“Et Voilà! La Belle Époque” is the new podcast by Arturo Brachetti

There are periods in past history that enter the collective imagination as moments of grace in which all expressions of culture and civilization flourish together. One of those moments, no doubt, is there Belle Époque. An era that still fascinates and surprises with its modernity, marked by great discoveries such as light bulbs, vaccines, cinema and radio, and by great cultural and customs revolutions. In those years leisure and the need for holidays were born, society looked at leisure with interest and entertainment became a very serious matter.

To better understand the golden age of variety and to what extent the history of entertainment has helped to shape and define the collective history from June 13th come up Audible – Amazon company among the leading players in the production and distribution of quality audio entertainment (audiobooks, podcasts and audio series) – “And voila! The Belle Époque “, the podcast produced by Storielibere.fm exclusively for Audible, written and edited by Arturo Brachetti, showman and leading international exponent of the art of transformation, a profound connoisseur of the history of entertainment and variety in particular, and a great collector of memories of that history. Accompanied by this “voice-written” adventure are Jacques Pessis, the most authoritative French entertainment journalist, and Alessandro Barbaglia, writer, winner of the Strega Boys and Girls Award 2021. With them Federico Bernocchi, radio author and sound designer of the podcast.

The podcast is successful a real journey through time and space that transports listeners to the mythical Paris of Belle Époquethe epicenter of revolutions, changes, and modernity. To guide us on this adventure, objects that keep the stories of those who possessed them and that are transformed into real space-time passages capable of leading us to other universes. Sara the manipulated onion clock to lead us to the discovery of Houdin’s magicwhile a banana it will help us get to know each other better Josephine Baker, for many the personification of the crazy twenties. Each podcast quote is based on an object to relive the places and characters to which it is linked, leading the audience to discover a mythical dimension: that of Paris that goes beyond the century, between the late 1800s and early decades. of 1900. in a set of events that intertwine with astonishing speed, shamelessness, and modernity.

In 14 episodes of about 50 minutes eachbetween sequins and Belle Epoque, the podcast gives voice and life to the nights of the French capital, where under a newly built Eiffel Tower they hide the stories of 14 unique, eccentric and rebellious artists between grotesque theaters and daring varieties such as Jean Eugène Robert-Houdin, Georges Méliès, Mata Hari, Mistinguett, Loïe Fuller, Leopoldo Fregoli, Josephine Baker and Maurice Chevalier. In telling these stories, Arturo Brachetti brings us new ideas for understanding innovation Belle Époque but also funny anecdotes about the great characters in the history of entertainment and the revolutionary power of variety. Brachetti had a direct relationship with all these artists of the past, through the objects that belonged to them or the stories of those who knew them in everyday life as children, grandchildren, companions. That’s why the podcast is full of personal, often unknown, stories that come from those who have shared a piece of life with these myths of the past.

The podcast “Et Voilà” by Arturo Brachetti, produced by Storielibere.fm exclusively for Audible, is available from June 13, 2022 exclusively on Audible.it.

Podcast episodes:

Jean Eugène Robert-Houdin, the first great modern illusionist. The origins, 1845

Le Chat Noir and La Bohème from the late 19th century – 1892

The Bella Otero and the Cocottes in the Folies Bergère, temple of the French variety – 1894

Georges Melies, the father of cinema at the Robert-Houdin Theater – 1897

The Moulin Rouge and the Petomaniac – 1894

From the great Guignol to the cabaret of Hell: alternative spaces – end of the 19th century

Kill Hari, the dancing woman herself, at the Olympia – 1905

Mistiguett from the street at the Eldorado Theater (now Comedy) – 1907

Loïe Fuller and Serpentine Dance – From Bergère’s Madness to Her School – 1908

Au Lapin Agile, the symbolic place of rebel artists – 1910s

Leopoldo Fregoli, the inventor of modern transformism, at Olympia

Josephine Baker at the Paris Casino: The Woman Who Subverted the Order – 1931

Maurice Chevalier – 1920

The Latin Paradise (1887) and Jean-Marie Riviére (1977), the great master of French variety


A podcast conceived, written and edited by Arturo Brachetti, with Jacques Pessis and Alessandro Barbaglia

Executive producer: Guido Guenci

Music: Epidemic Sound Library

Sound design: Federico Bernocchi

Editing: Guido Guenci

Graphics: Andrea Bozzo

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