RT6600ax router, introduced the first Synology router with WiFi 6 support

The main innovations of the Synology RT6600ax router, a device that comes to market with the new SRM 1.3 operating system.

Synology is a company very famous for its NAS adapted to the needs and able to meet the expectations of a very large audience. However, the Taiwanese company is gradually strengthening its market presence WiFi router great performance.

The new Synology RT6600ax is the first router WiFi 6 of the company (802.11 ax): is aimed at the home office market, ensures maximum speed performance and a series of solutions especially suitable for security.

With the arrival of the new RT6600ax routerSynology Router Manager (SRM) 1.3 operating system is released, optimized to overcome all the challenges posed by modern ones netincluding the massive increase in connected devices and the resulting need to constantly protect users from ever-changing threats.

Synology RT6600ax router: performance and stability

The RT6600ax ensures a more reliable WiFi connection through optimized data encoding, beamforming, programming, and signal isolation. There 2.5 GbE port Configurable for WAN or LAN use allows users to take advantage of Multigigabit Ethernet connections or high-performance devices such as NAS servers.

Really appreciable, the ability to configure a wireless backhaul high speed.

The 1.8 GHz quad-core processor ensures fast connection speeds and responsive operation, even with multiple devices connected and all features enabled.

Three-band technology works in conjunction with Smart Connect to optimize device distribution by eliminating bottlenecks in data transmission. Compatibility with the new 5.9 GHz frequency allows you to use non-DFS channels at 80 and 160 MHz to achieve up to 6.6 Gbps of combination. performance Wireless.

As mentioned in the introduction, the operation of the RT6600ax router is based on SRM 1.3, which is the latest version of the Synology operating system. With enhancements and new features that dramatically expand network management capabilities, SRM 1.3 meets all security and flexibility needs.

The possibility of create up to five WiFi networks separate, each capable of supporting up to three SSIDs, helps improve security by isolating devices that connect to different wireless networks.

For each individual network it is possible to configure the firewall rules independently: this way the administrator can, for example, limit two-way connectivity to potentially less secure devices. Support for 802.1q standard simplifies integration with existing networks, access point and configurations mesh.

With the latest SRM update, Synology has also added a number of applications for web filtering, traffic control and remote access. Not only on the RT6600ax router, but also on all next-generation Synology routers.

Secure access

With Secure access can be configured User profiles to limit connection time or block browsing if the specified conditions are met. Devices assigned to the same profile share the same set of Internet access rules, without requiring repetitive manual configuration.

For devices that do not belong to any profile and still require control and auditing (such as guest devices or new devices that have never been detected before), specific settings are also available.

The functions of parental control include limiting the time you use the Internet in a schedule or quota system, the filtration entire categories of specific websites or domains by enabling / blocking / filtering and filtering inappropriate search results with secure search options for YouTube, Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo.

The system also blocks any network-level threats through the mechanism DNS and IP threat intelligence database and support for Google Safe Browsing.

Traffic control

The available bandwidth can be distributed between connected devices, giving priority to a single client or a single application in case of special needs. Historical and real-time data support granular audits, with auto-generated or on-demand traffic reports that can be easily shared in CSV or HTML formats.

VPN Plus

Remote operators and hybrid computers can take advantage of SRM’s remote connectivity toolkit to remotely access resources available on the local network, to establish high-performance connections with a dedicated client through various protocols (VPN SSL), connect different workstations sharing resources across multiple networks (VPN from place to place) and allow remote operation of RDP / VNC compliant devices (Remote Desktop).

RT6600ax router, introduced the first Synology router with WiFi 6 support

More powerful mobile management

DS router, reinterpretation of the mobile application capable of interfacing with SRM, offers a better network management experience on the fly. Version 2.0 integrates the ability to create new wireless networks, set up web filtering and parental controls, set up traffic control schemes, and more.

The RT6600ax router is now available on the Italian market. SRM 1.3 is currently installed on this router, but availability will be extended to other Synology routers (MR2200ac and RT2600ac) later this year.

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