Ford Ranger Raptor Test Drive: to work and play

It may seem strange, though a beast like the Ford Ranger Raptor was developed by none other than Ford Performance, the same Blue Oval division it develops icons like the Mustang and the Ford GT.

“> Ford Ranger Raptor Driving Test

That is the European answer in the historic American Ford F-150 vanfrom which it inherits many features, including the Raptor badge that makes it the most profitable in the range.

A brand that was born in competitions, because the F-150 Raptor in America is created to participate in the Baja1000thousand miles in Baja California (Mexico) where high speed is required in difficult terrainsuch as sand, rock, and other types of soil.

Because of that, a vehicle like the Ford Ranger Raptor is quirky. It is a niche, especially in Italy: here it is not only limited by its size, but also and above all by the legislation that allows it exclusively registration as a truck.

However, this did not stop the Ranger, and therefore Ford, from beinggain the largest market share in the pick-up sector (around 40%). And if the traditional Ranger already has some peculiarities that make it preferable to competitors, the vThe Raptor version will exert an even greater fascinationfor its dedicated performance and design.

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And the specific design to make the Raptor, and therefore whoever drives it, immediately recognizable. The differences with the “normal” Ranger are immediately noticeable.

The Raptor has onelarge burnished front grille with large Ford lettering, and dark plastic bumpers, as well as specific all-terrain tires, the Raptor logo on the side, and the highest height (30%) and width.

The back, however, remains the same except for the plastic bumpers themselves. The thin and counter headlights also remain unchanged complete LED technology.

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The interiors, on the other hand, they are a little less flashy: look at the dashboard with the red LEDs instead of the classic blue Ford, and the Raptor logo when turning on the 7-inch screen perfectly embedded in the center console.

For the rest, the environment it is less grainy than the exterior designand holds the comfortable leather seats and the top of the leather panel with contrasting seams (red), while the plastic is only in the lower parts.

Obviously, the real plus of a pick-up is the rear body, which can be left covered or uncovered and can reach a load volume of 1.3 cubic meters and approximately 580 kg of gross capacity.

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The Ford Ranger Raptor is sold exclusively with 2.0 Ecoblue diesel engine with 213 hp and 500 N / m of torqueaccompanied by a 10-speed automatic gearbox.

They are away from the 450 hp V6 which equips the Ford F-150, but it is the commitment that Ford has managed to find for the European version.

The power of the engine, therefore, is not lacking, but it serves for that allow the vehicle to deal with any situation: when I got to test the Ford Ranger Raptor on a route created ad hoc by Ford I passedncastrarmi and be able to free myself thanks to the Raptor’s thrust, and the large tires that allow it to always stay stable and never slip. That’s also why traction is integral.

Then there are the excellent ones Suspension of races (also visible from the outside of the vehicle, because it highlights its bright blue color) developed by Fox Racing Shox with Position Sensitive Damping technology, and that compared to the normal Ranger have a 32% more trips in front and 18% more behindo.

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Driving a Ford Ranger Raptor is definitely an experience. What surprised me is the great feeling of comfort that the vehicle always manages to get out: that means that if I hadn’t had a chance to see that it was on a bumpy, muddy road, I would hardly have understood it. what an all-terrain level it was.

It is very indicative of how you feel inside this vehicle, and not just by the excellent work of the suspensions or for the comfort of the seats. I am also referring to the infinite possibility of configuration and security systems with which this Ford Ranger Raptor is equipped.

You can choose from 6 driving modes, 2 of which are allroad (normal and sporty) and 4 all-terrain: Snow / Grass / Gravel, Mud / Sand, Rock and Low, for desert sand. The gearbox, as mentioned automatic, is a bit difficult to understand, especially on a normal road, where I realized that gear changes even when not needed.

In any case it is a good transmission that can also be changed manually to drive in low gear so you have a better off-road experience. It is also possible to lock the differential and activate a descent assistance system that always lets in a noisy ABS that keeps the vehicle always stable.

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In Italy, the Ford Ranger Raptor is available in a single configuration already complete with everything from 57,000 euros without VAT. Our version, with 650 euro Ford Blue Performance paint, 750 Raptor Pack Design and 1,600 programmable auxiliary heater, reaches 60,100 euros without VAT.


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