School reform, how will the teacher recruitment system work?

The teacher recruitment revolution is becoming a reality and will be the sixth in the last 20 years. In late April the Cabinet approved the Miur reformintegrated into the PNR from which it will receive significant financial resources which, however, will be invested in the improvement of school buildings.

From that moment on, however, the political battle began, further inflamed by the national teachers’ strike on May 30. Many parties have protested and tabled hundreds of amendments in parliament in recent weeks.

So the situation is in progress and something will change, but on certain issues the government has been exposed to such an extent that it cannot back down and if there are changes, they will be minimal. We talk about topics such as continuing education or internships.

While the situation of the 24 CFU will have to be followed closely. They should be 60 years old, half of whom are interns. It is reasonable to think that those who have already achieved them, or who have already achieved a part of them, will see them recognized in the theoretical part, having to compensate with the remaining credits.

School reform, the planned recruitment system

Currently, the law provides that the procurement system is structured in 3 steps:

  • enabling path initial training of 60 CFU / CFA, concluded by written test and oral test with simulated lesson;
  • national public competitionconducted at the regional or interregional level with written and oral tests and assessment of qualifications;
  • a trial period in service for one year with final test and conclusive evaluation.

As for the written test, Education Minister Patrizio Bianchi announced that andThe cross-response system will be ignored: “From 2025 we will return to open-ended questions.”

School reform, requirements to participate in the contest

  • For high school commonplacesI and II degree: degree (master’s degree or single-cycle master’s degree) + specific teaching qualification for the competition class
  • For the commonplaces of practical technical teacher: degree + specific teaching qualification for the competition class
  • For support sites: passing the specialization courses planned for educational support activities for children with disabilities

School reform, participates in the competition without a degree

Another possibility to participate in the contest, but not in the support one, is that of ahave completed three years of service, even if not continuous, in the previous five years, within the deadline for submitting applications for participation in the competition.

Therefore, this is a possibility for unqualified applicants, only in possession of the degree of admission. The grade will be obtained later.

The decree does not currently specify at what educational level the service must be provided or if it must be specific for at least one year or more, that is, carried out in the class of participation in the competition.

School reform, transitional phase

One last channel for hiring will be this transitional waiting for the new reform to work at full capacity. This channel will remain active until 2024 and should lead to the hiring of 70,000 teachers.

The transition phase will allow access to teaching competitions for those with a master’s degree and 30 credits of university and academic training.

Also in this, to teach later in public schools you will have to complete the test year with a final assessment exam. Passed, you will be admitted to the paper.

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