Violent football in Catania, spitting and kicking matches: 5 DASpo

The brutal attacks on the football fields of Catania led to 5 measures against so many subjects in Catania.

Still episodes of violent football in Catania. The Etna Police Headquarters, after the investigation carried out by the Anti-Crime Division, issued 5 measures to prevent DASpo after 2 episodes of violent assaults related to referees ’injuries during amateur football matches.

Violent football: both cases in Catania

The first episode of violence took place at Velletri Sports Field of Catania on March 7 during the meeting “Atletico Picanello – Real Trinacria“, In the framework of the provincial championship FIGC National Amateur League” Giovanissimi Under 15 “.

The second attack took place on the afternoon of May 8 during the match “San Giorgio Catania – Red Boys”valid for the FIGC Championship “Third Category”, at Valley sports field of San Giovanni Galermo.

The measures

The provisions were issued against:

  • AP and SS, aged 36 and 31 respectively, sports directors of the Atletico Picanello Society. The two held one threatening, aggressive and intimidating behavior to the match director and tutor for the duration of the football match “Atlético Picanello – Real Trinacria”. With this attitude they helped to exasperate the spirits of the players of his team until one of them, a boy of only 13 years old, struck the referee with a punch in the abdomen after the decision to suspend the party. . The victim of the attack managed, without any difficulty, to take refuge in the locker room. Immediately afterwards, while trying to get off the sports court in his car to go to the emergency room, the victim was chased by several scooters with young people on board, probably supporters of the Atlético Picanello team, who insulted him and threatened. flee the district. For 36-year-olds and 31-year-olds, the DASpo benefit will last for 2 years and one year respectively.
  • PF, 45, player of San Giorgio Catania. The man is accused of hitting one violent football, thrown between the chest and ribs, the referee after the expulsion of a teammate. The victim of the assault should even tolerate several shots in the face after falling to the ground. The man managed to get to the locker room, where however he received more intimidation from the assistant of a part of the San Giorgio Catania team and even death threats from another player. Taking personal belongings, the race director managed to escape and go to the emergency room. The duration of the DASpo. issued is 4 years.
  • PS, 47 years old, player of San Giorgio Catania. “Don’t worry, today the only cup that will take you if you don’t know it”: these would be the threats addressed to the referee after receiving the red card during the match. “Shit piece, mottu today,” is the sentence after the referee’s intervention. In addition, while the referee was on the ground in pain, the PF, aged 47 and 45, mentioned above, spat at him several times. PS He would even grab the victim’s neck and arm to prevent him from reaching the locker room. The duration of the DASpo. issued is 4 years.
  • RG, 41, assistant to San Giorgio Catania. During the first half of the match, in the locker room and in threatening and intimidating tones, he “invited” the referee, attacked shortly before, not to mention the arbitration report of the facts that occurred. In addition, he would have suggested to the man what to write: “Give him the victory by saying that the team would have been left with six injuries later.” The duration of the DASpo. issued is for one year.

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