Anti-Mafia: 4 unpresentable candidates in Palermo, 3 from the center-right and one from the Democratic Party. The names

According to the report of the Anti-Mafia Parliamentary Committee in Palermo, there are four unpresentables: three from the center-right and one from the Democratic Party. For the center-right Totò Lentini, Giuseppe Milazzo and Francesco La Mantia; Giuseppe Lupo for the Pd. For Francesco La Mantia from the “Noi con l’Italia” list in support of Roberto Lagalla, the Antimafia denounces the conviction for money laundering; Totò Lentini, who leads the list of the Alliance for Palermo (also in support of Lagalla) ended up on the blacklist for attempted extortion (trial in progress); Giuseppe Lupo of the Democratic Party (support of Franco Miceli) for corruption; Giuseppe Milazzo of Fratelli d’Italia (Lagalla) for extortion (trial in progress).

“The Lombardo case seems similar to the Polizzi, where a certain type of control, which goes beyond the formal requirements, can only be done by justice. These cases show that it is not the mafia that conditions politics but the individual rotten apples looking for hypothetical election shortcuts. Now father. The National Anti-Mafia Commission will soon publish the list of unpresentables. I will ask the parties to relinquish those who may be elected who have ties to the Cosa Nostra. If that doesn’t happen, it’s time to dump her and move on. ” Roberto Lagalla.

“The sad things that happened in Palermo”, the two candidates Lombardo and Polizzi “would have been very presentable, the code of self-regulation and the Severino law would not have prevented him from submitting to the judgment of the voters and we adopt the law criteria that refer to initiated or definitive acts of investigation ”, leaving aside a series of other situations, explains the president of the Commission Antimafia, Nicola Morra. “I demand the utmost attention from voters, they will have to select, distinguish and possibly censor,” he concluded.

“A second arrest on the center-right list is a bad sign that, unfortunately, fully confirms fears of mafia interference in the vote of the mayor and the city council of Palermo,” says the mayoral candidate of the list of Rinascita Palermo. Francesca Donato. “The selection of candidates from the list – Donato continues – cannot ignore the careful examination of the person’s ethical and moral profile. If this attention fails because of the desire to empower subjects capable of contributing votes at any cost, the result is that the city administration is handed over to potentially dangerous people. The MEP at the Palazzo delle Aquile then called on all voters to carefully weigh their vote not only in the election of the mayor, but especially in the list, choosing from among the that they have carefully selected the candidates and among the clean people without any doubt ”, he concludes.

“After Polizzi of Forza Italia arrested Francesco Lombardo, candidate of the Brothers of Italy, in a photo next to Roberto Lagalla. After opening the doors to Dell’Utri and Cuffaro, this is just the logical consequence. How can you talk about rejection while your people make deals with bosses? How can you talk about infrastructure while your candidates are committed to the mafia? So far no one was able to send in the perfect solution, which is not strange. Are they the same ones that I would have put in the department? He can’t know who is voting for him, he has lost control of the situation “, says the center-left candidate for mayor of Palermo. Franco Miceli. “Who is unable to distinguish a mobster from a laudable military man who has denied his father, how can Palermo govern? Lagalla – he adds – safeguard your history, withdraw your candidacy. On June 12 we will vote, on June 12 in June we will defend Palermo from the tentacles of pop, on June 12 we will secure the future of our city ».

“We know which side to run on,” said the mayoral candidate. Fabrizio Ferrandelli, with the support of Action and + Europe -. We are on the side of legality, of justice. We do not like to disqualify our opponents for legal reasons, but we have made it very clear that the political initiative we are carrying out has a founding basis which is that of the common good against our cause ”.

“Two right-wing candidates in the City Council arrested in forty-eight hours to demand the votes of the mafia is an unprecedented record and now Roberto Lagalla has no more excuses,” he says. Mariella Maggio, sProvincial Secretary of ArticoloUno in Palermo and candidate for the municipality for the list of Civic Ecologists of the Left. “It is useless to keep saying,” continues Mariella Maggio, “that your door will remain closed to the mafia. He must surrender to the idea that he already has them at home, recognize that he cannot guarantee the defense of the legality of the mafia assault and take political responsibility for everything that is happening.

“And now Roberto Lagalla stops his crazy car. The second arrest of the 416-ter in Palermo in 48 hours, the last one arrived a few hours after the electoral silence before Sunday’s vote, is a fact of unprecedented gravity in history, “said the regional secretary of the Democratic Party of Sicily. Antoni Barbagallo. “We said that the electoral climate was heavy in unsuspected times. – He adds – The ethical and moral issue is constantly being trampled on in the mad rush to vote by the center-right. “But now is the time,” he continued, “to take note of reality and to take not one, but 100 steps back.” Lagalla apologizes to the people of Palermo, to the whole nation and retires in good order. Do it for the good and for the image of Palermo. Even the national and regional leaders of the center-right – he concludes – put an end to this disastrous race. “

“With the arrest of Francesco Lombardo as a candidate on Lagalla’s lists, the shadow of the mafia in search of political profiles to get their hands on the city is becoming more dense and threatening. This new arrest confirms, if ever necessary, the opacity of the coalition that supports Lagalla, already formed, in part, by people who have suffered serious sentences, “says the Undersecretary of Infrastructure. Giancarlo Cancelleri. “We cannot afford to leave the city under the clutches of the underworld, and we call on all those honored citizens to that gentle revolution to which I have often referred in the course of my speeches to raise the cry of the honesty “, he adds.

“Maybe two days before the vote, if I had been the magistrate, I would have waited two days, but I don’t want to make a controversy. Maybe he had needed precautions. We are the antipodes of any form of crime, Roberto Lagalla is, FdI is, and Ignazio La Russa is Sicilian. In all the lists, it can happen to a non-member, especially if there is a person who has a judicial problem, but if he does not have it before putting him on the list, it is certainly not the responsibility of the party “, says the senator. of the FdI, Ignazio La Russa. These two episodes are harming us but they will not change the mind of the people of Palermo “, underlines the leader of Forza in SicilyGianfranco Miccichèspeaking in Palermo at the end of Roberto Lagalla’s election campaign.

It comes from a call to Minister Lamorgese Carmelo Miceli, Member of the Democratic Party and candidate for Palermo City Council: “These administrative offices are a key appointment for the future of the city, especially after the monstrous sequence of events that have taken place in recent days and the possible collusion between candidates. Our thing. That is why I am calling on the Minister of the Interior, Luciana Lamorgese, to step up surveillance near the polling stations and make it obligatory to have the voters’ mobile phones deposited before going to the polls ”.

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