Memory games in Bari dialect

TERESA GENTILE – Although dated (2006), the text “Head or Cross?” (Levante editori), is really an interesting and persuasive treasure chest. The book is embellished with the presentation of the journalist and writer Vittorio Polito, by the epilogue of the writer Paola Rampini, by the significant and artistic graphic illustrations created for each game by Fausto Bianchi who knew how to combine tradition and modernity admirably.

Leaving the text, we read news related to 70 illustrated games stolen from oblivion, written in the Bari dialect with an agile and persuasive synthesis in Italian. They are games of speed, observation, agility and attention that require a lot of effort … to not have to pay any pledge (eg to pronounce the alphabet upside down, say a tongue twister, take a handkerchief off the floor with your mouth keeping his arms crossed behind his back, etc.). There are also games that had a kind of magic, such as “Gigino and Gigetto” and others that required imagination (for example, manipulation of Scooby-Doo or magic boxes). Then there are games for the little ones: the girotondi, clapping, Madama Dorè, Regina reginella, etc., the most suitable for children (ponies, arrow, slingshot, slap, etc.) and for girls (dolls, kitchen). , stamp). They were games capable of erasing social distances, languages, ethnic differences. Children who did not participate in the games showed an innate cognitive impairment or mental illness.

The games have been drawn in a really meticulous way by the tireless author Felice Lodging, writer and playwright deeply in love with the popular speech of Bari and therefore when he uses it shows a strong and delicate sensitivity worthy of a poet, following his I am a child and making those who read his pages rewind echoes of his own childhood. So he tells us about an enchanted era in which we were not forced to isolate ourselves with the computer or the playstation or the internet or pre-packaged games … full of monstrous, violent images and silhouettes that invite us to launch knives or betting on death. .. to fill our loneliness or the emptiness caused by the absence of parents tormented by … the flight of a time escape and the accumulation of commitments and, in turn, of slaves, if you present facebook messages that take away my time today for serenity, constructive and wise intergenerational dialogue and nullify any real intersubjective human communication, condemning to nervous isolation and fragility of character and decision-making and therefore hysterical impulses , angry and increasingly violent and aimed at mocking, mocking, laughing at the backs of the weakest and most helpless, highlighting the lack of personal fulfillment and much fragility not present in those who know how to take care of themselves responsible, of others and also of mother nature. But we boys have had time to enjoy and appreciate the beauties of the world and life while we were children of poor people (garbage, barbers, etc.), we had eyes not sinister and hateful but good. , serene and clear and we also ate friselle and dried figs scented with lemon and preserved in “capasoni”.

They could play, laugh, chase, sing, explore and the games we played were inherited from the elderly and influenced cultural potential, reflection, creativity, imagination, sharpening the feeling of freedom and often allowed us to discover the seeds. of the work we would do. We felt protected not only by the family but also by the society that gave us rules of conduct. We had neighbors father, grandparents or uncles or older siblings or artisan friends ready to cut pieces of wood, glue, fix nails in makeshift carts, inflate or repair balloons and make self-propelled puppets. We also lived in the open air, playing street games that we needed to socialize, overcome our weaknesses, explore, observe, have fun, run through the alleys. We stopped curiously next to the craft shops, we were able to play beautiful games even in the public gardens very well cared for by gardeners-artists experts in topiary art and who in every season of the year knew how to get out of the ground flowers of good color and molded, like true magicians, boxwood bushes that make dwarfs or amphorae or eagles seem ready to fly.

It was a time when there was no wealth of expensive video games but often boring for their repetitiveness but it only took a little imagination, combined with the wisdom of our hands and the elderly to ignite our enthusiasm, feed on us the desire to be able to use stones or pieces of wood to magically transform them into magical animals, with a few strokes of color or in carts or in layers that with expertly arranged rubber bands could move giving life to original puppets . Unbeknownst to us … we were not yet next to today’s technological monsters, which if not used properly can be very dangerous and … we were very happy on the planet of games inherited from ancient peoples (ball, blind fly, scooters , coins, hoops, bows, slings and pulls, swings, tops, etc.), and with improvisation we learned to sharpen our ability to experience reality, to know our true essence, to discover our curiosities, our dreams, our talents. . It was, therefore, a game that extracted vital humus from the past, and made us grow in planning and imagination, allowing us to live the spaces present in the alleys or condominiums, encouraging imagination, creativity, intuition, the ability to dialogue. and planning. Today it is magical to be able to find them in a splendid text and to be able to relive beautiful and cheerful atmospheres full of friendship, healthy joy and freedom.

(Happy Accommodation)

THANK YOU Felice Lodging for allowing our children and grandchildren to have this precious legacy of games recovered from memory and written in the Bari dialect with relative synthesis in Italian. Let’s not forget the roots of identity always and in any case … it leads us to rethink our true essence with more responsibility and, recovering games from the past, helps us to be more worthy of our humanity.

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