with Elena Bonetti and Lucia Borgonzoni


Tonight a “Hyenas”the service of Alice Martinelli about the case Elisabetta Franchi and the controversy that arose; subject that, in these days, is very discussed.

Le Iene, tonight the controversy over the Elisabetta Franchi case

Tonight a Hyenas let’s talk about the case Elisabetta Franchi which, these days, is causing a lot of discussion.

In the video the statements of Lucia BorgonzoniUndersecretary of Culture, i Elena Bonetti, Minister of Equal Opportunities, who had not yet commented on the case. Both attended the conference a few days ago from the audience in which the Emilian entrepreneur talked about work, women and motherhood, but neither of them – contrary to what many would probably have expected – intervened in any way.

Answering questions from a journalist, the designer said:

“Hiring people in their forties is the only way to basically avoid financial damage … Today I wear women because they are ‘anta’: in any case they are still girls but older. If they had to get married they were already married, if they had children they already had them, if they had to separate they did so too. I understand they have made the four points halfway. So they are there with me and work 24 hours a day. ”

Statements by the Minister for Equal Opportunities, Elena Bonetti, and the Undersecretary for Culture, Lucia Borgonzoni

Today, intercepted, at two different times, by the correspondent, they declare:

Lucia Borgonzoni:

“I did not intervene because I had already spoken. Of course I condemn them, (words spoken by Franchi, ed.) for me they are wrong, but it is wrong not to stay there and understand where these words come from, it means that in any case we have to do something else, as an audience, other than just the quotas, because the quotas they are not necessary. Politics has to give answers, it doesn’t have to be controversial to stand up and respond … I can say that, in the specific things I do, helping women is a fundamental thing for me. “ Martinelli points out that: “The fact that everyone is silent normalizes the fact that women can earn less. To normalize the fact that we will probably never reach the highest levels. “

The Borgonzoni, then answer:

“If I had to get up every time I was at a conference and someone told me something I didn’t agree with … Unfortunately I assure you there are so many times. I think, as I said, to defend women and do it in the most concrete way possible. “

Elena BonettiHowever;

“Why didn’t I intervene? There was no debate. You, Elisabetta Franchi, made it clear that discontinuity in a woman’s career is a pity and the task of politics is not to give an opinion. An institutional figure like mine does not comment, gives concrete answers and this is what I did … These are words that give an account of a discrimination of which the women of our country have been victims for too long, a discrimination for misconduct in the business world but so many tools that institutions lack. “

The report also includes an interview with Nicoletta Spagnoli, businesswoman and CEO of Luisa Spagnoli Spa, who explains to the correspondent how a century ago, in the 1920s, the company founded by her aunt began to introduce inclusive working methods for to women, to defend the rights of the workers who worked there for whom the then manager promoted schools, kindergartens, literacy courses, the right to breastfeeding and paid maternity leave.


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