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This week we start with the Frecce tricolori that on Sunday afternoon will be launched through the sky of Genoa, obviously followed live by the cameras of Primocanale. Its official name is ‘313º Acrobatic Training Group’, the largest group of its kind in the world (ten aircraft, nine in training and one solo), born in 1961 and recognized among the best internationally. After flying over the capital of Liguria many times in the past, they are once again giving the Genoese, with their acrobatics, really exciting and unmissable moments.

Carlo Felice’s curtain reopens this weekend with ‘Rigoletto’, the work by Victor Hugo that revealed the popular charisma of Giuseppe Verdi. The story of a father willing to do anything to defend his daughter from the goals of a duke returns with a staging by Irish director Vivien Hewitt dating back to 2017, back to Carlo Felice, signed by Rolando Panerai “A production that is part of our theater’s heritage,” Superintendent Claudio Orazi told Primocanale, “which we intend to promote with a great director and a great singing company.” It will be Saturday and Sunday at 3 p.m.

For revival enthusiasts, a perennial like ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ that Andrew Lloyd Webber co-wrote with Tim Rice in 1970 returned to Genoa, the Politeama on Friday the 12th and Saturday the 13th: a ‘rock opera’ in which he dared the inescapable, that is, to face a truly extraordinary story (some have called it “the best libretto in history”) that opera production, out of fear, had always avoided dealing with. The 1970s – with their unconventional and ironic wave – instead represented the ideal substrate that Webber and Rice exploited on the fly. Thus, the idea of ​​transposing into music the final part of Jesus’ human story was successful and in a way innovative: beyond a substantial adherence to the facts, what was most striking was the chosen cut. who made the figure of Judas. preponderantly, rehabilitating it, because the traitor became an instrument of destiny, indispensable for the sacrifice of Jesus: without the information of one, the glorification of the other would not have been possible. The protagonist is once again Ted Neeley who played Jesus in the famous 1973 Norman Jewison film.

I also remember that in the historic center of Genoa, the ‘Mocktail Week’ lasts until Sunday, a week of conscious consumption in which twenty local members of the initiative offer elaborate, appetizing and tasty non-alcoholic cocktails – from rum . cooler in basil mojito: to enjoy the evening and have fun even without drinking alcohol. With the incorporation of DJ sets and events in the main squares of the old city. A trend that comes from the United States and that the organizers have also wanted to propose in the capital of Liguria to demonstrate on the one hand the possibility of having fun without alcohol and on the other to promote a healthy, respectful and not rude nightlife as unfortunately happens. in some cases. The full program can be found at this link: https://www.facebook.com/gmw22.genova

Among the novelties in cinema I highlight in the first place ‘Secret team 355’ with a female cast ‘all star’ that sees together Jessica Chastain, Penelope Cruz and Diane Kruger: the story of a dangerous secret weapon that falls into the hands of ruthless mercenaries with the security of the world in danger. A team of formidable spy women will save humanity on a journey from Paris and Morocco to Shanghai. Action and twists also in ‘The weapon of deception – Operation Mincemeat’ with Colin Firth: set in 1943, during World War II, talks about a plan as unlikely as it is ingenious to deceive the Nazis and make them believe that the Allies will land Greece instead of Sicily.

These are some of the other events offered over the weekend in Liguria



FOR A YES OR A NO – Two friends meet after a long and unmotivated separation and between provocations and misunderstandings they ask about their separation. Starring Umberto Orsini and Franco Branciaroli (Teatro Duse, 7.30 pm)

NIGHT INTERVIEW WITH A DESPAIRED MAN – A radio play by Friedrich Dürrenmatt arrives at the theater focusing on the clash between an executioner and his victim (Sala Diana, 21)

FROM PROMETEO-INDOMABLE IS THE NIGHT – In the Campana room of the Teatre del s. Agostino a show that brings to the stage some mythical characters among them Prometheus who becomes a key figure in deciphering the great change that is bringing about this new century (20.30, also Sunday 18.30)

THE INVISIBLE CITY – In the Abbey of San Nicolò del Boschetto in Cornigliano a work conceived and directed by Sergio Maifredi. The performance is preceded and followed by a guided tour of the architectural ensemble. Free admission with prior reservation at the link https://www.happyticket.it/genova/proleggio-biglietti/254-.htm or by calling 348 2624922 (20.30)

BALLANT BRUNO – Parade in folk dance between the early 1900s and early 70s through the history of social and political changes that have transformed our way of life (Teatro del Ponente 8.30 pm, also Sunday 18)

GENOUS SIXTY – Through an articulated exhibition itinerary that shows the cultural transformations of the city in the 60s, a period of profound changes. Primocanale main sponsor (10-19, also Sunday)

METAMORPHOSIS – In the Royal Palace, in the Gallery of Mirrors, there are four sculptures by Filippo Parodi, a 17th century artist, depicting Venus, Adonis, Clizia and Hyacinth.

UTOPIA – An international exhibition of contemporary illustrators at the Castello D’Albertis until May 29: 52 works selected through a competition in which 756 artists from 45 countries around the world participated (also Sunday, 10 -19)

ESCAPE FROM NAZARETH, REFUGEES OF YESTERDAY AND TODAY – The Capuchin Museum hosts an exhibition that combines painting, photography, poetry and video installations to explain the drama of refugees from the “Escape to Egypt” of Jesus to the present (15-18.30 h)

BAROQUE ON EXHIBITION – Until 10 July, the National Gallery of Palazzo Spinola is hosting an exhibition focusing on the relationship between Ansaldo Pallavicino and the famous painter Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione, known as Grechetto (13.30-19).

AV MARKET – The Carignano event, full of craft stalls, is renewed in via Còrsega (10 am-6pm)

YOUNG GENOUS TALENTS AT THE WHEEL OF PAGANINI – In the Oratory of St. Philip the violinist Oleksandr Pushkarenko, the pianist Claudia Vento and the accordionist Alessandro Trivigno perform pieces by the virtuoso Genoese composer (7.30 pm)

GEMS IN THE PAGANINI – Paganini’s music also stars Palazzo Tursi with the Chimera Trio of the Stauffer Academy in Cremona and the duet of Simone Gramaglia on viola and Fabrizio Giudice on guitar (20.30)

FORMIDABLES, THE SONGS OF CHARLES TRENET – At the Count Basie Jazz Club Barbara Casini reviews the poetry of the great French chansonnier through a repertoire that covers all his extensive production, from the most famous songs to the least known (9.30 pm)


RIVIERA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL – In addition to two competitions reserved for directors under the age of 35 and documentaries on the environment, a cast of international stars will tell the public through masterclasses, talks and presentations. Among them Casey Affleck, Daniele Muccino, Alessandro Gassman and Luca Zingaretti (also on Sunday, the full program at link https://www.rivierafilm.org/)


MISS ITALIA SELECTIONS 2022 – From 10 to 18, in the Marina, the first casting of Liguria in this year’s edition of Miss Italy where the competitors who will participate in the final selections of Liguria will be chosen. Open to girls aged 18 to 30. Registration required at the link http://www.missitalia.it/


THE USUAL MONSTERS – The ‘Broken Curtain’ season ends with

Enzo Paci, just out of the success of the series ‘White’, who faces with irony all those who, due to vices, weaknesses, fears, have a ‘monstrous’ behavior if you look with the ruthless eyes of healthy civic education (21)



AO PAXO EN ZENEIZE – That is, in the Palazzo in Genoese. From 3.30 pm, the ‘A Compagna’ association offers a show with free admission to the main courtyard of the Doge’s Palace, which once again offers moments of Genoese tradition with disguised dances and dialectal songs, Genoese and Ligurian music and various shows.


ENGINEERING GILDO PERAGALLO – At the Teatro Sacco the company ‘La Torretta’ staged the famous comedy by Emeric Valentinetti, formerly Gilberto Govi’s workhorse, full of daring misunderstandings and twists (18)


TREKKING ON CARRER ALTA IN FLOWER – An all-day excursion. Accompanied by a guide, you will follow a panoramic ridge path to admire the variety of floristic species that are reaching their maximum splendor these days. Meeting at 9.30 am at the Parc Beigua Information Point, in Pratorotondo Due to limited places, reservations must be made before 12 noon on Saturday at the link http://www.parcobeigua.it/man_dettaglio.php?id = 95212


FESTIVITY OF S. ISIDORO – The patron saint of farmers is celebrated. At 20.30 in the parish of San Giovanni Battista Mass with the blessing of the so-called “grapes”, the first fruits of the fields offered by the borrowed farmers. Then the traditional procession.

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