for the second year the “G. Marconi ”from Riva Ligure wins the Green Flag –

For the second year, the “G. Marconi ”from Riva Ligure received the Green Flag. On June 8, with the presence of the school and the municipal authorities, took place the ceremony of delivery of the certification of Eco-schools and the corresponding green flag.

FEE ITALIA regional representatives Albina Savastano and Marina Dri awarded the circular food project, entitled “Grated bread: Grandmothers’ recipes, us, food waste and the planet”, developed by classes II A and IB during the whole school year. ended with the drafting of a decalogue against food waste.

The event was divided into different moments: from the initial welcome of the guests with an exhibition of the work done by the children, explained by themselves, we went on to illustrate the project, through the viewing of multimedia documents more complexes. about the elements that characterize our landscape and its relationship with the Mediterranean Diet, contextualized through the collection of recipes from the grandmothers and identified as an example of circular food, beneficial for our health and for the territory.

Afterwards, Mayor Giorgio Giuffra spoke, stressing that with the subject of environmental education it is possible to stimulate, especially in the younger generations, the awareness of everyday life, of being part of a community, local and global and that the school is confirmed again the place of choice to activate training projects in sustainability. “Through the theme of environmental education can be stimulated, especially in the younger generations, the awareness of everyday life as part of a community, local and global – said the first citizen – Thanking the director, teachers , to the Councilor in charge of Education Silvia Boeri for her commitment to the project, I extend my sincere congratulations to the students of the “Guglielmo Marconi” Primary School for having achieved another Green Flag. to be confirmed as the place of choice for activating sustainability training projects.

Finally, Dr. Albina Savastano stressed that the Eco-schools project is developed in schools, but has a value that goes beyond the simple educational path: in fact, the Ecocode is a set of rules of behavior that children have to follow. and to spread within their community, as people and citizens aware of the need to carry out responsible actions for us and for the planet.

The party ended with an evocative and much appreciated musical and dance show directed by Professor V. Bessone. “We thank the director Dr. Paola Baroni, the mayor of Riva Ligure Giorgio Giuffra, the councilor for education Silvia Boeri, the marine biologists Monica Previati of the Provincial Center for Vocational Training” G. Pastore “and Elena Fontanesi of “Delfini del Ponente”, Professor Alessandro Bloise, agronomists and naturalists Sabrina Di Zio of the educational farm “Creuza De Ma ‘”, Doriana Fraschiroli of the farm “Castellarone”, Marco Risso of the wine company Moscatello production “Sansteva “, Teachers Monica Cortiula, Sabrina Panico, Tiziana Prati, Vittoria Bessone, Annalisa Fontanin, Loredana Pippione, Giulia Alberti, Elena Feretti, Silvia Panebianco, Davide Regina, Simone Solinas, Carlotta Silvestri, Laura Sossi, ATA staff, children’s families involved and the students, who have contributed with a great commitment to the realization of the project ”, concludes the person in charge of the project, Prof. Daniela Selvini.

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