Players to watch out for in the fight for salvation

There are only two days left to play in this 2021-2022 Serie A championship and from the Scudetto fight, through that Europa League and Conference League and reaching the relegation zone, everything has to be decided. Especially in the less noble areas of the ranking chaos reigns and today we will try to understand who will be the players who by the end of the season can be decisive and make a difference in the sound of goals and assists.

Simone Verdi returns what was seen in Bologna?

The Salernitana is seriously risking one of the most sensational feats in the recent history of Italian and European football. Until just over a month ago, the team coached by Davide Nicola was the last in the standings and was already indicated as a safe relegation. Then, all of a sudden, everything changed and the grenade got 14 points in the last six races, the result of four victories and only two draws that allowed Ribéry and his teammates to get out of the relegation zone and get closer to the behind. days with a different spirit. The real protagonist of this phase of the season has been Simone Verdi who has been reborn since arriving in Salerno, has scored in three of the last four games played by Salernitana and, taking the terminology of poker, in the next game away from home in Empoli is ready to drop the poker of aces to bring the grenade even closer to a salvation that just a month ago seemed an impossible goal. In the past Verdi had accustomed us to seasons as the absolute protagonist, especially with the Bologna shirt, but in recent experiences in Naples and Turin he had lost and had given the impression of not being able to affect more at these levels. However, this is not the case and in the wake of goals in action, foul and penalty Verdi drags the Salernitana to a salvation that is all to be conquered, but that would have something historical and sensational.


The situation in Cagliari and Genoa: from Joao Pedro to Criscito

Along with Salernitana there are two more teams that in the two races that are missing from now until the end of the season will give everything possible to ensure their stay in the highest category. We are talking about Cagliari and Genoa, who in recent years have risked relegation to Serie B on more than one occasion but who, for one reason or another, have always achieved salvation in the end. At home to Genoa, the absolute protagonist, both positively and negatively, was Mimmo Criscito who, after missing a penalty in stoppage time in the derby against Sampdoria, had the opportunity to recover the game against Juventus and this time he did not. It has failed. His goal allowed Genoa to remain tied to the train of salvation and suggests that the Ligurians will not surrender until they are condemned by arithmetic. Another highly anticipated player is Joao Pedro, who for months has not been able to find his way to the goal with continuity but will necessarily have to do so in the last two games if he wants to avoid relegation to Serie B with his Cagliari. The Sardinians are back from a draw won in stoppage time in the direct match against Salernitana that allowed them to keep the light on in the battle for salvation and hope to further feed their hopes from the next match against Inter.

This year’s Serie A championship has given us endless excitement in both the top and bottom of the standings and we can’t wait to see which teams will finally be able to win their respective goals. Verdi, Joao Pedro and Criscito will be the decisive men and who knows which of them will finally be able to enjoy salvation.

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