Eva Henger comes out of the pool and her thong is visible: “You’re a mermaid”

Eva Henger is one of the most fascinating girls in the world of entertainment, and her photographs are terrifying.

Italy, as Paolo Sorrentino said, is the land of great beauties, in fact it is called Belpaese because as in the boot it is really impossible not to find girls with a heavenly and unattainable charm, so a girl like Eva Henger it is absolutely admirable to have been able to show everyone how it was possible for her to be part of the Italian show coming from abroad.

Photo by Eva Henger (Instagram)

Television has proven to be the pinnacle of world beauty and popularity for years, so much so that for all the girls who dreamed of pursuing this career, the move to the small screen was crucial, but in the end it was not. all. he had the strength to be able to grow so much to stay at the top of the rankings.

The years go by and the girls know very well that their beauty is a key part of being able to continue to increase their name and ego, so it becomes absolutely essential to find tricks that can somehow give the possibility to many of them. of being able to stay on the crest of the wave.

As the years go by, it has been observed that we live in a time when there is most likely this tendency to see how boys are becoming more and more passionate about female beauty which is no longer very young, a kind of comparative counter-trend. . in the past.

It is no coincidence that in previous years the norm was to see a couple in which the man was older than the woman and therefore it is not yet well understood what has happened differently in recent years, but therefore it is not strange a magic 50. -years com Eva Henger it is still on the crest of the wave.

The beautiful magyre in fact has always been seen as a beauty unique in its kind, in fact thanks to her everything looked more beautiful and more captivating and wonderful, so its results on the small screen have been much appreciated for a long time. , but it should not be forgotten that its popularity has also continued on Instagram.

In fact, the Hungarian has opened up a no less popular profile, so much so that he has severed his daughter from several thousand followers. Mercedesz that she is forced to see from afar the great popularity of her mother who remains number one in the family.

It is not difficult to understand the reasons, it is enough to see the last shot of the charming Eva, with Henger who showed all his magnificence and perfection with her who came out of the pool with a thong which left everyone speechless. curves that never seem to want to age and never go out of style.

At that time it was normal for all her fans to start compulsively clicking on the like button and to put a whole series of comments that have allowed the beautiful Eva to expand more and more popularity in the world. social. Nets.

Eva Henger, the serious accident and the controversy with Mercedesz

Eva Henger she is one of the most beautiful and appreciated women in the world, not only in Italy, for this reason when the news of her serious car accident that cost her the trip to the hospital broke out, they all mobilized to be able to really understand . what happened to the model.

Conditions are still critical and she recently starred in Barbara D’Urso live in an extremely difficult and moving moment, so much so that she seemed to collapse in front of the cameras, unable to even speak anymore and all the nation has squeezed into a strong virtual hug towards him.

The problem is that many would have waited for the presence of their daughter Mercedesz in the hospital bed to be able to be close to the mother with great difficulties from a physical point of view, but incredibly, the daughter decided to participate in the Island dei. Famous anyway, with the controversies that have followed endlessly.

The relationship between the two has always been tense to say the least, so much so that the two have never lost the opportunity to speak ill of each other, something really very sad and unpleasant, especially because we are talking about a very close relationship between mother and daughter and that should never happen.

Beauty Eva therefore, she will only be able to watch her daughter from her cold hospital bed while watching TV, a very sad moment that reminds her of her movie with Jerry CalàI live alone again“A film that is part of how a family moves away more and more when living the situation of a divorce.

At that time, the problems were dictated mainly by parents who began to think only about their own lives without considering how far their children’s desires might have been, but this time the problem is probably the opposite, because in the face of pain, even the most important frictions should be set aside to ensure some peace of mind for those who suffer.

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