Karate, the Sports Academy is third in the Csen National Cup

After this splendid trip, the Magnelli and Triglia boys are already thinking about the next appointments with 4 athletes convened by the Fijlkam Regional Committee to take part in the next Eurocup in Austria scheduled for the end of the month.

Wednesday, May 11, 2022 – 5:40 p.m.

Accademia dello Sport third karate sector a Csen National Cup of 95 participating companies from all over Italy. A well-organized and well-designed competition by the Csen National Coordinator Delia Piralli which was attended by 1682 athletes from 95 clubs in 20 regions of Italy, for a restart in the name of healthy sports competition, inclusion and true sports promotion. 25 master athletes Alessio Magnelli I Carmelo Triglia competing at the Palasport Bruno Raschi in Parma.

Accompanied for the occasion by the technician Alessio Magnelli I by the collaborator Daniele Miottothe boys were ready and took this extraordinary result thanks to 10 golds, 7 silvers, 9 bronzes and many other prestigious classifications.

In the competitive kumite (combat) categories excellent 1st place of Emanuele Magnelli in his first Junior race -86kg with 3 fights won scoring 18 points and suffering only 1st, 1st place for Francesco Navacchi in the cadets -57kg, 2nd place for Jade Barontini in the junior -66kg who comes to play the final against the athlete of the Italian national team losing after an excellent match, 2nd place per Federico Picchiotti in the -47kg cadets who reached the final after three good fights they won only losing the final by a small measure, 2nd place Matteo Garzelli in his debut at the Junior -50kg.

They lose the final by bronze, winning a good 5th place, Michele Callini senior -60kg, Rebecca Gaidella Junior -48kg and Federico Bini in Junior -68kg author of a good performance. Good tests from the rest of the Browns / Blacks who can’t get on the podium Manuel Miniati Junior -76 kg, Joele Bargagna Senior -75 kg.

In kata (shape) in the green / blue belts 1st place of Matteo Garzelli in Juniors, 1st and 3rd place of Daniela Parlanti in the Master M / N interstellar and Shotokan, 2nd place of Daniele Miotto in the Master V / B, good performance of Amaranta Fedeli in beginners. In the pre-competitive categories for children, children and young people there are many medals in the technical specialties of balloons and form.

In the balloon test (simulated combat on a fixed target) for the Children’s category 2nd place for Leonardo Magnelliin the Infantile category 1st classified by Enea Agrusa, Giuliani Rocco and Nicole Ruotolo3rd place for Jacopo Capperi, Giusy Grimaldi, Emily Pietroni, Giulia Tisaianu and Mattia Zucchi.

In kata (form) many children repeat the result of the balloon, in the Children’s category another 2nd place for Leonardo Magnelli, as well as in the Children’s category 1st place for Enea Agrusa, Giuliani Rocco and Nicole Ruotolo2nd place for Giusy Grimaldi3rd place for Jacopo Capperi, Giulia Tisaianu and Mattia Zucchi. Very good performance in the Men’s category by Pietroni Nicolas.

After this splendid journey, the boys of Magnelli i Triglia think about the upcoming appointments with 4 athletes convened by the Fijlkam Regional Committee to take part in the next Eurocup in Austria scheduled for the end of the month, Matilde Gronchi in sub21 / senior -50 kg, Nicolas Guelfi in senior -75 kg, Emanuele Magnelli in the category Sub16 + 70kg / Open, Federico Picchiotti in the Under16 -52kg / Open.
All the others, on the other hand, will take part in the 1st Livorno City Cup to be organized by the territorial Csen on Sunday 29 May.

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