Sport and inclusion, here is the integrated football of the “Torre Savio” association.

Football, what a passion! It focuses on the talent It’s about team game (also with other associations operating in the area) the integrated football project jointly promoted by the amateur sports association “Torre Savio” and the association “Voce all’Autismo”, which from September, in correspondence with the track of the sports season 2022-2023, will begin in the name of inclusion. This project is born of the double nature that permeates the amateur sports association of Torresavio, which has always been an advocate of competitive sport and dedicated to social and community dynamics. The first aimed at the expression of football activity at excellent levels, has its natural expression in teams of great projection, which participate in important championships at the regional level. The second finds space in the attention to the needs and requirements of the partners and their families. In fact, the integrated football project is located in the space between these two souls, as we want to give the opportunity to the largest number of people to perform a healthy physical activity, in a playful way, paying maximum attention to the needs of each.

The aim of the project is allow children with intellectual and / or relational disabilities to perform a physical activity, learning a complex and articulated team game, such as football. The activities will be in accordance with the abilities of the children who will take part and will be carried out following a totally playful modality, totally dedicated to fun, where small groups of neurotypical children already registered in Torresavio will be able to take part. In fact, under the supervision of a multidisciplinary team, made up of coaches, educators and psychologists, the activity will take place in small mixed groups, where each week children from different years of the school youth sector (between 7 and 12 years old) can participate. ). old)

In this first pilot project, Matteo Losito, a sports psychologist, UEFA C qualified instructor and qualified instructor for players with disabilities, informs Matteo Losito, “we have decided to limit the number of members to ten, maintaining the intention to increase the number of members. . in the coming years .. This seemingly very prudent choice will allow us to work with more precision and attention to detail. In addition, we would like to try to stick to a specific field of neurodiversity addressing at the moment only to boys and girls and boys and girls of the autistic spectrum between 7 and 12 years for the same reasons ”. This project, however, is not limited to a primary goal, but implements several secondary purposes by its very nature. Just think of the natural work of awareness that will be done towards the young minds, who will participate in the formation. In fact, children in the youth sector will find themselves interacting in completely new ways, compared to how they were used to in other areas such as school. Thus, children and young people, who participate in the training, will have the opportunity to discover skills and resources that were previously inaccessible to their experience or unknown. This awareness work will not only stop at children, but can be extended to the coaches present on the field of play and to the families of all members. In addition, with a minimum commitment, other companies can also participatehelping to create a virtuous circle of improvement and awareness about a world still very unknown and victim of various taboos, such as intellectual and relational disability.

How will the training be carried out?

The methodology is that of shared training in the stations already adopted by Torresavio and by the clubs that belong to the circuit of elite football schools of the FIGC. This setting increases motor engagement within the session, benefiting more from greater involvement and commitment in the different phases of the game, effectively eliminating downtime and waiting times between exercises. Specifically, the session will be with a first phase of welcome in which all those attending the field will be received, they will be presented through a structured game. ad hoc. Then start the actual training session with the exercises already lying on the floor. There will be 4-6 exercises lasting 12-15 minutes. The different exercises include themed matches and matches with specific conditions, depending on the purpose of the session and various exercises with the ball. The training will last a total of 1 hour and 15 minutes, maximum 1 hour and 30 minutes. The training sessions will follow a real alignment of objectives, which will be developed specifically to try to get the little players to express the best of their abilities and, why not, to allow them to develop more. For example, it might be very interesting to investigate the potential of a mock-up that involves the transmission of the ball, which in fact constitutes a form of communication between two individuals. The extraordinary thing is that among those who are making this gesture there may be someone with limited communication skills. The medium of the globe has an almost infinite reserve of both expressive-emotional and cognitive potentialities: it is up to us to find the method to get the most out of it.

The project envisages 3 different professional figures in the field: monitors, professional educators, if necessary, and a psychologist with experience in integration and sport, who will try to promote the success of the sessions and consequently the achievement of the purpose. of the project.

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