LGBT TV series, here are the 5 you can’t miss (even if you’re heterosexual)

In view of June, month of pride, LGBTQIA + issues are starting to take hold. Both on social media and streaming platforms. Many are looking for movies and TV series on these topics. But what are the TV series that deal with the subject in a central way? It wouldn’t be like Elite o Sex Education, in which homosexuality is present but not as a central theme of the story. So let’s look at the top five LGBT TV series “main current“.

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LGBT TV series: Glee

TV seriesGlee represents a model for several generations. Professor Schuester, played by singer and dancer Matthew Morrison, is a teacher of Spanish at McKinley High School. Try to get it back anyway Glee Club, singing and dancing group, at school. He succeeds, with great difficulty and despite cabaret attempts to get in the way of coach Sue Sylvester.

He became the club’s director, the teacher’s story is intertwined with the concerns of the mind and the problems of his students. Not just the bullyingbut also the discovery and Theacceptance of oneself and the other. The story of Kurt Hummel, gai stated that he experiences the difficulty of homophobic harassers, and in some cases of repressed gays, Her love story with Blaine Anderson, between imprisonment and release. The story of Santana López, lesbian trying to hide behind a fierce mask, secretly living romance with Brittany Pierce. All within a social context, first school, university and then work, in which stories, problems and difficulties are intertwined. To sum up, Homosexuality and LGBT + issues are secondary actors in all seasons.

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LGBT TV Series: Modern Family

If “Glee” showed a very adolescent look that led to a growth and evolution of the characters, Modern Family is a wonderful sitcom. Very beautiful and particular, this series shows the cross section of a group of three families.

The elderly father who marries the young foreigner with whom he has a child, the stereotypical middle-aged heterosexual couple with three children, and the clichéd homosexual couple who raise a girl.. Lots of sympathy but also a moralizing substratum. The commentary of the characters in the series on the facts, as in a confessional, takes away all the ideas. Couple crises, differences in thinking between parents and children, communication difficulties.

All the realities of any family unit. That, however, against the backdrop of an American people, extends to the farce. Love as a couple always wins: both over the children and despite the internal conflicts. Not always without a veil of irony involving the audience.

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LGBT TV Series: Skam Italia (Netflix)

Skam it is a much talked about series. It provides a split between the funny, the dramatic and the tragic. A typical teen series, the so-called youth drama. Which offers, in this case, the perspective of the typical problems experienced by today’s teenagers. The Skam Italia series is a reboot of the Norwegian series of the same name that extends across Europe, and beyond, as a true franchise.

Like “Skins,” the series addresses teenage issues. But in this case in a “selective” way. Every season Indeed addresses an issue. I the second season is related to the LGBTQIA + world. The story of Martino, who realizes he is gay, falls in love with Niccolò, a boyfriend engaged to a girl. Her frustration at having to hide this love and her sexuality for fear of being judged and rejected by her friends. The difficulties of a love full of obstacles and problems.

A love story that is born in the second season, of which it is the main one, but that develops until the fifth, the publication of which seems to be planned for this year..

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LGBT TV series: Love Victor (Disney +)

LGBT TV Series

A Disney LGBT TV series may be missing and very politically correct? No, I couldn’t! That’s why the well-known house, after acquiring the rights to the hit movie “Yours, Simon” (Love Simon the original title), wanted to create a spin-off.

That too classic american teen drama. Victor, a Hispanic teenager, moves to another American country. He enrolls in the same school that was Simon Spier, the protagonist of the film. He starts chatting (probably via Instagram) with Simon now licensed and reveals all his doubts.

The awareness of one’s own homosexuality, the difficulty of accepting oneself, especially in culturally and socially complex contexts. The difficulty of going out with friends, family, school. The complexity of early adolescent relationships. The approach to the world of sex for a teenager. All the topics covered by the series, which are expected to come out in a few weeks, however, are a great success.

The official trailer for the TV series:

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LGBT TV series: Heartstopper (Netflix)

We have reached the “climax” of the latest LGBT TV series. This series, the first season of which premiered in late April, is inspired by the first two chapters of a very popular graphic novel of the same name.

Set in the UK, the story is about Charlie, a young man who came out and was also the target of several thugs. Along with him the inevitable nerdy friends a bit on the fringes of the school community and a transgender friend. The series begins with the most classic of school love at first sight: falling in love with Nick, the somewhat sporty boy who is absolutely heterosexual to everyone.

The story of their friendship, which is transformed throughout the story, is intertwined with Elle’s love for Tao, with the love between Tara and Darcy, Elle’s two lesbian friends. It also intertwines with the discrimination that the bullies reserve for Charlie, with Ben, who had a secret toxic relationship with the protagonist and then becomes incredibly hostile to him. It is intertwined with the awareness of sexuality and the terror of the judgment of others.

From the series, which has been going crazy on Netlix for a month, fans are already asking about the second season that could be related to the third chapter of the British graphic novel Alice Oseman..

The official trailer for the series:

And what LGBT series do you know or recommend? Let us know in the comments!

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