sport that combines sports skills and communication skills

(In the instructional photo Ilaria from the center of Baraggia County in Caronno Varesino)
Unlike other sports, horseback riding is the only discipline that in addition to athletic ability as the meaning
balance, lightness and strength, requires the ability to build a relationship and a communication with another living thing who does not understand our language.

It is a discipline that it can be practiced by everyone and carries numerous benefits to the child or adult yes it brings you closer to this world: from a physical point of view develops balance, improves posture and coordination and increases reflexes; emotionally allows you to make new friends, both of them humans both human and horse, and increases the desire for new challenges that always allow us to improve.

In the province of Varese there are many equestrian centers that offer classes to all who wish get close to riding and horses, such as the Caronno Equestrian Center “Baraggia County”. Varesino: IlariaSEF technician (Sports and Training Corps), top-level dressage monitor and monitor Skilled acrobatic jumping helps us better understand riding.

horses on horseback Caronno Varesino

At what age can you approach riding?
Age varies from center to center, some equestrian centers teach children from 3/4 years but I prefer start with children at least 5/6 years old, who have a greater delicacy in dealing with the animal.

Why should a child choose this sport over others, what are the benefits?
Riding teaches many values ​​such as respecting another living being and collaborating with one animal that does not understand our language, from the simplest aspects to the most difficult commands. These teachings will also be useful for the child in his daily life.

Is it a sport suitable for everyone?
Everyone can learn the basics of riding, but it’s not a sport for everyone: to learn how to do it riding well requires particular sensitivity and this is a “natural gift”, it is very subjective and I think we are born with this quality, learning it is very difficult.

horses on horseback Caronno Varesino

How often is it advisable to attend a beginner’s course?
At least once or twice a week.

Is it possible to start practicing this sport even as an adult?
Yes, it is possible, but it will be harder for the adult to learn than for the child because he is used to it be afraid and is less loose and elastic.

How is it possible to overcome the possible initial fear when approaching for the first time to the animal?The trick is to work hard on yourself, on your personality, the horse “does not lie”: it is very animal sensitive and perceives all the emotions that the rider or rider feels, so if you are afraid this will also be transmitted to you automatically.

How so?
You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people
first check yourself; here, going back to the previous question, is learning to manage emotions I think it’s another benefit of riding.

At what age did you start riding?
I started very early, at 3 or 4 years old.

How does the desire to teach arise?
I would like everyone to perceive the horse as I perceive it, “doing as little as possible”: often at high altitude levels riders choose the fastest ways to get immediate results, at the expense of the horse. In order to have a correct communication with the animal, on the other hand, it takes very little to have the right ones precautions and the right manners, leading to work in harmony and without stress for the horse.

What is the greatest satisfaction you have ever received?
Be able to get the best out of horses discarded by some defects, understand what their limit is and get there better, without obligations, limitations or coercion and without ruling anyone out.

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