The new Range Rover Sport, the third generation makes its debut

Of the speed record for the slopes of Pikes Peaken Coloradoto the incredible desert trek ofEmpty quarter, in the Arabian Peninsula, until 999 steps climb to reach the Gate of Heaven, China. This is the list of titanic companies signed Range Rover Sportto which another one of madness is added today: for the launch of the third generation, Jessica Hawkins – official driver of acrobatics of James Bond – got behind the wheel of the iconic British SUV inside the hydroelectric plant Kárahnjúkarto the east of Iceland, driving 17 kilometers full of obstacles of all kinds and going up the dam ramp, thus resisting the stream of water which pushes at a speed of 750 tons per minute.

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sandy soul, with comfort levels never arrived before: two souls, in short, to redefine the concept of “Sports luxury”. Off-road and on-road performance, in fact, are mixed with the typical refinement of Range Rovers, the elegance of minimalist design and record connectivity. More technological and spacious than ever, the new Range Rover Sport has one range of thrusters which includes the plug-in hybrid six-cylinder PHEV, a powerful new V8 and MHEV Ingenium diesel engines, with already scheduled for 2024 the full electric version. “Everything is born from the experience of a model that, for 17 years, offers customers a unique appeal,” he says. Thierry Bollorè, CEO of Jaguar Land Rover.

“It is the last incarnation of our opinion: create modern luxury cars, the most desirable in the worldeffortlessly combining new levels of sustainability with the distinctive qualities which made the Range Rover Sport so popular. “Hangar Bicoccain Milan, we can see it live for the first time and the attention is immediate captured by design: clean lines, unmistakable range, tense surfaces, a dynamic “posture” which gives the impression that the car is about to pull off at any moment. A “modernist approachThat -according to what they say since Gaydon – «offers road presence strong and imposing that communicates power and performance ”.

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Power and performance, precisely. The electrified version – which has beyond 100 km of EV range carbon neutral – is powered by 510 hpfor acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h 5.4 seconds. The V8 Twin Turbo flagship, on the other hand, even has it 530 hp and represents the most exciting Range Rover Sport character, with a sprint from 0 to 100 km / h in only 4.5 seconds with dynamic launch enabled. All new models are equipped with one ZF automatic transmission with eight gears and anticipated intelligent all-wheel drive intuitively the necessary adjustments for traction and acts in real time to ensure the improve progress in all conditions, optimizing efficiency.

Unstoppable, there is to overcome a lot of stoneseo wading a stream. And the interior is a real living room, with a choice of materials innovative and sustainable which include high quality tactile fabrics. In the center, a touch screen “Floating”, curved, with the award-winning infotainment Pivi Pro: even the cockpit, aeronautical in style and with a dominant driving position, is therefore characterized bybalance between elegance and sportiness. And it is compatible with an ecosystem of perfectly connected technologies: “The driving experience of the new Range Rover Sport it couldn’t be easier»Guarantee British engineers. “It simply came to our notice then attractive“.

To transform every journey in a small event.

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