Three lanes between Verona and Modena, the dynamics up to Bolzano, technology for autonomous driving: financing of the project delivered for the concession of the A22

THIRTY. Now it’s official: the investment plan, that worth a total of 7.2 billion euroswas handed over to the ministry and from today to early afternoonthe project financing proposal presented by Brenner Highway with the aim of obtaining the new concession of the A22 was deposited at the table of the Ministry of Sustainable Infrastructures and Mobility. “Yes it is a historical passage” says the CEO of A22, Diego Cattoni who adds: ” We present a proposal that will redesign mobility along the Brenner-Modena axisa volume of investments that multiply by more than three timesat current values, what was deployed for the construction of the highway“.

“As we all know,” he said Hartmann Reichhalter – get to this point it was not easy. The complexities that have been faced in recent years have been many and also for this reason I would like to thank all the members for their compactness. by sharing the path of project financing for a future-oriented proposal. An important result, which must be attributed to the installation of Autobrennero, which represents an important starting point to enter a position of dialogue and confrontation with Mimsin order to share with the Grantor the mobility priorities along the Brenner axis “.

The proposal presented today represents an absolute novelty on the Italian scene both by the method used, that of project finance, and by the content: the development of the first Green Corridor Italian. “The considerable financial amount of the investments – he explains from the A22 – is, in fact, not only intended to guarantee maintenance, periodic rehabilitation and global modernization of the infrastructurean existing one, but a transform the artery from analog to digitalto favor the ecological transition and intermodal mobility”. Enlargement is planned with three lanes of the Verona-Modena section and the completion of the third dynamic lane of the Bolzano-Verona section but above all we will work on the systematic extension of the technology needed for autonomous and connected driving already successfully tested by Autobrennero within the C-Roads project and other European and development projects alongside in the battery-powered electric car supply networkrecharging points for hydrogen vehicles.

But this is not all. ” The plan also includes the necessary financial contributions for the completion of the motorway network with the Campogalliano-Sassuolo – continues A22 – e la Cispadana and for the development of intermodal centers which allow the railway operators (The Autobrennero Group is the leading private operator in the goods sector ed) of seamlessly integrate its services with road transport as well as in the case of the port of Valdaro(located in Mantua ed) by sea ”. All this is accompanied by a considerable number of more “traditional” interventions. such as the rehabilitation of service areas or the doubling of the current number of kilometers of sound-absorbing barriers.

“We are satisfied,” said the president of the Trentino Alto Adige region and the province of Trento. Maurizio Fugatti – because with the delivery of the project financing proposal to the ministry The tender procedure for the award of the concession is formally initiated. We know this is a complex investigation, though the hope is that the timing of the decision will be quick and that a positive outcome can be reached which would have considerable advantages for all the public bodies involved and in particular for the territories crossed by the motorway artery. The quality of the project presented – observes Fugatti – and the presence of issues such as green corridor, a testament to the green vocation of infrastructure, make us even more proud of the document submitted today to the attention of the state. The approval of the project will allow us to put finally in the field important investments for the territories concernedtakes the A22 in the digital age and support the ecological transition, even through intermodality with rail transport“.

“The presentation of the project proposal to the ministry today – says the president of the province of Bolzano, Arno Kompatscher – marks a new step towards what we want to become a long-distance road system developed with a view to the corridor, to protect all areas crossed by the motorway. The project aims to build the Brenner motorway a more sustainable and highly digitized infrastructure, capable of effectively combining road and rail, increasing the safety of motorists and reducing emissions and limiting their negative impacts on the territories through which it passes. Now the hope – Kompatscher concludes – is that it will be evaluated positively by the Government “.

The projects that form part of the project finance proposal were signed by the general technical director of the Brenner Motorway, the engineer Carlo Costa, as a designer and responsible for the integration of specialized services. “I do not deny that this is the same for the entire Autobrennero installation a specific day – says Costa -. We brought it to fruition a design work that started from afar, which doesn’t just involve technical issues. Over the years, we have developed innovative projects, csometimes he received a warm welcome. I think at BrennerLec, hydrogen, an osmotic and not merely functional conception of infrastructure architecture. Time has always proved to be an honest man, but now the many paths open over the years are all coming together towards a great overall project, a really important result. “

“We are living a very special historical moment for mobility – says Cattoni, who adds Fr.national residence of Aiscat -. In recent decades the mobility developed in the years when the highways were built has improved, sometimes considerably. The perspective we have now is no longer inert: we have the opportunity to make a leap forward and the determination to do so. “

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