Iachini: “It’s a shame Dybala and Vlahovic break up”

The coach, this year at Parma Serie B, coached them both: “Paulo will have to go to a top club that will allow him to win. Dusan must be calm: next year will be decisive for Juve ”

Francesc Calvi

The stadium is empty, Dybala and Vlahovic are still there. Sitting on the grass, enjoying the silence, perhaps thinking about what they were … and what they could have been. In a short time, a great understanding was born among the boys and Dusan’s exultation with the mask of Dybala is worth a thousand words. The images of the post-match against Lazio have been recorded in the heart of Juventus. And, similarly, in that of Beppe Iachini: “It’s a shame because, in recent months, they have shown that they are happy.” The coach of the Marches has just returned from his adventure on the bench at Parma: in Serie B he did not get the promotion, but he gave confidence to many young people -Turk, Del Prato and Bernabè especially- as he had done in the past (too) with Juventus strikers. He met Dybala in 2013 in Palermo, putting him at the center of the rosanero project, and then repeating last year with Vlahovic in Florence. “I worked there when they were little, today they are both owners with Allegri. I would have liked to see them again, but football is like that: sometimes you have to take a step forward ”. Paulo will do it, choosing a new team. The Bianconeri will try, putting Dusan at the center of their project.

Are you still in touch with your “sluts”? Do you listen to them from time to time?

“It simply came to our notice then. We met Dybala in the field, but sometimes we also talked by text message. Throughout my career, I have built a good relationship with the boys. It’s a pleasure to see them grow and improve over time. ”

What advice did you always give to Dusan and Paulo in training?

“What I give to all my strikers, especially the younger ones: not only throw the ball, but they move with the aim of kicking in goal. Each role has its own individual tactics: if the center forward learns to do certain things, in the end the whole team benefits. The way you unmark or stop a ball can make all the difference, if it is functional in the next step. ”

Were you waiting for the break between Dybala and Juventus?

“These things happen in football, Juve know this well. Years ago, the Bianconeri built a winning team by buying champions with a free transfer. There is nothing different from what happened to Paulo, who will now find new accommodation. What matters is that in Turin he managed to leave an excellent memory, making everyone appreciate his talent: the greeting given to him by the Stadium is proof of that “.

Could Joya’s intermittent performances have affected her farewell?

“I think Paulo has always made his contribution, except for the periods when he didn’t go out for some injuries. When you play for a club like Juventus, the competitors for a starting shirt are many and strong. In addition, the team plays fifty games a year: it’s hard to tell the difference every week … “.

Paulo could move to Milan, to relaunch himself with the Inter shirt. Would this be the right choice?

“I don’t know where he will go, but the most important thing is that he joins a team that allows him to win and express himself at the top. At his age, the economic aspect should not be a priority: Dybala deserves to achieve great goals and, therefore, he should marry a club with a strong project from a technical point of view.

Could Vlahovic have done something else during the first six months in Turin?

“He scored a few goals, but we must not forget that he is a very young boy, his first experience in a big league. I advise Dusan to stay calm, because I know how ambitious he is and how he tries to improve day by day. These six months have helped him to settle in, to get to know the club, his teammates and the new coach. Vlahovic will be decisive for Juventus next year. ”

Could the Serb become the best in his role in the future?

“He can become a first-rate player and earn a lot, but we don’t know today. At the age of 18, he was distinguished from others by his desire for goals and personality. Work hard every day, to always take a step forward towards the ultimate goal. For all athletes, finding the right mental environment is crucial: Vlahovic starts with an advantage, because he understood very quickly how to behave.

Among the many young players he threw, the name of Icardi stands out, having finished a season with only 5 goals at PSG. Would you like to see him again in Serie A?

“Yes, because Mauro has crazy skills and manages to score with great simplicity. I noticed it at the time of Sampdoria, in 2012, in a friendly against Spring. A few days later, I asked him to join the first team and in a short time he became a must. He has made an important career and now plays for one of the best European clubs, but boasts of attacking many champions. It’s natural that he finds little space, it would be good to see him on the pitch more often “.

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