Rome Sports Network is born

In a room full of journalists, political and sports institutions, representatives of associations and companies, as well as managers and some athletes of the consortium companies, presented by Simona Rolandi, the president of the Consortium Roberto Mignemi took the floor to present the idea to the basis of this project, the President of the Lazio Region Coni Riccardo Viola, the President’s Delegate for Sport of the Lazio Region Roberto Tavani and the Councilor for Major Events, Sports and Tourism of the Municipality of Rome Alessandro Onorato to confirm recognition and institutional support for the initiative.

Roma Sports Network is especially grateful to Councilor Alessandro Onorato who immediately wanted to support the initiative, making available the prestigious location (symbolic place of concord), drawing the attention of the economic community, inviting excellent partners, raising awareness by listening to the demands of high-level Capitoline sport.

Although he could not be present due to previous commitments, the president of CONI Giovanni Malagò wanted to express his closeness with a significant video message for all attendees, thanking him for his support of the project.

The consortium, made up of 12 main Roman sports clubs, representing 10 sports, aims to promote, support and disseminate a new culture of sport and a new way of doing sport in the capital.

The slogan that characterizes it summarizes its great meaning: Together for the sport of Rome.

Sport is the cultural and economic heritage of the city, it contributes fundamentally to the improvement and well-being of the community.

Based on this premise, Roma Sports Network presents itself and calls for the involvement of institutions, sponsors, the media and citizens in order to do sport in a sustainable way in the city of Rome.

The consortium companies have drafted a manifesto that sets out the fundamental principles of this initiative, inviting everyone to create a system and create synergies to support Roman sport, from the first level to the bottom, with concrete proposals and stated objectives.

Bringing together the major sports clubs in the city of Rome under a single brand, where managing, organizing and practicing sport is currently more complicated than in other cities, will allow the development of promotional activities, initiatives and major unique and continuous events, that will facilitate the diffusion of all the sports, as well as allow the Roman sport clubs to compete in the same conditions that those of the rest of Italy and that all the basic sport has space and visibility for the different sport disciplines with the support of the main clubs.

The Roma brand has a disruptive force in Italy and in the world, it can no longer be a limit for the development of high-level sports projects due to difficulties in finding facilities, lack of resources and citizen attention or limited financial support.

Sport must become an educational and training flyer for the dissemination of the correct approach to the quality of life in the city. Motility, nutrition, aggregation, a sense of identity, inclusion, solidarity are some of the values ​​that sport helps to spread and improve, without forgetting the possibilities of economic development to which it can contribute when it is possible to involve the economic fabric of the city.

A great institutional, social and economic return for the whole city of Rome, for those who will participate and for those who will support the Roma Sports Network consortium in its development, a virtuous example of a sustainable system and synergistic for sports in big cities.


Roberto Mignemi (President of the Consortium of the Rome Sports Network) –

“We are proud to launch this initiative because we believe it can be a turning point for sport in Rome. We are aware of the difficulties, but we believe that to get Rome back where it deserves, we need to work in synergy and create a system between sports clubs, institutions and companies. We want Clubs to be modern and innovative using, for example, the full potential of the digital world to increase visibility and contact with the public. We want the values ​​and activities related to Sport to contribute to improving the well-being of the city community. We want to become a recognized and reliable partner of the institutions, to improve the management of the facilities and promote grassroots sports. We believe that there is no better example than the high level and we believe that it is our duty to make available our development models and our know-how. This is precisely why we believe that it is good for everyone to build sports and social promotion projects together, so much so that as a founding principle of the Consortium we have defined a part of the income that will be used for this purpose. Together for the sport of Rome, we can win this challenge. “

Alessandro Onorato (Minister of Major Events, Sports and Tourism of the Municipality of Rome) –

“The idea of ​​creating a consortium of Roma sports clubs immediately won me over, so much so that I immediately called on the Roman business world to support the initiative and with Mayor Gualtieri we wanted to host the presentation in a In a metropolis like Rome, sectarian attitudes must be overcome, it’s time to aim for a system The sports sector, like the others, can’t stand if there are no plants and investors willing to bet on our city ”.

Riccardo Viola (President of the Coni Regional of Lazio) –

“A very interesting initiative that creates the conditions to defend the city’s sport and the Rome brand. Personally, also from my experience, I would like to talk about the Roma Sports Center. This hypothesis would give the possibility to all the Roman sports to develop in the time, with continuity. We team up and look forward to the future! “.

Roberto Tavani (Delegate of the President for Sport of the Lazio Region) –

“The new Roma Sports Network consortium is a beautiful reality, all that a big capital like Rome needed at the moment. Start again in style and with the involvement of institutions, athletes and citizens. United under a single brand to spread a new culture and a new way of doing sports, also able to promote initiatives and major events. Because sport must be the starting point of every rebirth and the point of arrival of every path that aims at the well-being and quality of life of its citizens. “


All Star Colosseum Rome (Street Basket 3×3), Eurobasket Rome (men’s A2 basketball), Club Hockey Rome (men’s A1 field hockey), San Saba Rome Hockey (women’s A1 field hockey), Legio XIII Rome (men’s CIF9 football) , Rome Swimming (A1 Men’s Water Polo), Rome Tamburello (Women’s and Men’s Indoor Drum A), Rome Volleyball Club (A1 Women’s Volleyball), Rome Volleyball Club (Men’s B Volleyball), Frascati Fencing (Men’s and Women’s Fencing), SIS Rome A1) Women’s water polo), Thunder Roma (Electric chair football and Electric chair hockey).

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