“Your sustainable school” rewards young green ideas

The competition, promoted by the GECO For School Project in collaboration with CETRI-TIRES, meets on May 14 for the delivery of the winning classes. Our newspaper, one of the media partners of the event, will be present with the 2022 edition of the Rinnovabili.it Special Prize, awarded this year to a documentary film with an important environmental value.

(Rinnovabili.it) – The awards ceremony of “Your sustainable school”, The national competition promoted by the project GECO for school to bring high school students closer to the topic of sustainability. The initiative – promoted with participation Cetri-Tires, Rinnovabili.it, CIB, To Good To Go, Ingenious power will land next May 14 at the New Academy of Fine Arts to celebrate the winners of its first edition. Boys and girls from all over Italy who have tried designing eco-friendly projects for their schools.

The competition considers the new generations to be at the heart of sustainable change. A fertile ground for planting the virtuous ideas and behaviors needed for the ecological transition. For this reason, the aim of the competition was to present practical projects capable of making school structures more ecological and innovative. “We aim to train students to chart an ecological path and actively contribute to change. “explain Daniele Capognacreator of GECO For School and founder of the GECO Expo initiative.

In recent weeks, the scientific committee of the initiative has evaluated the projects received, decreeing the winning classes. Concrete and effective proposals, able to make real changes. Like the IIS Corinaldesi Padovano where students promoted the reuse of bottle caps in collaboration with the startup Backbo, which aims to reuse them to create sustainable glasses.

During the ceremony, the members of the event will present their prizes to the winning schools with certificates of merit from the CETRI-TIRES European Studies Center: lesson on food waste offered by Too Good To Go on a guided tour of biogas and biomethane plants from renewable sources in the CIB, to the gift of the electrical connector that optimizes the charge of the battery of the smartphone that give Witty Power.

The day will also host the 2022 edition of Premi Especial Rinnovabili.it, created by the environmental sustainability magazine directed by Mauro Spagnolo. The award was born to promote environmental and ecological culture through innovative languages. Born in 2016, the award is dedicated to all new forms of environmental communication, selected from traditional and state-of-the-art media, capable of effectively transmitting the message that is at the heart of Rinnovabili.it’s mission: mark the road to a revolution. society.

Besides Stefano SaviozziNABA’s Domestic Enrollment Manager, host of the initiative, will be present at the event: Angelo Consoli, director of the European office of Jeremy Rifkin; Antonio Rancatigeneral coordinator of CETRI-TIRES and coordinator of the scientific committee of GECO For School; Mauro Spanish, Director of Rinnovabili.it, media partner of the event; Valentina LuginiCareer Coach and Trainer and member of the scientific committee of GECO For School; Stefano Fraioli, Co-founder of PCUP, smart, green glasses as an alternative to disposable plastic; Angela Marotta, Assistant Chief and Human Resources of the CIB | Italian biogas consortium, partner of GECO For School; Francesca Marinangeli, CREA researcher, Council for Agricultural Research and Analysis of Agrarian Economics Center for Policy Research and Bioeconomics; Domenico De Ritoarchitect expert in light, design and sustainable development.

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