Mourinho: “The Conference League final with Feyenoord is the most important for me.” VIDEO

A journey that began in August, when the Rome they faced a preliminary round of the Conference League before the start of Serie A. Today the Giallorossi have reached the final, where they will face the Feyenoord – and want to close the season with a title on the bulletin board, winning the first edition of the new Uefa competition. He knows it well José Mourinhothat in an interview with Sky Sport on Rome’s Media Day he had his say on the May 25 match.

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You know the atmosphere of the European Cup finals, what does that mean?

“For me, they all have the same meaning, it doesn’t change. Obviously the history and prestige of the competitions is different, but for me this is the most important of all because the others have already been played and we want to win it. We really wanted it. “

Is it an end that also makes sense on the growth path of “your” Rome?

“With the final there will be fifteen European matches, we started in August and we traveled a lot. We played difficult matches for distant and complicated matches away. Then came the knockout phase, where we qualified in the 90th minute with Vitesse. He also paid the price for Serie A, because playing every three days against teams that often didn’t have cups often made us lose points. be tough. but if in the end you have a comeback and you win the cup, then you say ‘okay, okay’, but first you have to win. “

Mou de Roma’s first official match was in Trabzonspor: did you expect this trip, going back to that night?

“We knew that Trabzonspor was a very difficult team for the competition. We also knew that strong teams from the Europa League would come later and the semi-final is an example. We always thought game after game, we played the Conference seriously and ambition. We played 14 games on Thursday, so now we have to give it our all to win the final. “

Rivals have chosen Portugal as a retreat and are preparing for the final after finishing the championship. Is this an advantage?

“Of course it is, because we have to play an important match against Torino, we have played another equally important match against Venezia. They have finished and they are leaving for Portugal in peace, they have the opportunity to work only for the small advantage, but when you get to the final you have to forget about all these problems and be aware that it is a unique game, that everyone wants to play, but where it is worth to win.We must forget that they have this advantage. I say yes today, but on Wednesday I will say there is no benefit if they ask me. “

“Smalling and Mkhi with strong doubts for the final, maybe Zaniolo”

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These, on the other hand, are the words of JMourinho risks at a press conference in the afternoon following statements to Sky Sport.

Want to be the Ferguson of Rome?
“It’s going to be hard to stay here for another 20 years like Ferguson did. The project is three years old, so I signed up for three years. After that, let’s see what the project will be. here for the next two years “.

There is a lot of excitement in Tirana, but the Roma fans are worried about the stadium. Will Kumbulla play?

“With or without Kumbulla, the Albanians have to be on our side because if Roma win the Cup, an Albanian wins the Cup. That should be enough to bring the Albanians closer. Let’s play a final on Friday, the rivals are on holiday.” . It’s a balance from this point of view. I’m excited that the final will be in Tirana – where I have some friends – but I’ve never played there. capacity. because if I played at the Bernabeu it would be full. It is important for Albania. It will be nice, even more so if Kumbulla raises the glass. “

A comment on Ancelotti?
“If you train Everton, you don’t win the Champions League. Someone thought of some adventure of mine that I should have won, but it wasn’t a project to do it. There has to be passion, if you don’t feel it. “Enthusiasm before these games means you’re done. We decide when to stop, but if anyone is waiting for my retirement, they’ll have to wait a little longer because it won’t happen soon.”

Would it be ridiculous not to come to Europe? If so, would it still be a good season?
“The risk is there, it’s not impossible. There are two finals to play and hypothetically you can lose both. I know that and the players know that too. It’s not an easy situation to manage, you just have to think about Friday. “I’m glad I’m here to talk about Wednesday’s final. Many people think they’ll give up Friday’s race, others think otherwise. for Friday, but everyone has to think like me. We didn’t hide any players in training today, who wasn’t there means they won’t be available on Friday. “

The situation of the injured? Do you think that you are a place for the Conference League?
“Mkhitaryan still needs time. He has not trained with the team: no chance for Friday, few for the final. Zaniolo few chances for Friday, a little more for Wednesday. Smalling is injured, he also hesitates for the final “Karsdorp is the best of the four. I want to win for myself, but especially for these people and these players. For UEFA, there are people who are skeptical when there is a change. Those who do need help. “The big teams have to take the competition seriously, otherwise they will fail. The Conference League is important because teams like us have helped UEFA make it important.”

Do you notice any differences between Rome and other cities before a final?
“Yes, it’s harder for people to concentrate on the match against Torino, before the final. I feel a general euphoria that doesn’t help me concentrate on an important match. I confess it’s not easy. I also listen on the street. , where people are not waiting for you in Turin but in Feyenoord, there is the joy of playing a final, but the priority for me is Friday. and our mistakes, we are not “

Fifth place is still at stake, Sarri has said that Rome’s square deserves more duels.
“I agree, you don’t have to think about finishing in front or behind. I said that both when we lost the derby and when we won it. The coaches also have to learn to be on the side of popular culture. “You’re in Rome. You’re a fan of Rome. If you ask me if there’s a difference between fifth and sixth place, I’ll tell you no.

Can Ibanez be used as a wildcard? How does Spinazzola look in Tirana?

“He is strong in defense, but he has limitations in the development of the game and in the past. Playing as a wild card he certainly has a chance to grow. Cristante has been doing this for months and has improved a lot. Spinazzola played. Good with Venezia “It’s a pity for the team. Yellow card. For these games we have more chances. If he has to play, he will do it for the right.”

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