Distributing the relationship of care: medicine and society after the pandemic

The “Connected Paths to Restart” promoted by the Office of Culture of the Diocese of Ragusa, the Chair of Dialogue between Cultures and the University of Catania (Ragusa Ibla) reach their third appointment: “Distributing the relationship of care: medicine and society after the pandemic”, This is the theme of the important seminar to be held Tuesday, May 10, 5:30 p.m.in the Paul VI Room of the Franciscan Pastoral Center for Dialogue and Peace de Comiso (Sanctuary of the Immaculate Conception, via degli studi 56). The event is also promoted byRagusa Provincial Sanitary Authorityin collaboration with theOrder of doctors and the Office of Pastoral Health of the Diocese of Ragusa, and recognizes 3 ECM credits for all professions provided for by the system (for the first 50 enrolled and only in person).

The pandemic has caused a global upheaval in all sectors of society; medicine is the one that has been most involved in the forefront. Doctors and health workers in general have been consulted by the promoters to live an important moment of rest, of listening, especially of the question: how is the care relationship changing after the emergency? What critical issues, what points of light and hope can we draw to face the future? What dignity is possible for the sick in a complex and increasingly threatened society?

Greetings will be SE Mons. Giuseppe La PlacaBishop of Ragusa, p. Biagio Apriledirector of the Office of Culture of the Diocese of Ragusa and of the Chair “Dialogue between cultures”, the Dr. Carlo Vitalipresident of the OMCEO Medical College of Ragusa, and the prof. Sant Burgi, president of the special didactic structure of “Foreign Languages ​​and Literatures” of the University of Catania (department of Ragusa Ibla). The moderators will be prof. Giuseppe Di MauroDeputy Director of the Office of Culture of the Diocese of Ragusa and of the Chair of Dialogue Between Cultures and Dra. Letizia Drogopsychologist of the Personnel of the Health Directorate of the ASP Ragusa.

Speakers in order:

Dr. Raffaele Elia – Health Director ASP Ragusa

Dr. Carlo Vitali – President of the OMCEO Medical College of Ragusa

Dra. Maria Antonietta Di Rosolini – Director of the UOSD Infectious Diseases Ragusa

Dra. Rosa Giaquinta – Doctor of General Medicine

Dr. Cristian Di Giorgi – ASP Ragusa Nursing Coordinator

don Giorgio Occhipinti – Director of the Office of Health Pastoral Care – Diocese of Ragusa

Dr. Antonio Roberto Cascio – psychologist – ASP Ragusa Psychology Service

Dr. Elia will make an organizational trip two years after the pandemic, which will highlight the relationship between the ASP and all other institutions interested in the same pandemic., the strengthening of the staff with the arrival of many young graduates (doctors, nurses, psychologists, etc …), all the interventions developed to help and support Covid patients including the creation of a support App. The report will conclude with considerations on the effective communication by the physician to the patient covid from the listening that contributes to the improvement of the treatments and to the satisfaction of the patient.

Dr. Vitali will focus on the burn-out phenomenon that has been encountered by various doctors and operators, despite the experience of heroism.

Dr. Di Rosolini will talk, from her personal experience, about the importance of being there as a doctor, about being close through the use of the arts and library therapy, about the current situation of long covid.

Dr. Giaquinta will address the difficulties and criticisms for family medicine, how the way of operating has changed and how to review the work of doctors increasingly called to operate from an interdisciplinary perspective where medical science , technology, law, moral philosophy and theology can dialogue with the aim of the integral promotion of the human being.

Dr. Di Giorgi, with a narrative method, will recount the experiences in the field of nurses and health workers active in the different scenarios (nursing homes, triage of emergencies, indistinct area, etc.).

The work will be completed by Dr. Cascio, with an epistemological premise from the psychological management that remodeled the usual professional criteria of psychological care to the patient and with a systemic reading of the incidence regarding the integration of services, the multiprofessionality and the support also to the health of staff, limiting the danger of professional isolation and possible exhaustion.

The interventions will alternate with the readings of some significant passages from the pandemic period read by the actress. Tiziana Bellassaiaccompanied on violin by the very young girl Aurora Ravalli of the IIS “G. Mazzini ”by Vittoria.

The seminar is accredited for all professions provided by the system of continuing education in health and 3 ECM credits have been recognized (for the first 50 enrolled and only attendees).

Admission is free.

Live broadcast: https://bit.ly/35YVOMQ

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