 25-year-old girl who dreams of Hollywood because she is in love with the art of special effects. And to follow his dream he also works at night, in a suburban club of dubious fame. But it soon became a turning point, a place as an assistant to the Italian branch of a prestigious Korean skin care brand. Too bad her new boss has a bad temper and something to hide, but Bianca is not the type to give up easily.

Between fantasy and steampunk

Christelle Dabos, through mirrors

We fall in love with Christelle Dabos’s Across Mirrors saga (Edizioni e / o) from the cover, thanks to the splendid drawings by Laurent Gapaillard. For those who don’t know it yet, it’s a fantastic saga with scenes reminiscent of the Belle Époque. In the first volume, Winter boyfriends, we meet Ophelia, a girl with two extraordinary talents: reading the past of objects and crossing mirrors. Ofelia would have gladly continued a single woman, more busy looking after her beloved museum than looking for a good partner, but the deans of her ark have other plans. For her, a diplomatic marriage has been arranged with the icy Thorn, of the powerful Pole Dragons family. And if the first encounter is not at all idyllic, in the course of the saga Ofelia will realize that behind the appearances there is much more. She and Thorn will face danger and frustrate the intrigue as they try to answer a question that no one dares to ask: Why did God break the world? Reading continues with The disappearance of moonlight, The memory of Babel I Echoes in stormreaching a divisive end to say the least.

The other half of love

Malinda Lo, Last night at the Telegraph Club

Imagine being thirteen in the United States in the 50’s, being in a beauty pageant for Miss Chinatown and having your heart in your mouth for reasons you can’t explain well, let alone feeling that you can trust your best friend. To get an answer, Lucy Hu will have to wait a few more years, until she is old enough to really fall in love, under the neon sign of the Telegraph Club. However, these are the difficult years of McCarthyism. from all points. of view: for two girls who love each other and also for Lucy’s father, at risk of being deported like many other American Chinese citizens. Winner of numerous awards, including the prestigious National Book Award for Young People’s Literature, Last night at the Telegraph Club has been in bookstores since June 21, published by Mondadori in the Oscar Fantastica series.

TJ Klune, The house by the celestial sea and the saga of Riera Verda

TJ Klune is a very prolific author: a former liquidator of an insurance company, after ten years he left his sad cubicle (in his words) to devote himself full time to writing. And there is no shortage of talent, as evidenced by its great popularity among lovers of LGBT + romance. His best novel is probably The house by the celestial sea, published by Mondadori in the Oscar Fabula series. If you like stories about choosing families, about the power of love and kindness, and about revolutions from below, you can win too.
Linus Baker is a social worker who watches over the Institutes that take in magical children, too strange and dangerous to live with normal people. His is an orderly and monotonous life, at least until he is summoned on a secret mission: to go to the remote island of Marsias and investigate the orphanage of a handsome and enigmatic Arthur Parnassus. And after meeting Arthur and his children, including a shoveled gnome, a button-hungry wyvern, and a drop of dreaming of becoming a janitor, he ends up questioning everything he believes in.

The merit of having let the Italian public discover it, however, lies with the small publishing house Triskell Edizioni: in this sense, if you like paranormal romance from Twilight We recommend that you also take a look at the Green Creek series, which consists of Song of the wolf – The song of the wolf, Song of the crow – The song of the crow, Song of the heart – The song of the heart and Song of the brothers – The song of the brothers. A series of autonomous but interconnected novels, each with different characters: suitable for readers over 18 years old.


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