Sports that bring us relaxation and good humor


High-intensity workouts are perfect for those who are comfortable moving and enjoy the healthy muscle fatigue that comes after training. You have a lot of options to choose from: there are so-called workouts. “

Total body

“, Offered by gyms, or the

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) activity.

alternating peaks of motion with less tight moments of active recovery; and then the




but also the banal

to run

in the park behind the house. If we choose one of these activities, remember that we are not competing with our training partners, we are working for ourselves. Overall, better

train outdoors

instead of indoors in the gym: the outdoors and especially sunlight are an important help in regulating the hormones of good mood. As we train, we focus all our attention on the correct execution of the movements and the necessary muscular effort: the negative thoughts will disappear in a few minutes. Before we start our business, however, let’s make sure

be healthy

and get a sports medical checkup, as all gyms require.


– We run all day and our need is above all


and possibly


at least for a short time: in this case the activities we do are the gentle disciplines, which set the body in motion again, but with delicacy. He


the pilates, but also outdoor walks can serve us, perhaps alternating the different disciplines with each other. In many cases it is possible to choose between different variants of this same fitness: pilates, for example, can be declined in several ways: there are courses in which the emphasis is more on breathing and posture control, while that in other cases the lessons can become decidedly more “muscular” even with very intense exercises


, also excellent as a discipline to burn fat for those who want to lose weight. The same goes for this


: can be practiced statically, focusing mainly on breathing and exploring inner calm, as with Yin Yoga, or in a more dynamic way, focusing on muscular endurance and flexibility , such as in Ashtanga practice. . In these cases, only direct experience can make us choose the variant that best suits us and our needs.


– Those who want a kind of intermediate level between the two intensities, or want to stick the muscles but without killing the fatigue between bars and steps, there is the classic.

sports walk

(at a speed of at least 6 km per hour) and the

Nordic walking,

which has the advantage of making the upper body work thanks to the action of the sticks. Also a good trip


it can do for us: the important thing is to involve the body to the point of being able to eliminate negative thoughts from the mind. Moving outdoors leads us to focus on the landscape, to be inspired and relevant, while the sages of the sun exert their beneficial action as modulators of mood. Water lovers can indulge in it


, taking care to keep a fast pace, at least at intervals; alternatively there is the classic aquatic fitness, such as



the water bike


water trekking

(the treadmill in the aquatic and fun version

water stick:

you train with a pole similar to pole dance, anchored to the bottom of the pool with special suction cups, very useful for very intense work especially in the abs. Finally, the


and the


in the different variants, from ballroom dancing to zumba: it is an aerobic activity, burning fat, very fun and excellent for a real injection of good humor and positive energy.

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