changes for the group of car, motorcycle, bicycle and scooter dealers –

We have changed the name and there is a reason“This is how the CEO of Errebi SpA, Stefano Borsello, was interviewed by our newspaper.

Errebi SpA is a solid reality like few others. A historic dealership in the city of Asti that has represented the Renault Group’s brands (Renault, Dacia, Mitsubishi, Nissan) for more than fifty years and has managed to renew itself over time.

How can a dealership really be renewed?

First, from the first contact with customers. The time when car dealers could just wait for people at the show is over. With Covid, the changes we had already initiated in terms of strategy have only accelerated”- explains Mr. Bag.

The experience of buying a car is getting closer to buying online. Sounds obvious? Internet shopping has become a staple in our lives, and even major purchases like your own car seem to be getting closer to direct distance shopping.

Managing offers remotely was nothing new to us. In Errebi, especially when it comes to second hand, it has always been normal to interact with potential customers from all parts of Italy and beyond. Many customers with demanding working hours and different from those of the salons have already requested a remote valuation of their car. We can say, in a nutshell, that Covid has not altered the way we work, more than anything else the number of customers who prefer a digital mode of interaction has increased.“The CEO continues.

Errebi is a name that contains more reality. Not just cars. Not only sales, but also rent, lease. To sum up, a dealer of the future redefining its role as a provider of mobility solutions.

We have been using the motto of 360 ° mobility for years to explain that when you buy a car it is not enough to sign a contract and activate a loan. What you need to evaluate is the world of auxiliary services that your car needs over time. All vehicle care and maintenance services are guaranteed by Errebi at all stages of the vehicle’s life. Among other things, we also have a car demolition in Asti that allows us to close the product life cycle and dispose of our car in an eco-sustainable way.“.

But what exactly does it mean to preside over the life cycle of the product and how does it adapt to the needs of a particular territory?

Errebi is not just in Asti. In the last ten years we have grown and expanded to Alexandria and Alba in terms of Piedmont, Albenga and Genoa in terms of Liguria.

Expanding into new areas requires a lot of patience and organization. In fact, one of the biggest investments of the company is represented by the Human Resources that must be carefully selected to marry with the philosophy of the company.

We are a company with a clear strategy, but not for everyone. That is why we have a selection process worthy of multinationals and consultants. We believe that a person who decides to join the Errebi family must have, first and foremost, specific skills. Probably flexibility and adaptability are key aspects. Our changes are the mirror of a changing society and the result of continuous investments in new brands to represent to complete the offer.”Explains Borsello.

We were saying not just cars, how did the adventure in the world of motorcycles and bicycles begin?

“Errebi is run by two brothers. The Borsello brothers in fact. Great two-wheeler enthusiasts. Hence the decision to incorporate under the auspices of the new brand “Errebi Mobility” companies such as Vigna Motor, a historical and consolidated reality of the Asti area well known throughout Piedmont as a Yamaha dealer and Errebike, a company that offers long term rental solutions. e-bike term for accommodation and business facilities and deals with the retail sale of electric scooters.

The duruote world has always fascinated me and my brother. The success of Errebi was undoubtedly born in Asti and therefore, with the desire to integrate solutions for motorcycles and bicycles in the 360 ​​° mobility strategy, we immediately thought of Yamaha. We also recently inaugurated Yamaha Torino on Corso Traiano. It was a fantastic experience that directly involved the management of Yamaha Italy

For a couple of years now we have also been approaching the Fantic Caballero brand, which completes the range of motorcycles and scooters and opens up to the world of e-bikes, which exploded in an incredible way last year. From this intuition the Errebike brand was born. We are aware that anyone who needs a car today will no doubt also need a two-wheeled vehicle. We are in a territory that was born for the offroad, I imagine the hills of Langhe, Roero and Monferrato but especially the connecting routes with Liguria that offer views and emotions that can be appreciated more in a two-wheeled vehicle.“.

In short, can we say that Errebi Mobility is synonymous with emotion?

Stefano smiles at us and confirms that: “everything the company is creating comes from the trust that his father has always placed in his daily work. A passion that he passed on to his children and that the Borsello brothers are in turn passing on to family and business.“.

Can you be a family business keeping a similar size?

Errebi’s story comes from a family and somehow the company’s philosophy will take that into account. On the other hand it is also a typical Italian feature. Sure the one-on-one relationship can be lost over time, but so far my brother and I always try to make ourselves present and available with all the staff and plan weekly visits to our offices.“.

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