ten girls plus three … could that be enough?

Tuscia in Fiore, funded by a tender from the Lazio region, has landed in Viterbo with the sixth edition of “La Via degli Artisti” followed by an all-female event that warms the hearts and delights the eyes.

Years have passed from San Pellegrino in Fiore, from the great Male and Fontana, but the desire to present peperino and flowers has only increased. It is now a tradition, see peperino in fiore, to present this dichotomy to Tuscia. It will soon be a great brand recognized and easy to communicate.

In Viterbo on the 4th and 5th there are many interested places and a thousand active artists. Thanks to all the participants, the curious and the phenomenon Brando Maria Medici who closed the edition in Piazza San Lorenzo delighting those present.

From an intuition of the artistic director, Professor Laura Principi, an idea was born all pink. It seems that Viterbo is the age of feminism.

From Monday 6 to Sunday 12 June, around the 16th century in the old Almadiani church of Viterbo, it is possible to get lost in an all-female itinerary of more than fifty paintings and sculptures.

A rich collection that winds through the colors and shapes born from the hands and hearts of thirteen Tuscia artists, different from each other in styles and techniques, but united by a great passion for Art and Beauty.

There is the fluid color of Francesca Rosciolo’s fabrics and the bright “dripping” of Aurora Proietti Colonna, the beautiful abstracts of Francesca Sorbera and the charm of the views of the villages of Adriana Grottanelli. There is the cheerful explosion of colors of Resy Serata and the delicacy of the works of Elena Agostini; there are the faces of Elena Valeri and the flowers of Lucia Moscatelli. The journey continues with illustrations by Laura Ponti through introspective and mystical painting by Francesca Mazzone and then continues with the immediacy of the extemporaneous paintings of Carla Sozio and portraits of women, famous and not, by Silvia Fiocchetti until she arrives, in the center of the room, between the grace and lightness of the elegant leaves with feminine shapes by Nicky Peetermans.

But … ten girls plus three, can they really be enough?

Absolutely not, in fact during the weekend the exhibition is enriched with the valuable contribution of other talented women:


At 18:00 the writer Federica de Waure presents the book NEVER AGAIN. Moderated by Maria Grazia Fontana. Readings by the Cultural Association Teatro di Carta (Elda Martinelli and Arcangelo Corinti) and musical interlude by students from the Liceo Musicale.

At 20:30 Awards ceremony for the artists participating in the exhibition by the Association FIDAPA (Italian Federation of Women Arts, Professions, Business)


At 18:00 the writer Catia Santoni, moderated by Edvige Marotta, will present the book “VITERBIUM… TI ASCOLTO” of which she is co-author with Chiara Guidarini.

An important exhibition in many ways, a week full of grace, talent and beauty … because “La Via delle Artiste” is paved with many precious stones.

It ends an exciting season where art for everyone, flowers and a lot of local tourism have struggled with the bad weather, bureaucracy and complexity of involving many artists.

The gratifying results for the organizers and administrators of the whole province obviously did not convince the municipal bidding commission, which decided to place our capital project outside the funded ones. Congratulations from the bottom of my heart to the organizers of the other 34 activities from which we hope to learn and make the most of participating in their initiatives.

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