consolidate the soil with Uretek resins

As part of the latest edition of the recently concluded Infoweb digital fair, Uretek has exposed to a rich audience of professionals the characteristics and methods of intervention with Uretek Deep Injections for soil consolidation and the seismic safety. Let’s see what it is and why it is essential.


The one of simic security It is a topic of fundamental importance to our country, on which attention has grown exponentially over the years, especially as a result of the seismic events that affected L’Aquila in 2009 and Emilia Romagna in 2012..

The dramatic consequences suffered by people and buildings on these occasions have put the focus on the fragility of a sector dominated mostly by old buildings.

A quarter of all residential property, in fact, is made up of buildings built before 1946 and 15% were built before 1919, before the issuance of seismic safety regulations. Of these buildings, 4.1% are in very poor condition. (State Source) –

I am 12 million buildings with seismic risk in Italy and, in such a context, great attention must be paid to the issue of seismic safety, implementing correct prevention through diagnoses and carrying out structural consolidation interventions.

Super 110% bonus for seismic safety of buildings

Among the interventions needed to ensure seismic safety, the foundation soil consolidationoperation performed by Uretekwho enjoys a consolidated experience in the field, through expansive resin injections.

This practice benefits tax deductions provided for in the Revenue Decreewhich offers the possibility of raise the deduction to 110% of the amount of the work by the owner or tenant of the property in which it is located anti-seismic interventions or reduction of seismic risk.

Specifically, the intervention carried out with Uretek Deep Injections exclusive technology®possibly associated with another structural intervention, it may fall into the category of seismic improvement or adaptation interventions.Uretek Deep Injections® technology

What is it about? Deep injections® is a technology developed by Uretek for the territorial concentration by using specific expansive resins Geoplus® latest generation, designed for deep injections and developed in collaboration with the University of Padua.

This solution restores soil stability conditions compared to the pre-damage configuration, improving the strength characteristics and avoiding local collapse mechanisms in the intervention area.

Uretek Deep Injections Technology®

Deep consolidation with Uretek Deep Injections

There Uretek Deep Injections Technology® involves the injection of Geoplus rapid expansion resins® high pressure swelling with Uretek Multipoint patented system®for a capillary diffusion of the resin and a homogeneous treatment of the foundation soil, and is used in the case of:

  • collapses resulting from lowering of the foundation, pavement of the structure or pavement of the road;
  • need to optimize the mechanical and hydraulic characteristics of the foundation soil in existing structures;
  • need to reduce the risk of land liquefaction to improve the seismic response;
  • need to eliminate differential settlements caused by leaching or erosion;
  • need to recover the bearing capacity of the soil in case of instability due to differential settlements.

Design interventions with SIMS 2.0 calculation software

There planning of soil consolidation interventions with Uretek Geoplus expansive resin® is made by SIMS 2.0 calculation softwaredeveloped in the Matlab environment in collaboration with the Turin Polytechnic.

He SIMS 2.0 calculation software and allows estimate the improvement of soil characteristics in terms of increasing static or dynamic resistance at the tip, rather than limiting the pressure, responding accurately and functionally to the needs of the project.

Case study with MECO 4 condo software

The outstanding building soil subsidence cracks, with an overall drop of about 20-40 mm. The consolidation project was carried out by SIMS 2.0 calculation softwarefrom where arose the need to consolidate the ground of practicing foundation Geoplus expansive resin injections with Uretek Multipoint injection system.

After doing a little 26 mm diameter perforations through the foundations, Multipoint perforated cannulas were inserted. At this point they practiced Geoplus expansive resin injections at ground volume established by the project.

The difficult access to the basics, accessible through a low axis, demonstrated the flexibility of Uretek technology, able to operate successfully in difficult and confined conditions.

The intervention in summary:

  • 13 working days,
  • 112 linear meters of continuous foundation and 12 consolidated plinths,
  • consolidation of the foundation soil to a depth of 4 meters from the plane of the embankment.

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