Chiellini, the farewell letter: ‘Juventus was everything. The journey does not end here ‘

The defender will play against Lazio (live at 20.45 for Sky Sport Uno, Sky Sport Calcio, Sky Sport 251, Sky Sport 4K and broadcast by NOW) in his last Juventus match at the Stadium: “I’m glad, serenity and gratitude. meeting in front of the most beautiful of sunsets “


The day has come“This is how the long letter posted on social media by Giorgio begins Chiellini on the day of his farewell Juventus. Against Lazio (live at 20.45 for Sky Sport Uno, Sky Sport Calcio, Sky Sport 251, Sky Sport 4K and streaming NOW), the defender will play his last match at the Allianz Stadium with the black and white shirt. A match that will close a 17-year hiatus, consisting of 559 games played and 19 trophies won: “Juve was everything to me – Writes Chiellini – My youth, experience, maturity. The will to win, the joy of victory, the acceptance of defeat. The emotion of the challenge, the duel in the field, the head always bandaged. And then the champions on and off the green turf, the coaches, the managers, all the staff. Men who have passed by always leave me something. Something I’ve taken care of to collect, preserve and love. “

“I feel joy, serenity and gratitude”

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Joy, serenity and gratitude. These are the three sensations (like his number) that Chiellini has experienced during his years at Juventus: “Joy, for an adventure that ended like thisfor having made all dreams come true, imaginable and not, and for remaining forever in the history of this great club. Peace of mind, to choose the right time to say goodbyestill coming out on a level consistent with what I’ve been through, having shared so many values ​​and emotions that no one will ever be able to erase. Thanks to all of Juventus, to the Agnelli family who have adopted me over the yearsfor my loved ones and for all the people I love, without whom I would not be the person I am now, because they have been an inexhaustible source of support and energy and have always accompanied me on this long journey ”.

“The journey is not over”

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Against Lazio it will be time to say goodbye, then Chiellini will think about the future. A future still on the pitch, as confirmed by the same player: “I am facing the most beautiful of the sunsets, trying to imagine a new dawn – he continues -. Because the journey is not over. I still don’t know what to expect next, but it will be another time and a different story. “

Bonucci’s greeting: “You will miss this team”

Leonardo is one of the first to dedicate a publication to Chiellini Bonucci. Not only the Juventus defense leader, but also friends of everyday life: “Dear Giorgio, where do we start? From the end, I think it’s right – Bonucci begins with a long letter on Instagram – Today is your day and from today you will start to miss this teamin these colors, in this dressing room. You have been an example, a guide, a brother, a friend. We shared more than 10 years together, we rejoiced, we suffered, we fought, we squared, we fought, we won. He won a lot with Juve, he won something unique with the blue shirt. Living in the countryside with you has been a privilege, an honor for me. Living there off the field was even more so. I have learned from your always balanced state. Good luck legend. For what is to come. Whatever it is, you will always be the first in the class. We will always be bound by that invisible thread that has accompanied us on the pitch, in the thousand football battles, in the victories and in the most difficult moments. Thanks Captain, I love you. “

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