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Three hundred hours of training and experiential workshops. Five activity modules. Made at the 9 Enaip centers in Trentino. For the benefit of the 80 teachers trained and especially the 200 students involved. Girls and boys who were measured by motivation, professional identity, difficulties and emotions, issues that the pandemic has aggravated and questioned. And that together they found “a big family”, a space where they can once again be “protagonists of their own future”. All this is the RESTART Project (acronym for Restart Educating, Experiencing, Finding Listening and Respect for All), the Enaip Trentino initiative presented in its final results in the Representation Room of the Region. In attendance, as well as students and school operators, the President of the Province Maurizio Fugatti, the Provincial Minister of Education, University and Culture Mirko Bisesti, as well as the Director of the Department of Education Roberto Ceccato.
“Congratulations to the girls and boys who have chosen this path of vocational training, which gives them the opportunity to access the professions, to look to the future with confidence, and which makes innovative projects such as Restart available,” he said. President Fugatti. “You have to believe in the education of your school,” he continued. Businesses need qualified and motivated people. The school world is here to offer you the tools that will allow you to enter the world of work in the best possible way and guarantee your future growth ”.

Message shared by Councilor for Education Bisesti: “The will to get involved is what young people need to do,” the councilor said. “Being together, forming a team, opening up, telling your dreams are fundamental steps. Because it is correct to talk about competencies, but also about desires, about what each of us expects from our life ”. “The school,” added Bisesti to the students, “is here precisely for this purpose. The vocational training system and the entire education system of Trentino work to transmit to you the tools that will be essential to face all the challenges of your future. This project is even more necessary, especially after two years of pandemic and with the new need to grow together.

The event in the Region was used to present the results of the Restart research-action, carried out with the resources of the call of the Caritro Foundation and addressed to students and teachers of all the vocational training centers of the ENAIP.
The project first included an initial teacher training program and then their support throughout the activity with the students by two experts, providing stimuli and tools to review teaching.
The experts also conducted workshops and activities directly with the students, based on their personal history.
The carrying out of didactic activities and workshops has contributed to the acquisition of soft skills such as the art of knowing how to communicate, working in a group, coping with stress and the development of transversal skills to be incorporated into the curriculum. Students have also created a blog, school diary, logo and a CFP Instagram profile. A psychological listening table was set up and an intervention with a group of parents was also organized.

“Restart, one of the girls on stage, is a project that involved us all in a big family. We are the protagonists, we can say ours, talking about the future beyond the pandemic, motivation. We who can give voice to our thoughts and move in shared spaces. Talking about our world, talking about emotional intelligence and many other important things for our tomorrow. “



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