the quarterfinals is a taboo for many

From curse to release (eventual). Tomorrow night at the Manuzzi a good chunk of Cesena who went out on the field on Sunday in Monopoli will be able to throw the past and pull off a good weight, overcoming a currently insurmountable obstacle: the second round of the Serie C play-off. -offs-extended promotions, the first round of the national play-offs (a kind of round of 16) has become a real taboo for many players who today wear the Cavalluccio shirt and who won the Veneziani three days ago .
Only three have managed to exceed this threshold in the past, but the formula was not the same. In the 2016-2017 season the play-offs consisted of 16 teams: with round of 16 and quarterfinals with home and away matches and a Final Four in neutral with semi-finals and a single-final final: Salvatore Caturano in Lecce and Lorenzo Gonnelli with his “Livorno closed the regular season in second and third place respectively, passed the round of 16 but stopped in the quarterfinals, eliminated by Alessandria (in penalties, which are not scheduled today) and Reggiana (in extension, see) above).
In the 2018-2019 season, on the other hand, there were two promotions at stake in the play-offs, with the round of 16 not existing and with the intergiron (or national) phase starting from the quarterfinals: that of Demetrio Steffè. Triestina reached the final straight out of the semifinals (won against FeralpiSalò), but surrendered to Pisa in overtime, losing the B to Nereo Rocco’s 25,000 spectators.

Four disappointments

The road to B in the 2017-2018 edition was virtually identical to today, with the only exception of the final, which was played in a dry match and on a neutral field (Cosenza beat Siena): two days of “group-off-game” and then a national phase with round of 16, quarterfinals and semifinals with home and away games. In that damn edition, four players who play today in Cesena di Viali and tomorrow in the night they will try to take revenge, trying to fade a taboo, they left the stage on the second lap. Giulio Favale, Nicholas Allievi, Giacomo Zecca and Steffè himself. The then left winger of Pisa was eliminated by Viterbese, who won the round trip: 1-0 at the Rocchi and 2-3 at the Garibaldi Arena. The same goes for Steffè’s Trapani, beaten by Cosenza in San Vito (2-1) and Erice’s Provincial (0-2). On the other hand, Juve Stabia of Allievi (who had also come out in the second round the previous year) was unbeaten: 0-0 in Castellammare di Stabia and 1-1 in Reggio Emilia, with Reggiana passing the round without win but take advantage of the ranking. Finally, the elimination of Piacenza di Zecca, who won the first leg 2-1 at the Garilli against Sambenedettese, was really mocked, before giving way 3-1 to the Riviera delle Palme and leaving the stage.

Burini Pierini

That some veterans like Missiroli, Rigoni and Calderoni are making their debut in this “final tournament” and that others (Ilari and Pittarello) have always come out before the national stage with Teramo and Virtus Verona, as happened to the survivors of the last season at home to Cesena, with the bold 2-3 collected by Matelica, the most recent and even the most striking case is that of Nicholas Pierini. Cavalluccio’s number 10 was also in the same situation a year ago as today after the first leg, when “his” Modena conquered the Albinoleffe field with a goal from Spagnoli (assisted by Pierini). . From the beginning of the series, the Emilian team played the return home with the possibility of passing the round even losing with a goal difference. Albinoleffe found this goal 0-1 in the 89th minute and in the last second of the 5 minute discount Rabiu committed a crazy penalty with Manconi who in the 97th minute wrote a sensational 0-2 that eliminated Modena and went throw Albinoleffe in the quarterfinals. , for an atrocious joke that Pierini wants to cancel tomorrow evening. Moving from a curse to a true release.

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