“EHighway” technology, a new model for the design of the FiloTIR road network Photos

“EHighway” technology, a new model for the design of the FiloTIR © nc road network

The eHighway system will enable steps towards the independence of fossil fuels. The new transport technology, which finds similarities in a mix, trolleybus-train, is in consolidated experimentation in Sweden, Germany and California. In Italy, tests are planned on a section of the A35 motorway, Milan-Brescia. The eHighway system, dedicated to the road freight transport system, feeds the FiloTIR, heavy hybrid vehicles, equipped with two engines: diesel and electric. It does this by means of a fixed power line connected to the vehicle by a pantograph located at the top of the vehicle. Therefore, the vehicle can find energy for its autonomy from the fixed line, from the supplied batteries, from the internal combustion engine. According to experts, this can reduce energy consumption and fossil emissions by 50% locally by up to 80-90%. Giants such as Siemens Mobility, Scania, Volvo are taking part in the experiment. In Italy, the eHighway system will be tested on a section of the A35 motorway, Milan-Brescia.

La Poliba. This research topic is also developed at the Polytechnic of Bari. A young Poliba researcher, Aleksandra Colovic, dedicated her doctoral dissertation entitled,“Innovative technology to improve the environmental impact of freight transport”. Tal The study was the winner of the 17th edition of the 2022 European Prize “Friedrich List” for young European researchers in transport sciences for the best doctoral thesis.

Research. In the doctoral thesis the researcher Aleksandra Colovic has developed a new multi-objective electrification design model as part of the new eHighway system technology proposed by Siemens for recharging / powering heavy electric vehicles by catenary. The study investigates opportunities to adopt eHighways by identifying the sections of the road network where infrastructure is to be built on demand and taking into account environmental benefits and taking into account limited budgetary resources. In addition, the models could be considered a useful tool for decision makers in the design of eHighway networks but also for the electrification of railway lines.

Identification. The award will be given to the young researcher by the European Foundation of the eV Transport Sciences Platform and the Young Forum of European Transport Sciences. The awards ceremony will take place on the day June 9 Next Györ (Hungary) on the occasion of the 20th European Transport Congress.

Who is the award-winning researcher. Aleksandra Colovic, 29, born in Aranđelovac, comes from Serbia. In 2015 he graduated and in 2016 his master’s degree from the Faculty of Traffic and Transport Engineering of the University of Belgrade. In 2017 he participated in the Erasmus + KA1 mobility program of the Bari Polytechnic. After the positive experience he participated in the call for the doctoral course in SSD ICAR / 05, cycle 33, at the Polytechnic of Bari, where he was first on the list of winners with scholarships. He obtained the DICATECh Research Doctorate in Environmental, Territorial and Construction Risk and Development in 2021. He is currently a researcher in the Transport sector at the Polytechnic University of Bari (DICATECh Department), within the European research project H2020 Syn + Air. “Synergies between modes of transport and air transport”. His research activities are focused on optimization methods in the field of logistics and sustainable mobility.

The note. “This award – supports the co-ordinator of the research doctorate in “Risk and environmental, territorial and construction development” of Poliba, Professor Michele Ottomanelli – is a significant recognition of both the quality of the research activities of young researchers and the doctoral program. This is a good omen for the future of Bari Polytechnic research in this increasingly strategic sector dedicated to transport, the environment and the territory ”.

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