Stranger Things 4: Because it’s girls season

Stranger Things: Sadie Sink in the episode Dear Billy

It is a feminine, enchanted and ethereal voice that deeply marks the season 4 from Strange thingsthe series worship Netflix which everyone is talking about right now. You know, it’s the voice of Kate Bush, and that hypnotic song is Running Up That Hill, which resonates with Max’s walkman, and which is in the middle of one of the most intense sequences in volume 1 of season 4 (The first 7 episodes are available for streaming from May 27, while Volume 2, with episodes 8 and 9, will be available on July 1). It’s no coincidence that a female voice is the theme this season. Because, more than any other, it seemed like the season for girls, for female characters. Undi (Millie Bobby Brown), Max (Sadie Sink), but also Nancy (Natalia Dyer) and Robin (Maya Hawke).

Eleven, between the father figure and bullying

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Stranger Things 4: An image of the new episodes

Yes, because the “strange things” referred to in the title Stranger Things are first and foremost what happens in everyday life, before even in that fantastic and horror world that in this season 4 comes back to life in an even more admirable way. and scary. These are the weird things that happen when we grow up, when we change, when we feel somehow. “upside down“, and this time we’re not talking about the scary world under Hawkins, Indiana. It’s that feeling out of place, out of time. Strange things, in this fourth season, even better what he had done in previous seasons: he deepens the characters, gives them meaning in the real world even before the fantastic. So our Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), who by the way no longer has superpowers, is first and foremost a girl who has lost her father, that is, the man she has been in those years, Hopper. He had already lost his parents for the first time, but that’s another story. Undi she is a girl like many others when she arrives in a new city, a new school. It is considered that “strange“It’s different. You know, there are some at school.”bad girls “. And so Undi is harassed. The story of Stranger Things 4 will take her to another place, to much more alienating and terrifying places, and the big little Undi will have to take all her resources, face her fears. it is from this that we see the nature of Stranger Thins: fantasy, horror, period drama; but above all a great novel about coming of age. This season we will see Undi first with long hair and a hairstyle reminiscent of Winona Ryder’s Joyce. And then, with the iconic short hair, that of the laboratory guinea pig with which we had first seen him. Episode 7 is his key moment among those seen so far.

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Max, go up this hill

Strange things Max

Stranger Things: An image of Sadie Sink

But if Undi was immediately the star of Strange things, Max (Sadie Sink) got started and was initially a supporting actor. It is in this season that she becomes the absolute protagonist: next to Eleven, the real revelation of the Duffer Brothers series is her. Also for “Crazy“Max is worth the speech made for the Eleven: before the horror there is the newspaper, before the Head down there is that feeling in reverse that everyone, at this age, has lived sooner or later. Strange things 4 they really tell us who Max is. She is a traumatized girl who has lost her stepbrother and witnessed her death. And she is a girl who lives in a disadvantaged and troubled family. Max, at school, where he seems to be increasingly absent from everything, taken as he is by his problems, is followed by a social worker. One of the most beautiful scenes of this season 4 sees her during an interview, present but absent, determined not to melt. His tick-filled face exudes discomfort and nervousness, like his foot pounding anxiously during the interview. Her beauty is like faded, this shiny red hair becomes duller. But, like Undi, Max is expected to go through even tougher tests. Because Vecna, the bad guy of this new season, manages to take over the most mentally vulnerable, those who already have problems, those who are already afraid. And then, in an experience between life and death, Max will have to draw all his resources to return to the light, to “go up that hill“Episode 4 is the moment when she is the main protagonist.


Stranger Things: An image of Sadie Sink

Nancy, the detective

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Stranger Things 4, an image of the new episodes

But there are also older girls. Struggling with love relationships, with the world of work, with a self-confidence that comes from their age, but that does not leave them without doubts and worries. Season 4 of Strange things has seen the birth of a rather surprising partnership, that between Nancy and Robin. First of all we see the two girls in a new costume. Let’s think about it Nancy: If in the early seasons her story was mostly devoted to her love stories, her relationship with Steve and then her love affair with Joe, in this new season Nancy (Natalia Dyer) plays a very important role. Thanks to her work as a journalist, Nancy becomes the group’s researcher here, who collects the clues, connects the points, draws the deductions. A little Sherlock Holmes with long, curly hair. Of course, there is still a sentimental subplot for her; Although there seems to be some misunderstanding with Jonathan, certain looks seem to make us understand that he is not insensitive to Steve’s charm.

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Robin, punk rocker and trusted friend

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Stranger Things 4: A photo of the new episodes

Next to it is Robin. The turning point is first and foremost in the gaze. Because if the unmistakable face of Maya Hawke, the daughter of Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman, is always the same, we finally see her in a dress that tells us something more about her. For most of Season 3, the one we met, she appeared in her curious sailor uniform, which was the one at the ice cream parlor where she worked with Steve. Here we see her in jeans and a jacket of the same style, a little punk a little post punk, clothes that define her non-conformist character. We see her as herself declaring her sexual preferences, pointing to one of the basketball team’s cheerleaders. But most of all, we see her bond with Nancy, becoming – almost in disbelief – her friend. The partnership between Nancy and Robin, that female solidarity that, when it happens, is beautiful, is one of the most beautiful things of season 4. In this female gallery, Winona Ryder’s Joyce Byers is missing. The absolute protagonist of the first seasons, she is a bit sacrificed by the plot that sees her in search of Hoppper. But the photos that have come from volume 2, which finally see her embracing her love, promise a second part in which Joyce can give the best of her.

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Strange things 4

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