Crisis of Barcelona, ​​Eduard Romeu: “500 million are needed to save the club”

The vice president of the economic area revealed in an interview with Sport: “At the end of this year, 150 million more losses could be added if no action is taken. for June


Barcelona is in crisis. The vice-president of the economic area of ​​the club, Eduard Romeuhe stated this in an interview with Sport: “The budget is currently the main grain. The club’s funds are negative for 500 million euros. In addition, approx An additional $ 150 million in losses could be added by the end of this year if no action is taken for June. This situation stems from the legacy they left us, the things that have been done but done wrong and the things that have not really been done. ” “June 16 will be a crucial date: that day, in fact, will be another important Assembly of Delegates, decisive for the fate of the club.

“We need time, it’s a sword of Damocles”


Juventus-Di Maria waiting: Barcelona insists

There are several options for alleviating the situation. These include ongoing search for sponsors, but also targeted options TV rights, pay cuts, player sales and certain odds. “We need to work on BLM and television rights. It is necessary to put the different actors in competition. For BLM (the company of the club that controls the retail part) we have an offer of 275 million euros. It is a good offer if we take into account that the whole Barça Corporate was valued at 200 million euros, but that is not enough for us. To make more money we need time, which is the great sword of Damocles we have. Time and patience. “The priority now is to close the current year with a positive net result:” After three consecutive years of losses, the situation must be reversed. “

Denial of agreement with CVC fund

A simple solution would have been to accept the agreement with CVC, a British financial company (Barcelona rejected last March the agreement between CVC and LaLiga, which planned to contribute almost 2 billion euros to the Spanish first and second divisions. Fighting with economic difficulties): “It would have allowed us to end the financial imbalance, given that between the two offers of CVC, that of LaLiga Impulso and another that we had negotiated separately, they were 540 million. Two binding offers. We would have done in one year what we had planned to do in five. We would have stood in the Assembly and we would have succeeded. But we would have left the club worse than we found it. Why do we have to pay a debt with an interest rate of more than 10% when we have obtained a debt with an interest rate of less than 2%? ”, Concluded Romeu.

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