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Bologna, June 9, 2022 – Twenty-nine projects it is a Financing over 8.6 million euros: is what is expected of the latter announcement from Emilia-Romagna region expected from Territorial plan for the redevelopment of sports facilities. He works will generate a global investment of 12.6 million euros and were presented by comuni with less than 15,000 inhabitants and since municipal unions Emilia Romagna. “We are implementing, expanding it every time, an unprecedented Plan,” said the President of the Region. It was Bonaccini – give municipalities the opportunity to improve and innovate their structures. Providing modern facilities and spaces also means contributing to the quality of our territory. That is why we will continue to invest in sports and sports facilities, together with local councils and entities ”.

Practically all of them were granted the maximum contributions to be paid, equal to 300 thousand eurosfor the following regional allocations in the area: 900 thousand euros in Municipalities of the Bologna metropolitan city and the provinces of Weather in Piacenza, Modena, Reggio Emilia, Ravenna I Forlì-Cesena; 862 thousand euros in the of Ferrara1.2 million in the of Parma and so many in the of Rimini. Below is a complete and detailed list of all of them works and costs, province by province (The paid contribution will only be made explicit if it differs from the maximum limit of 300,000 euros).

Bologna metropolitan city

Upper Rhine Spa: redevelopment of the municipal football field C. Sabattini. The cost of the intervention is 357,344 euros.
Dozza: regeneration of the V. Papparelli sports facility in Toscanella di Dozza. The cost is 700 thousand euros.
Vergato: security, redevelopment and energy efficiency of sports facilities in the capital of Vergato. Cost: 315 thousand euros (contribution paid 299,250 euros).

Province of Forlì Cesena

Rocca San Casciano: Redevelopment of the municipal swimming pool sports facility. Cost: 332 thousand euros.
Saracen market: expansion, redevelopment, energy efficiency and improvement of the facilities of the municipal sports center. Cost: 900 thousand euros
Shrimp: Redevelopment of the municipal sports facility in via Curiel – construction of the inclusive “Wellness park”. Cost: 334 thousand euros.

Province of Ferrara

Portomaggiore: energy efficiency, lighting of the tennis courts of the D. Zardi sports center and the children’s playground of the Bellini Stadium. Cost: 333 thousand euros.
Fiscaglia: construction of 3 areas enabled for outdoor sports and construction of the grandstand on the football field. Cost: 276 thousand euros (contribution paid 262,200 euros).
Tresignana: Redevelopment of the structures of the Mazzanti sports center. Cost: 340 thousand euros.

Province of Modena

Campogalliano: Redevelopment of the sports center on viale E. Mattei (construction of a football pitch on synthetic grass). Cost: 570 thousand euros.
Polinago: construction of a synthetic turf football pitch approved in Via Dei Friniati. Price: 445,927 euros.
Pievepelago: construction of a roller ski slope in the area of ​​sports facilities in via Luigi Galli. Price: 325,952 euros.

Province of Piacenza

Union of Municipalities Alta Val Nure: Sporting Valley, a sports infrastructure network in Val Nure. Cost: 560 thousand euros.
Break the brake: Redevelopment of the multipurpose area of ​​via Tobagi. Cost: 431 thousand euros.
Vernasca: modernization, security measures and redevelopment of the sports center. Cost: 415 thousand euros.

Province of Parma

Sorbolo Mezzani: construction of a new 8-a-side football pitch on the IV Novembre sports center. Cost: 460 thousand euros.
Hole: extraordinary maintenance of the municipal swimming pool, “La Pineta” sports center. Cost: 315,975 euros.
Baganza Room: improvement of baseball sports facilities at the municipal sports center. Cost: 670 thousand euros.
Busseto: recovery and redevelopment of sports facilities. Cost: 403 thousand euros.

Province of Ravenna

Brisighella: redevelopment of the facilities and security of the swimming pool of the Terme di Brisighella. Cost: 320 thousand euros.
Fusignano: modernization, security and redevelopment of the intermunicipal swimming pool and the Rossetta Civic Center. Cost: 320 thousand euros.
Conselice: modernization and security of the “La Tana” sports park and the tennis facility. Cost: 325 thousand euros.

Province of Reggio Emilia

Matilda’s Union Hills: construction of a synthetic turf field at the Salvarano sports field. Cost: 550 thousand euros.
Bibbiano: construction of a new multipurpose gym. Cost: 1,300,000 euros.
Union of Mountains of the Municipalities of the Apennines of Reggio: Redevelopment of the municipal sports field “Ambrogio Gabriele Guglielmi” in Cervarezza term. Cost: 315 thousand euros.

Rimini Province

Sassofeltrio: Redevelopment of the municipal sports complex. Cost: 315 thousand euros.
Misano Adriatico: Redevelopment of the athletics track of the Municipal Stadium of Santamónica. Cost: 365 thousand euros.
Poggio Torriana: Redevelopment and security of the municipal football field on the Costa del Macello road. Cost: 533,500 euros.
Montecopiolo: “Salbuccia” high rope ski lift project. Price: € 319,022.

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