Free sport: between legal streaming and entertainment

Sports fans often look for legal ways to watch games and watch their favorite teams online without spending on season tickets, but also to have fun with the many forms of digital entertainment that network operators offer.

Lovers of all sports are increasingly technological and digitized. This is confirmed by a recent Ipsos poll, which shows that 70 percent of Italians follow the sport streaming platformsof which he values ​​the variety of the offer and the practicality: we speak of a sample of population that goes of the 18 to the 64 years and that includes especially the Millennials and the Generation Zeta.

In addition, the enjoyment of the sport is also associated with the entertainment experience, and goes from sports video games – football theme, first of all – al remote legal bettingUntil Competitive electronic sports.

However, not everyone, especially in this time of crisis, has the money to subscribe to the subscription services of the different operators that, for different reasons, offer sports content.

Looking for free ways to follow the sportand having fun online without getting your hands on the wallet has become one of the top search engines for new digital fans of football, Formula 1, volleyball, tennis and all other sports.

Regarding the watch races and matches in streamingalways in compliance with the law, the possibilities of free access to the contents are different:

The first is the free trial of paid platformslike Infinity +, released for free for 7 days.

Even the streaming services of the major TV stations allow access to numerous clips and videos on demand: this is the case for Sport Mediaset for Mediaset Play and the channel Rai Sport plus HD and RaiPlay. Other live TV stations also broadcast streaming sports events: this is the case Sportitalia HD Live (digital terrestrial channel 60), from TV8 (DTT channel 8 or official website), and (channel 64).

Other free viewing modes are included YouTube, with its themed channels, from National Basketball League to FIBA ​​Basketball, from Handball TV to World Curling TV. There is no shortage of them free foreign channel applicationscompatible with iOS and Android devices – from ESPN to CBS Sports to La Liga TV.
For those who do not know, also on the side of social media also Telegram offers numerous football and sports channels, the viewing of which is optimal through fiber optic connection.

It doesn’t end there, either main legal betting sites present in Italy have been gradually incorporating in their offer the live broadcast, also from the app, of the championship matches, from the Bundesliga to Serie A football, from Ligue 1 to Serie C., to tennis, depending on the bookmaker. This service is reserved for registered users who have made at least one bet in the 24 hours prior to the match, or for active account holders.

However, for those who decide to bet on any sporting event for the first time, some of the major bookmakers offer the no deposit bonus, much sought after because it is a certain amount of free credit that the operator with ADM license disburses at registration. and the sending of a valid identity document, proving the age of majority of the user.

In this way, since betting, even when legal and responsible, is a form of entertainment for many sports fans, it is possible for novices to bet on a team, an event, a game. championship of interest without overload. in your bag.

About sports and entertainmentthe other great passion of the fans of the different sports are video games, especially for users of the latest generations, who have a special confidence in the world of video games and digital.

The prices of consoles and games are often not exactly within the reach of these internet users, but even in this case they can take advantage of the free offers on the web.

Those looking for free entertainment without too much graphic pretension, but for the sole purpose of having fun, the portal libraries such as o they are full of sports-themed games, dedicated to football, golf, billiards, bowling, etc.

The same goes for games-apps that can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store or Apple Store – just search for a comprehensive catalog of titles for all tastes.

If you are registered Amazon Primein addition, among the games released for free monthly by the platform Prime Gaming Sports-themed titles are also included: those who are not registered can still access a free 30-day trial of the service, as well as in the case of Pro StadiumGoogle’s gaming platform.

Following the news and the latest developments in the market, sports video games granted for free, in free or demo version, by parent companies and large manufacturing companies could be unlocked and updated at any time, and the industry is often full up. of news and surprises: to keep up to date, the advice is to do it follow the specialized portals such as

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