Here are the award-winning films at the Working Title Film Festival 6

Carrer Garibaldi by Federico Francioni best feature film and best film for the young jury, In Flow of Words by Eliane Esther Bots Best Short Film, VO by Nicolas Gourault Best ExtraWorks Movie These are the awards of the sixth edition of the Working Title Film Festival, awarded on Saturday 14 May at the Caracol Olol Jackson in Vicenza by the jurors, in the final evening of the labor film festival, promoted by the association Mentides – Laboratori d’Economia . and APS social research.

Special mentions were given The distance of ENECEfilm among feature films, Lili alone of Zou Jing between short films, AMP. Notes for a self-management practice by Chiara Campara and Vittoria Soddu in the ExtraWorks section, Portugal Petit by Victor Quintanilha and Lemon girl
of Pom Bunsermvicha of the young jury.

“With six days of screenings, master classes and meetings with Italian and international directors – says the artistic director of the Working Title Film Festival Marina Resta – the festival has brought back to Vicenza a proposal of independent artistic cinema of high artistic quality, combining themes After two years, we have renewed the relationship between authors and the public: a path that we intend to continue and deepen with the seventh edition, in 2023. I thank you. to staff, guests and jurors, Cinema Odeon, Porto Burci and Caracol partners Olol Jackson, supporters, technical partners and IIS Boscardin students who made the crowdfunding video spots and teaser video of the festival ».

The motivations of the jurors

Best Feature Films and Media: Carrer Garibaldi by Federico Francioni

The jury of the Feature Films and Media Films section, made up of Sara Fgaier and Filippo Ticozzi, decided to award the prize for best film to Carrer Garibaldi for Federico Francioni:

Because of the intimate relationship he manages to establish with his protagonists: Rafik and Inés, two Sicilian brothers of Tunisian origin who have decided to leave their homeland in search of fortune. “A logbook,” defines Rafik, able to capture the essence of a fragment of the lives of two young men in their twenties. The film allows us to fully immerse ourselves in their lives thanks to Francioni’s ability to be part of his universe and share his condition in almost total adherence. We live close to their expectations, the uncertainties, the disappointments, the scams of the devaluing jobs they face, but also their hopes, hopes, vitality and desire for the future. The deep bond between these two brothers overwhelms us, it seems so powerful that it breaks all obstacles and protects them from all the monstrosities that surround them.

Special mention Feature films and film media: The distance by ENECEfilm

The jury also decided to award a special mention to The distance by ENECEfilm:

For the ability to combine experimentation and narration, allowing the viewer to perceive the rhythm and vibrations of the particular life of the protagonists, whether human or animal. A rigorous and deliberately unempathetic look that manages to thoroughly investigate the human / animal / environment relationship and that, through the skilful use of cinematic rhetoric, shows an unpublished fragment of contemporaneity, between anthropological essay and fairy tale.

Best Short Film: In Flow of Words by Eliane Esther Bots

The jury of the Short Film section formed by Maria Iovine and Marco Zuin decided to award the prize for the best film to In Flow of Words by Eliane Esther Bots with the following motivations:

With an original language and a staging that is never complementary, but always precise and revealing of the deepest aspect of its history, the director allows us to enter a working reality, where neutrality and asepticism become not only characteristics of the work, but means of defense. against the emotional implications of the work itself. The filmic language of the winning short film has the great ability to enter the soul of the protagonists without looking for easy emotion and to share the implications of a profession unknown to most. For his powerful film work and excellent ability to explain man in the most dehumanizing human practices, the award for the winning short film goes to In Flow of Words.

Special mention Short films: Lili alone by Zou Jing

The jury also decided to award a special mention to Lili alone by Zou Jing for the following reasons:

A film that illuminates the boundaries of what is work and what is not, investigating the personal dynamics that inevitably become social and political. A story that talks about the exploitation of human beings based on what defines them in an essential way: the body. In this history of denied work in a world where patriarchy and poverty limit any possibility of fulfillment and sustenance, a woman is left completely and sadly alone in the face of adversity. A silent cry characterized by a precise and geometric photograph in which lights and shadows become synonymous with backwardness and modernity. Special mention to
Lili alone.

Best ExtraWorks Movie: VO by Nicolas Gourault

The jury of the ExtraWorks section formed by Rossella Schillaci and Lorenzo Casali decided to award the prize for the best film to VO by Nicolas Gourault:

For the director’s ability to bring out a scene as disturbing and futuristic as it is real and close to us. VO raises social and ethical issues related to machine learning, the relationship between man and machine, the gig economy, the security of new technologies. Refined edition, both visual and audio, which combines the testimonials of the operators with images recreated on the computer from the information generated by the control monitors of the cars themselves.

ExtraWorks Special Mention: AMP. Notes for a self-management practice by Chiara Campa and Vittoria Soddu

The jury also decided to award a special mention to AMP. Notes for a self-management practice for Chiara Campara and Vittoria Soddu:

For having represented with a patient montage of heterogeneous materials, and for having given voice to a reality of health, social and political work as substantial as abused. For a delicate and empathetic analysis of a work environment, of its operators and customers, who become the intermediary of a look that embraces marginalized realities. For having critically investigated issues related to public health in transformation, and for a call for the active participation of the community.

Best Young Jury Film: Carrer Garibaldi by Federico Francioni

The Young Jury formed by the university students Davide Maria Furlan, Fabrizio Yang, Cristina Priorelli and Diana Russo decided to award the prize for the best film to Carrer Garibaldi by Federico Francioni with the following motivations:

Among the proposals for this sixth edition of the Working Title Film Festival, the story of Inès and Rafik, brother and sister, is the most exciting and necessary. The two young men of twenty-year-old Tunisian descent, who first grew up in Sicily and now live in a Parisian suburb – on Rue Garibaldi, in fact – are picked up by Federico Francioni at various points in his adventure. The two constantly navigate the magma of uncertainty, moving from one job to another, and become a mirror for many young people forced to live a similar precariousness. The biggest merit of the film is undoubtedly the universality of the message and in fact Paris becomes almost invisible: the two could be anywhere else. The other protagonists of the story are smartphones, real extensions of the limbs of young people – and the elderly – with alarm clocks, games on Tinder and hands-free work calls to mark the days. Or, again, contemporary artifacts capable of transforming nightclubs into nightclubs. A note of merit is for the director who is able to hide his presence without giving up, however, different types of cinematic experimentation, such as the skillful use of fading or the play of light and shadow with a surreal tone.

Special mentions Young Jury: Portugal Petit by Victor Quintanilha and Lemon girl of Pom Bunsermvicha

The jury also decided to award two special mentions to Portugal Petit by Victor Quintanilha and Lemon girl
by Pom Bunsermvicha with the following motivations:

Portugal Petit
is a fictional short film that explores the situation of young Jonathan between sudden changes of scenery, starting from the clubs in which he passionately pursues his dream of singing for a living, to the most intimate situations and personal, such as during hard work. with his father on a small fishing boat off the Brazilian coast.

The short film stands out for its sharp and incisive photography, able to bring the atmosphere of each stage closer to its maximum expression, whether it is the chaotic atmosphere of a nightclub or the gray reality of a shipyard. Even the supporting characters are profiled with quick brushstrokes that allow us, however, a deep immersion in the setting of the story.

Between their dreams, their hopes and their personal events, the character of Jonathan or Mc Xerelete, whether at work or on stage, becomes the symbol of a youth that is still able to dream and follow its own. ambitions, without forgetting the harsh but almost comforting reality, in the family complicity, where it comes from.

Lemon girl
is a short film written and directed by Pom Bunsermvicha in which reality, fiction and cinema itself are the main protagonists of the story. The short is set on the set of another film, that is Come here of Anocha Suwichakornpong co-producer with the director. In less than fifteen minutes, two separate stories are confronted and represented: the first is that of a Thai legend that according to superstition a virgin can avoid the rain by planting a lemon upside down, the second is the story of the film crew. , which she interprets herself. The female gaze is critical and plays heavily with the boundary between fiction and reality, which are contaminated to the point of not being able to distinguish what is one and what is the other. The ability of this short film is to be able to convey through a filmic presence that prefers the metacinema and the genuineness of the representations the vision of the autonomy and purity of the female figure in the Thai context and how often the legends are ‘they simply accept without necessarily. questioning them, the truth, inserting another important and reflective theme: spirituality itself.

Promoters, partners and sponsors

Working Title Film Festival 6 is promoted by the association LIES – APS Economic and Social Research Laboratory, in collaboration with Cinema Odeon, Circolo Cosmos – Porto Burci and Caracol Olol Jackson, with the contribution of the Monte di Pietà Foundation Vicenza, CGIL Vicenza, Cisl Vicenza, Banca delle Terre Venete Cooperative Credit, Elevator Innovation Hub. Technical partners: Vicenza School of Language Mediators – FUSP, SHG Hotel de La Ville, Serimab. In collaboration with IIS Boscardin. With the sponsorship of the Veneto region and the municipality of Vicenza.

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