Notes for the future mayor of the city (of Magenta)

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What is the mayor doing?

Who deserves this title?

How do you see it in front of the citizens?

Do you need experience?

There are those who are better and those who are worse, there are those who are for the city and not those who are in the city.

The difference seems small, but it’s huge.

There are often protagonists to bring out some figures and words cover the projects.

“Let’s do this, let’s do this, what did those who go before us do? Unfulfilled promises ….”

We have often heard these statements and still hear them.

There are those who accuse openly and those who do so gently, in a whisper, as if it were shyness to win. It’s not like that, it doesn’t have to be and it can’t be like that.

Of course, mistakes are made and often even those mistakes are learned; but it is not a battle to be won but a mission to be accomplished; it is not the political sphere where to get a result: it is the passport for the future of those who are helpless today, children, adolescents, the elderly, workers, mothers, employees who were born there and who came from those who will. to arrive.

In short, a city is our world, our home.

The programs that many adhere to, whether in their hypothetical or programming construction, do not look forward, in fact, most of the time, they are based on real or presumed “repairs” of the previous one (once verified that this is really and should be corrected). ).

What is needed? A new figure, a figure unfit for politics, free from the thousand logics of powers (real or presumed no matter) outside the city.

Of course, it could be objected that the territory has the sacrosanct need for a broad dialogue that resolves, not just the connection of a road, or rather organizes a protection zone that does not conflict with an industrial zone, or to repair roads damaged by consumption ii …..

These are things that are too obvious and, just to stay in our territory although this reflection I think, can also be extended to other places, have been seen around and have been seen in all colors, just look at what he has made the “Circumvallation Roads” to see what happened on the border of the village … and I do not think it is the result of shared and coordinated actions and once organized with a territorial coordination plan.

The city and all cities are organisms in continuous growth and evolution where, sometimes, even the most science fiction visions can be futuristic and concrete.

Before continuing on to this thesis, which is more conceptual and pseudo-philosophical than practical (as I think it is correct to address us), let me turn to some informal considerations.

The city is made up of citizens of various types, from multiple backgrounds, of different ethnicities. Some work, some don’t; some worked, some didn’t; some study others do not, some produce others do not, some consume others do not and we could also continue but not at the moment. But one thing is certain and irrefutable: it belongs to everyone!

The future of the city is not built in an instant but sometimes also; sometimes an intuition, a shock, is enough, perhaps going uphill to discover that beyond the horizon there is something unexpected that subverts, upsets, transforms the monotony of everyday life.

The rules are made to break and in science this is one of the main rules (forgive the oxymoron). If we were rooted in beliefs, our own or acquired, sometimes we probably wouldn’t be wrong, but we certainly wouldn’t savor the thrill of the adventure.

When I was little I was told not to leave the path known by the stranger but, believe me, often the exact opposite happens and we would not be, anyone, who we are if we had heeded this maxim. Personally, I have always attributed it to the brave little one who, for God’s sake, is not a symptom of acute weakness, we are not all reckless, for God’s sake. But recklessness helps, often and in many ways.

Mayor: A reckless entrepreneur who builds the benefit of the common good.

It is not a utopia; as taught by the life of Adriano Olivetti, a life dedicated to action and the construction of a collective good. And an extraordinary company.

Today, the politics and party visions of our politicians do not really look to the future of cities and, in essence, of citizens, to us in practice.

In the newspapers the norm is to see the interest of the individual mocked not for the benefit of the community, but for a small minority, unidentified castes and much more. I enjoy reading Massimo Gramellini’s articles in the front pages of the Corriere, which I have been reading for a few years now, in the Il Caffè column. It is one of the many (probably not the only) mirrors of the malfunctioning of our composite society.

But let’s go back to our garden which is not so small and which, like all orchards, big or small, can not be treated alone, in fact in the garden coexist salad, tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers and much more and, if desired expand the metaphor of spectacularly, summer and winter vegetables, early fruits and late products. An orchard as a principle of collective well-being where humus -waste- becomes food for the following year. The comparison is available to everyone.

Certainly no one can repair in a short time the damage, the shortcomings, the wrong decisions (even those made in good faith), in an attempt to sew the lacerations and wounds caused by events or decisions that have been settled. and often stratified over the years. .

Each rider has their own technique for tackling the course, with the aim of winning the prize and, in many cases, the final title.

I like metaphors because they don’t limit themselves in closed environments and leave freedom to the thought of wandering.

I have a habit, I could say almost secular, a practice that I learned decades ago and that I think is a harbinger of knowledge, even when it comes to just having a picture of the circumstances: Brainstorming (translated literally: mental aggression, brainstorming or thinking), is a practice that allows us to speak freely and put on the plate elements that, at first glance, could have nothing to do with the issue of problems or projects of the company. It is a method that allows you to look beyond, jump without a parachute and without danger.

There are several things that a Mayor needs to take care of, and I use an imperative because I should say, there is a real risk of leaving too many doors and windows open that then only the accidental wind could, perhaps, close, however. .. ..

Going back to the need to be careful, there are simple but essential things that do not interfere with the higher systems (relations with the various supramunicipal bodies) and do not require exaggerated budgets.

Let’s take an example: on the roads, cars often go at inappropriate and excessive speeds and some signals are inefficient, sometimes a little more light would be enough, especially in those sections where the car goes up, dazzles whoever arrives in the opposite direction. and in the flat section, here if there was a pedestrian crossing in the middle, a decisive light that falls straight and perpendicular to the asphalt, would illuminate the pedestrian crossing, thus preventing the glare of the headlights from making it evanescent and a possible goal.

How do you observe these situations? Walking and paying attention to these little things, those meticulous, domestic details would make me say, exactly how you store salt or sugar that, to avoid confusion, they stay, in the kitchen, in separate places and, most of the time . ,, in diametrically opposite places.

Look, observe, raise hypotheses, know and act in the most disparate ways to take on strategies, organize projects, in short, get to know people’s homes.

What do I aspire to? Simplicity but also foresight, as provided by the economy of the house: furniture, cleaning, order and, necessarily, the programmed interface with the outside.

The city is home to all of us, our Mayor is the director, who carries the agenda but also the agenda where the days have not yet passed, such as those on the agenda.

Past, present and future that build the identity of who we were, are and could be or should be.

And fantasy?

The fantasy is to cook and prepare dinner or lunch with what you have in the pantry when suddenly an unexpected guest arrives (or an emergency, an unscheduled situation). The always ready pantry is a matter of method, a pantry where the cans of peeled tomatoes (and everything else) are arranged in rotation on the front of the shelf in relation to the expiration date, so that no he must lose nothing in spite of having a considerable reserve.

Umhh with the supermarkets now abounding everywhere it shouldn’t be hard to gain some experience, maybe even just by osmosis.

I preferred, at this point in this pistolotto, to use simple, domestic metaphors precisely because we all lived in a house with a kitchen and a mother or father who ruled it for a while and, believe me, we learned when we were little. .know the secret place of the jam.

At this point in this very personal reflection, I make a small and particular suggestion:

A citizen label, not a simple manual but a method of behavior.

For simplicity, let me tell you about the definition of the word on the web:

“With etiquette (also identified with the synonym good tone) we define the set of rules of behavior with which a good education is identified: it is a code that establishes the expectations of social behavior, the conventional norm.”

Too often, some basic rules and behaviors that should be the result of an education received not only at home are completely disregarded. Pedestrians walk in the middle of the street and do not use the sidewalks, they are invaded by various things, from empty containers and waiting to be picked up from the condominium or single cars, double row, bicycles traveling in the opposite direction. direction, parking lots where cars have been abandoned for months, motorcyclists whose direction indicator seems unknown, public planters that we should all take care of, even go out with a pitcher of water when needed, papers on the ground, animal waste. , pee on any vertical surface and … maybe it’s better to stop here.

Everything should be collected in a simple and content message, addressed to all citizens where, in preview, dominates a beautiful title:


I will stop here, I would venture to extend my considerations to personal and reckless goals (I anticipated in the previous lines only with audacity, which is an integral part of my profession and my philosophy of life, are discovered unexpected horizons), but the intimate part of the city with its needs tied to everyday life needs to receive breaths of fresh air even from bold but foreshadowedly developed options. A condition that also allows you to reverse if the road is obstructed, interrupted and considered, in addition, the impossibility of building a bridge but also the impracticability of a possible flight or jump in the dark …

Finally, one last consideration.

Current needs are evolving rapidly, new figures are needed, new “specifications” of dynamic regulations. The word Advisor gives me hives. The word Team, Group, Team, this sense where the collective is preponderant but also recognizes the individual, reconciles my soul full and thirsty for ideas.

I don’t believe in doing it all, but I think visions lead to results.

I would like a Mayor who in the next five years does nothing concrete but lays the foundations of a dock that is a support for those ships, not yet designed or even built, that in the near future will dock in those docks to download them. their goods and give substance to future needs.

The greatness of that man will be recognized for giving material to the ideas of our future children.

Signed AN 13

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