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The year 2021 was the case for the UK, with hundreds of complaints, which sounded the alarm among nightclub attendees: boys and especially girls were drugged in nightclubs with a sting.

In France the reports of needle prickinjections administered without consent in nightclubs, concerts and music festivals by strangers armed with syringes.

ForAssociated pressreports of similar incidents have reached more than 300 from April to date.

In addition to these, other reports have come out Belgium and come Netherlandsas well as from Great Britainwhere already in October 2021 there was a lot of talk about the phenomenon due to a peak of episodes in nightclubs.

Dozens of cases have been reported between April and May, mostly in nightclubs, nightclubs and concerts: all of them being beaten to death at the nightclub, who later complained of dizziness, nausea and sudden memory loss.

However, depending on when you write The World, in most cases no toxic substances, such as Ghb (known as a rape drug), were found in the blood of the victims. Only two victims of injections tested positive for the substance, but also the police interviewed by those who followed the cases remember that it remains visible in the urine only one day after taking it (therefore, it is important that the tests are done as soon as possible). possible, whether the goal is to check for presence or not).

Why then the injections? Attempts at harassment? Do you want to trigger a psychosis? Madness of one and then imitated by others? Unsurprisingly, there was a case of theft of a child after being distracted by the needle, but most people did not report any harassment or attempted violence.

Even the symptoms – when they exist – are varied and cannot be attributed with certainty to a single cause. Even if the syringes contained substances such as Ghb, the amount of fluid injected through a presumably so rapid administration may not be sufficient to cause dizziness; and on the other hand, if the injection lasted as long as necessary to administer a dose sufficient to provoke a strong reaction in the victim, the person would notice it more easily.

On June 5, Toulouse police announced yes stopped a man – 20 years old, resident in Toulon, in the south of France – accused of hitting about twenty viewers during the recording of the TF1 program (Television Francaise 1, ed) The song of the year on the beaches of Mourillon. Among the people affected by the injections was also one of the security guards who was at the place of work, hospitalized for an illness (AFPwhen giving the news, does not specify whether it was due to any substance contained in the syringe or the stress of the situation).

The script is always the same: during events and evenings that they attract a large influx of people, some participants feel small sudden pains and realize that they have been bitten by a needle; in other cases they often do not notice the sting but perceive a general feeling of discomfort, such as nausea or difficulty concentrating, and in the following days find small bruises and signs of injections. In fact, it may not be easy to notice that you have been bitten by a needle in a nightclub, a concert, or a night out at a nightclub, especially if you drink alcohol (or substances) during the night and dance with energy among people.

TheAP recounts some cases: that of young Tomas Laux, 18, who witnessed a spectator on May 4 concert in Lille, in the north of France. During the evening – probably also thanks to the alcohol and marijuana that the young man admitted to having consumed – he did not notice anything, until he began to have a headache and felt dizzy. That’s when he noticed a small bruise on his arm and a needle mark. The next morning he went to the doctor because his symptoms did not seem to go away, his injection was confirmed and he was tested for HIV and hepatitis (both negative, as happened to other victims). Laux said the concerts were paused after the episode.

Other information comes from Paris, Toulouse, Rennes, Nantes and other cities in France and involves girls (in most cases) and boys and sometimes comes directly to social media.

Even the French Ministry of the Interior published a vademecum last April on what to do if you suspect that you have been the victim of a needle administration in a public act. The advice is to contact the authorities and then undergo toxicological testing.

There is no shortage of reports of similar incidents in Belgium and the Netherlands, where in Venlo, Helmond and Kaatsheuvel several people reported fainting or dizziness after being bitten in bars or nightclubs. Police investigating the cases said no toxic substances had been found in people’s blood so far.

According to researchers, there is not much to do but to increase security in public places. Like Alkmaar’s Cafe Bubbels: Ever since a club patron said she was stung and sick, everyone in the bar has been searched.

In the UK, following the peak of reports in 2021, Parliament has published a report on the subject: there are about a thousand cases known to the police, but it is not clear how many of these have been injected. some kind of substance.

What’s behind it? Who handles investigations and to collect complaints and allegations (therefore, police and doctors) very cautious on the reasons that drive this phenomenon and doubtful about the presence of drugs in syringes (or at least in all cases registered in the country). What we fear most is the possibility that people who get the injections will get infectious diseases such as HIV or hepatitis, he told theAP Dr. Emmanuel Puskarczyk, head of the poison control center in the city of Nancy in eastern France. The facility has been identified as a testing ground for a special protocol for injecting victims by strangers: those with symptoms of nausea, dizziness, and memory loss are tested and preserved. samples for five days. All this to allow people to work out a minimum of what happened and finally decide to file a complaint. According to an official anonymouslyAP however, at the moment it is not possible to speak of a specific modus operandi because there are no similarities between the cases. The only thing is that people are injected with a needle in a party environment in different parts of the country.

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