Play Off Final 5th place: tomorrow evening Final at Rai Sport

Play Off 5th place SuperLega Credem Banca
Final Friday! Piacenza hosts the Cisterna at 20.45 with the live broadcast of RAI Sport. To take a place in the CEV Challenge Cup

The SuperLega Credem Banca still has a verdict to issue: on Friday 13 May at 8.45pm the match for the 5th place of the SuperLega Credem Banca is scheduled, live on Rai Sport, which is giving away a pass for Europe. In PalaBanca, in fact, the winner of the 5th place Play Off will benefit from the classification for the CEV Challenge Cup 2023. Sale of Blueenergy Piacenza gas I Top Volley Tank.

The team coached by Lorenzo Bernardi will play the Final at home thanks to the almost immaculate trajectory of the Group (only three sets lost, only one point left on the road) and the victory in four sets over Verona Volley in the Semifinal, while The team led by Fabio Soli finished the tournament in second place, and entered the decisive match relying on the local factor against Vero Volley Monza.

Emilians and Pontines competed on the same floor during the first round of the play-off group, with a clear victory for Gas Sales Blueenergy, then leader of the group. The world matches also reward Gas Sales (8-5), who have won the Top Volley twice this season, and also won against Lazio. Baranowicz, who dribbled in Piacenza last year, returns as a former, while Cester (9 winning fights in 1500) and Stern hope to face the club they played with in the past.

The direct clashes of the 2021/22 season

Final race 1st set 2nd set 3rd set 4th set Day
Piacenza-Cisterna 3-0 25-18 25-22 25-22 0-0 1st Play Off 5th place
Cisterna-Piacenza 3-0 25-17 26-24 25-23 0-0 6th ret. Regular season
Piacenza-Cisterna 3-1 23-25 ​​25-22 25-23 25-21 6ª rit. Regular season

Play Off Final 5th Place Credem Banca
Friday, May 13, 2022, 8:45 p.m.
Sale of Blueenergy Piacenza Gas – Top Volley Cistern

Referees: Brancati Rocco, Massimiliano Gardens (Prati Davide)
Video check: Magnino Simone
Scorer: Cavalera Marta
Live RAI Sport
Commentary by Maurizio Colantoni and Fabio Vullo live

Sale of Gas Blueenergy Piacenza – Top Volley Cistern

PREVIOUS: 8 (5 hits for Bluenergy Piacenza gas sales, 3 hits for Top Volley Cisterna).
PREVIOUS SEASON: 3 Regular Season races (2 successes in Piacenza and 1 success in Cisterna).
2 matches – 1 in group 2021/22 (1 success Piacenza), 1 in group 2020/21 (1 success Piacenza).
OLD: Enrico Cester in Cisterna (Latina) in 2011/12; Toncek Stern in Cisterna (Latin) in 2018/2019; Michele Baranowicz in Piacenza in 2020/21.
In the Play Offs 5th place: Aaron Russell – 13 points to 100, Toncek Stern – 3 points to 200 (Gas Sales Blueenergy Piacenza); Giacomo Raffaelli – 8 points to 100 (Top Volley Cistern).
Race: Aaron Russell – 29 points at 2500 (Blueenergy Piacenza gas sales); Enrico Cester – 9 winning attacks in 1500, Petar Dirlic – 10 points in 500, Giacomo Raffaelli – 2 winning blocks in 100 (Top Volley Cisterna).

Addis Lagumdzija (sale of Bluenergy Piacenza gas): “We played very well, winning the last few games and now we have to finish with a flower against Cisterna. They are a great team and they also want to play in Europe next year. There is more pressure than in a normal game, as there is a fundamental opportunity and goal here on the pitch, we are preparing to play the best we can. It’s the last game of the year, so we expect a lot of fans in our building, as in the last few games: now we’re just thinking about winning. “
Aidan Zingel (Top Volley Cistern): “It simply came to our notice then. Not to get anything out of this final, but surely by playing with our heads free and without pressure, we can express our best volleyball. We deserve to finish this season with our heads held high, regardless of the result “.

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