Football: in the Marches the finals of the FIGC – Marches youth championships

From 15 to 30 June, the municipalities of Ancona, Ascoli Piceno, Fermo, Matelica, San Benedetto del Tronto and Tolentino will host the finals of the national football championships for the youth and school sector. The event, presented in the Trademark Region, is organized by the FIGC. For the 2021/2022 competitive season, the matches will take place in the Marche region, respectively at the Palarossini in Ancona, at the “Cino and Lillo del Duca” stadium in Ascoli Piceno, at the “Bruno Recchioni” stadium. de Fermo, at the “Giovanni Paolo II” Stadium in Matelica, at the “Riviera delle Palme” stadium in San Benedetto del Tronto and at the “della Vittoria” stadium in Tolentino. Coach Roberto Mancini, retired with the national team, sent a video message to the organizers, wishing “good luck for the success of the event organized in my region.”
The facilities, made available by the municipal administrations, will be the scene of the most important youth football event in Italy, with nine national titles at stake at professional and amateur level.
“Already the election of the witness Roberto Mancini – stressed the president Francesco Acquaroli, during the presentation – of the event foreshadowed our interest in sport, which we consider an important activity for the growth of the territory. Sport, especially in this area. late spring and early summer season, with its colors and suggestions, helps to discover our half-open beauties even in the lesser known realities at national and international level “.
“We are especially happy to embark on this journey of brand discovery in the company of sport,” he added, “because sport brings young people interest, enthusiasm and transmits positive values ​​in the context of fair competition.” “In these difficult times on the international stage, being able to give us a chance to be distracted is important to our communities.”
Acquaroli then thanked the organizers because “some matches will take place in the territories affected by the earthquake, promoting wonderful places that deserve to be discovered.”
Vito Tisci, president of the youth and school sector of the FIGC, highlighted how “after five years in Emilia-Romagna and two reduced due to the pandemic, the Marches will host the final stages of both the professional and amateur youth championships. A great The youth march, which will last 15 days during which the March will represent the benchmark of all national youth activity, will be a showcase for young people who aspire to be professionals – he continued – and who will have the opportunity to demonstrate their technical value on the field, but also their maturity after the triple whistle, because sport is a training ground for life. ” Recalling the controversy over competition grounds that exclude some major cities in the Marche region, Tisci explained that “in Pesaro work on the artificial turf surface began in June, so the field is not available. that in Macerata and Civitanova Marche, when there was the inspection of our employees, the two companies were in the running for the playoffs and could not ensure the availability of the field, but immediately a spark arose between the FIGC and the Region of the Brands: we will therefore have the opportunity, in the next editions, to resume these plants “.
“The Marches are giving and acquiring a beautiful image at the national level, not only in terms of competitive results, but also for the excellent organization of events – said Fabio Luna, President of Coni Marche, praising the commitment of the Region to promote sport. and the dissemination of sports practice – It is no coincidence that 10% of tourist presence in the Marks is linked to the holding of sports competitions “.
The test, which is part of the competitive area of ​​the youth and school sector of the FIGC dedicated to the formations of the categories U18, U17, U16 and U15 of the Series A and B, U17, U16 and U15 of the Series C, U17 and U15. Under-15 and under-17 and under-15 futsal fans will be divided into 16 11-a-side football matches and 8 5-a-side football matches, in which hundreds of young talents from the Italian football movement will take part. For the occasion, the FIGC signed an agreement with ScuolaZoo as a Social Media Partner to support the communication-promotion of the Youth Championships, aimed mainly at children. Start on June 15 with the first of the two semifinals of the Serie C sub 17 in Tolentino, at 17 h, while the second match will take place the same day in Fermo, at 20 h.
The meeting between the under 18 fans will close the event on June 30, at 6 pm, in Matelica. (MANAGE).

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