The president’s men go out on the field – Sport

Behind the victories on the pitch, there is always a strong, solid, perfect shoulder on the sports side. And it is no coincidence that Carlo Rivetti has always wanted to emphasize the importance of being able to count on the people that Romano Sghedoni had placed in the different offices of Viale Monte Kosica. In this precise case, continuity was needed. The work started three years ago, from the return to Serie C, should not be wasted. There was a lot of work off the field and that was also rewarded with promotion to Serie B.

From the technical staff of Tesser to the workers of the warehouse, through the box office, the press office, marketing and sales, not to mention the reception of fans and therefore the organization of events and the store. The president’s men and women are like an orchestra playing the same score, without which it would be difficult to build something important.

Let’s start with the coaching staff chosen by Attilio Tesser, made up of people the coach has been carrying with him for years, in every football event he faces. The deputy, Mark Strukelj, has been with Tesser since the first seasons in Trieste and since then they have never left. Former Canarian Giuseppe Gemiti (200506 and 200809) is the technical collaborator, Fabio Munzone is the sports coach and Leonardo Cortiula is the goalkeeping coach. Domenico Di Mambro the health manager, supported by the work of the three social doctors, namely Fabrizio Corghi, Alessandro Bellucci and Alberto Scavone. Then there are the two physiotherapists Riccardo Levrini and Jacopo Bigliazzi, and the injured recovery coach Francesco Benassi.

Finally, the warehouse workers Davide Marzani and Claudio Pifferi, and the janitors Alcide Pedretti and Francesco Savalli, with them also Emiliano Vannicola, manual and driver of the youth sector. Kindergarten drivers are also Luca Zanasi and Davide Ruffo.

For years, the head of the yellow team has been Andrea Russo, the historic secretary general responsible for contacts with institutions, federations and leagues.

As for the Viale Monte Kosica offices, the efficient Antonio Montefusco, in charge for three seasons, is in charge of communication and relations with the press. Aberto Ravizza (digital specialist, responsible for the club’s social pages) and Veronica Simonini (graphic designer) work alongside him. Expert Simone Palmieri is in the marketing department, while Paolo Ferrari is also in the marketing department.

At Francesca Avagliano’s sales office and Jacopo Fissi’s merchandising office.

Turning to the band “Braglia”, Luca Gherardi at the box office had a lot to do. In the matter of infrastructures and special institutional projects, the ball goes to Maurizio Boschini, responsible for this area. Annamaria Manicardi, on the other hand, is in charge of the administration.

Who cares to welcome fans to the venue is Francesca Fogliani, reception, reception and shop. Stefano Zoboli is the security delegate, Luca Diana is his deputy. Maurizio Grillenzoni is the Slo. As of this year, as we know, the technical area has also been considerably expanded thanks to the birth of a bodyguard and the presence of the well-known Aldo Pecini, a leader of Scouting. For him, a past in great realities such as Manchester City, Naples, Juventus and Inter.

The coordinator of the Scouting area is Tancredi Signorelli, with whom Andrea Pulga also works. The last, but never the last, is Stefano Casolari: historical speaker of the Braglia stadium, favorite of the fans and good of the football culture, one is invented for every goal of a player of Modena and for that reason he is loved by the Modena public. Casolari also holds the position of Secretary of the Youth Sector, headed by Mauro Melotti whose deputy is Filippo Bruni. Fabio Dall’Omo, on the other hand, is in charge of the Canary Islands Academy.

The head of Scouting in the youth sector is Giancarlo Bocelli. All these are the men and women of the president, an obviously perfect assembly line that deserves a special mention in what has been a record year.


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