DHL invests in Naples Capodichino Airport

DHL Express Italy, a leader in international express transport, today unveiled the new investment at the front door of Naples Capodichino Airport, more than 11 million euros in advanced technology and new systems to increase the number of packets processed from 1,500 to 4,000 each. making express transport services even faster and more efficient for companies in Naples, Campania and Puglia, the territories served by the structure.

The presentation event, held today in mixed digital mode and with assistance, was also attended by the CEO of Dhl Express Europe Alberto Nobis, the CEO of DHL Express Italy Nazzarena Franco, the CEO of Gesac Roberto Barbieri, the commissioner of production activities of the Antonio Marchiello Region, as well as entrepreneurs and university professors.
On the occasion, the project of social initiative in favor of Asd Molinari Ponticelli was also illustrated with the presence of Gennaro Nappo, president of the sports association, the champion Andrea Zorzi and Guido Pasciari of Fipav Campania.

“Naples is one of the cornerstones of our growth strategy in Italy.” Franco added: “With the investment announced today, the capitalization in Naples in recent years has risen to more than 20 million, demonstrating the centrality of the city and its airport. We want to contribute to the growth of businesses in the area and its internationalization by providing our network, the largest in the world, which connects 220 countries with more than 2,200 flights every day. ”As of December 2020, the CEO recalled at the end of his speech:“ DHL is committed to the delivery of anti-covid vaccines 19 to 9 Italian airports, including Naples, from which we have delivered more than 1,500 shipments to the health facilities of Campania and Puglia “.

“Investing in Naples Capodichino,” said Nobis, “is consistent with the strategic goal of growing at the European level, strengthening our global leadership.” And recalling figures from DHL Express’ European network, he continued: “Seven major airport hubs served by a fleet of 116 aircraft that, thanks to almost 1,000 flights a day, guaranteed more than 271 million shipments in 2021 alone.” .

In his speech, Barbieri noted that airports are “essential logistics platforms for the country”, clarifying: “Our goal is twofold. To support DHL and its logistics partners with a technologically advanced and efficient infrastructure and, at the same time, to support the companies that produce and export our excellences all over the world: from food and wine to handicrafts and high technology. The contribution of DHL during the phase of the most critical pandemic was crucial, ensuring the supply of vaccines and is now in the recovery phase, supporting the steady growth of freight transport. “

About 50 full-time direct and indirect employees work at the front door, which can increase by 10% for seasonal peak management. The features in a nutshell of the new system.
The new Naples catwalk is part of the Italy 2.0 investment plan, promoted by DHL Express: innovation, security and the improvement of operational processes were the main objectives of the operation. Increasing production to 4,000 packets processed per hour was made possible by the adoption of a new highly automated classifier, the smart belt that sorts incoming and outgoing packets.

The attention to the safety of the operators is seen in all areas of the warehouse, with the installation of a traffic light system in all the loading docks of the vehicles in order to regulate all the phases of loading and unloading.

As part of the group’s environmental sustainability project called ‘gogreen’, the site has been equipped with an electric charging column available to employees, while the LED lighting and step sensors installed in all lighting equipment in common areas significantly reduces energy consumption. All lighting equipment in common areas has been equipped with passage sensors to further reduce consumption.

The consolidation of DHL Express Italy’s presence at Naples Airport is part of a context that places the airport in first place among those in the south and ninth in Italy in terms of tons of cargo transported. Compared to 2019, the pre-covid period grew by 4%, in contrast to all Italian airports which contracted by 0.4%. Export data are better than the total for southern Italy; this is due to the positive behavior of Campania (+ 9.4% vs 2019).
The export of the area served by Capodichino represents 74% of the total of the south of Italy. Campania and Puglia exports go mainly to EU countries, with 45% of the total, and to Asian countries (21% of the total). Food is the main sector, with a significant share of total exports of 10%. The other significant sectors are automotive, life sciences and health and fashion.

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