VéGé and Decathlon united by the love of sport

VéGé and Decathlon for sport

The idea that unites VéGé I Decathlon in support of sport is to get involved in the social sector to promote healthy lifestyles, also structuring the business according to this ideal. Thus was born the initiative to support the practice of sports from September 21 to December 11, 2022 The shops of the VéGé Group and the Decathlon material will be the protagonists, to the benefit of the sports associations of local fans.

VéGé and Decathlon for sport

VéGé and Decathlon for Sport - 3
Giorgio Santambrogio, CEO of the VéGé Group

The goal is provide sports equipment and clothing to the associations of amateurs, clubs and gyms active in the area, those that contribute most to spread the practice of the sport and its values ​​among the population, especially the youngest, and for which the pandemic has generated difficulties every once bigger.

The customers of the grocery stores involved accumulate a QR code for every 15 euros spent, with additional QR codes that are purchased by purchasing the “accelerator products“, a selection of industrial and mdd products present in the leaflet. Through a dedicated application, QR codes can be given to one or more sports associations (which must be registered for the” race “at the local VéGé store). The associations that win the most QR codes will win 500 euro gift cards and packs for personalized sporting goods (for example, T-shirts, uniforms, bags … with the team logo). 10% discount in products purchased with gift cards.

The initiative will have 4 names and as many communication campaigns, obviously coordinated, to safeguard the uniqueness of the brands present in the Group. As a result, sports associations will also be able to register in more than one store and collect more QR codes thanks to the activism of their members. The experience underlying this choice is that carried out with the schools for the collection of material from the “We love school” initiative. Not in vain, because sport is also (or should be) part of the daily life of families with children, as suggested by Francesca Repossihead of marketing for the VéGé Group, explaining the initiative.

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Francesca Repossi, head of marketing for the VéGé Group

Strategic management

“Leave a world better than we found it” is the claim made by Giorgio Santambrogio, CEO of the VéGé Group. The initiative involves two of the Group’s fundamental values, that of sustainability, understood as a balanced diet, the fight against food waste, the health of people and that of care in the territory where VéGé entrepreneurs operate. The Group was the first to launch its stamp collection in the 1960s and has always been active in the social sector, mainly thanks to the support of the Ukrainian population.

At the same time, Santambrogio emphasizes the strategic option of creating multi-touch point (no channels, no formats or even signs), ie physical and virtual sites that allow a wide selection of purchase methods. VéGé has recently been activated online, with the pandemic, but already has 236 collection points, the second position in Italy, and collaboration agreements with Always I Glovo in the 14 regions of presence.

Intervenes on “accelerating products” Edoardo Gamboni, commercial director of VéGé: the initiative was communicated to 410 Idm partners, in order to have accelerator products in promotion every day, therefore every week in the flyer, specifically 50 more products than the standard. The selection is also based on the health and the link with the sport of the products themselves, for this reason there will also be those in the staff of the new mdd line. OhiVitatan biological, rich in, free of and functional.

Specifically, the support of VéGé and Decathlon for sport means that communication will involve the traditional channels and also social networksand that the Gift cards are digital, therefore usable in the store but also in the Decathlon eCommerce, if in the area where the VéGé store is located there are no easily accessible Decathlon stores. Digital is also the QR code and the donation method, through a dedicated application.

Decathlon perspective

VéGé and Decathlon for Sport - 4
Fulvio Matteoni, Decathlon’s Head of Institutional Relations

Talking about association is Fulvio Matteoni, head of institutional relations at Decathlon, for 29 years in the company, for 13 years chairman and CEO. “Decathlon and VéGé share the desire to enter the territory locally – he explains – the points of sale must not be ‘parked’ in an area but must be an integral part of it. In addition, the mission of the ‘company of doing pleasure and benefits of sport for the greatest number of people’. Decathlon’s connection with sports associations is historic and is followed by a person from the company who listens to them, an experience from which this project was born and thanks to which it was decided. the gift card cut (depending on the average annual expenditure, 650 euros).

The goals of Decathlon there are many: accompanying children so that they can live the sport for free, any discipline: spreading sports practices, all of them, not only the most common ones such as football in Italy; to support professionals with physical education teachers in school, to create interest in the correct direction of practice and values; alongside practicing the values ​​of the fight against bullying, for example.

The numbers of the VéGé Sport initiative are from the family

28 The VéGé retailers involved
2,200 Stores with VéGé signs involved
1,000 euros / 500 euros The number of gift cards for Asd
2,500 Amateur sports associations that can be awarded
15 euros The amount of food expenditure that entitles you to a QR code
2 million euros The investment of VéGé and Decathlon

VéGé in figures

VéGé and Decathlon for Sport - 5
The composition of VéGé’s billing by contact point

7.8% market share (x6 multiplied in 10 years)
4.9 million customers every week
3,846 outlets (including c & c)
Development 2022
4 hypermarkets
9 overcoming (reforms)
73 supermarkets
14 cash
31 specialty stores

Decathlon in figures

136 points of sale
4 distribution platforms
+6 new openings in 2022
1.7 billion euros in turnover
of which 13.4% are e-commerce
Italy is the fourth nation in the world in the ranking of producers working with Decathlon

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